Scooby Doo! Betrayal At Mystery Mansion (Avalon Hill Games) 

3-5 players can hop into the Mystery Machine and take on the role of one of those meddling kids (and Scooby, of course) in this take on the super successful Betrayal At House On The Hill. This version is family friendly and the streamlined rules simplify the experience so that kids 8 and up can get rolling quickly. I actually enjoy this one better than the original because the haunts are easier to understand and the play time doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Escape The Dark Sector (Themeborne Ltd.) 

Featuring cool black and white art from Alex Crispin, this sci-fi adventure in a box has 1-4 players trying to escape a space station full of dangers and challenges that are revealed on chapter cards. Players use custom dice and items they find along the way to overcome all of obstacles and defeat the boss. Seems creepy good and I would love to check this one out. More info, click here.

Sherlock Holmes: Four Investigations (Van Ryder Games) 

I just discovered these “graphic novel adventures” that combine comic books and choose your own adventures into a great hardcover package. I recently worked my way through these four cases at around an hour each of playtime. Using just a sheet of paper and a pencil, you can play as Watson or Holmes to solve various crimes. The solutions were challenging and fair, which equals fun. I highly recommend this series and just added another to my collection. Perfect for solo Halloweening during a pandemic. More info, click here. 

Night Of The Living Dead – (CMON)

This recently released game in the Zombicide universe places 1-6 players into a house filled with undead in this homage to the classic Romero horror film. Players will have to fight their way out while enjoying a ton of miniatures and colorful maps in perfect Zombicide fashion. If you are looking for something a little heavier this Halloween, this could be your pitchfork. More info, click here.

Dungeons & Dragons (Wizards Of The Coast) 

How about a nice dungeon crawl filled with undead and other evil denizens? Never underestimate the power of imagination to elicit spooky goodness, and don’t be afraid of the tried and true for your Halloween festivities. And if you must try something new, take a look at the revamped Curse of Strahd released just in time for this season from WOC. It has tons of extras stuffed into a cool (and heavy) coffin-shaped box. More info, click here.

Whatever your plans for this Halloween, stay safe, stay nerdy, and support your local game store. Mine is and they rock. 
This article was originally published 10/31/20
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