Starz announced last week that after three seasons, the network was cancelling Ash vs the Evil Dead. The series was a continuation of the Evil Dead franchise (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness) which has amassed a cult following over the last few decades and made Bruce Campbell a fan favorite at every con he attends. (Seriously, seeing Bruce Campbell on a solo con panel is like watching a wonderful one hour of awesome stand up comedy). Fans of the show immediately started campaigning to convince the network to reverse their decision. However, Bruce Campbell who plays the iconic Ash, let fans know via Twitter, he is done battling deadites as the character with the chainsaw hand. 

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As disappointing as it is to ponder a life without Ash, fans can be grateful for the 30 episodes of Ash vs. the Evil Dead. There were new adventures, new characters, deadite high jinks and plenty of Ash gifs to last a lifetime. It was a great run for die hard Evil Dead fans and the series produced a lot of new fans that will follow the actor anywhere. 


Thanks, Bruce Campbell. You make pop culture fun. We’ll see you at the cons.

Hail to the king, baby!



Audrey Kearns