Not so long ago, online casinos were a new thing in the gambling industry. However, now they are actively developing and introducing more and more modern technologies to improve the quality of service and make it easier to use. Artificial intelligence is one such technological solution that makes a difference.

What Is Artificial Intelligence & Why Is It Used?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of computer algorithms that are capable of processing and analyzing a large amount of info, making predictions, and even making decisions just like in the human brain. Today, this technology is used in most areas of our life. And the gambling industry, in particular online gambling, is not an exception.  AI collects info about users and processes it. Thanks to this, owners of casino Zodiac can understand the needs and demands of users and predict their behavior.

Online casinos use artificial intelligence for:

  • Communication and consulting clients;
  • Determination of customer needs and desires, as well as their provision;
  • Fight against gambling addiction;
  • Ensuring cybersecurity.

AI & Helping Online Casino Players

A large number of online casino players mean a lot of customer support requests. Even a whole staff of customer support representatives is not always able to quickly and efficiently provide advice and solve a problem. And given the fact that users’ questions are often repeated, there is no great need for this. An artificial intelligence chatbot is capable of constructively responding to dozens of clients at the same time. And if a non-standard problem arises, a user can always contact a real consultant.

AI & Personalization

Artificial intelligence works based on the wishes and needs of the client. AI algorithms study in detail the profile of each user. Using the information received, they can personalize the casino page according to the individual requests of each client. Recommendations for certain games and the provision of personalized bonuses and promotional offers are the result of the work of AI solutions. Thanks to this, users do not need to spend a lot of extra time searching and choosing something they need.

AI & the Fight Against Gambling Addiction

AI helps to identify the client in order to protect those who are prohibited from gambling, including minors and people with gambling addiction. AI solutions can analyze the entire gaming history of a casino user, in particular, how much time one spends playing casino games, what bets one makes, how a person reacts to a negative or positive result, and so on. If the algorithm notices the suspicious behavior of a player, it can block access to a casino or limit the time, number of bets, or total amount a user spends in the game.

AI & Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence cares about the safety of both users and casinos. Acting according to certain rules, AI solutions check each visit for fraud, and if anything is detected, the tool immediately reports the issue.

The work of artificial intelligence allows you to prevent the seizure of personal data of users, the intrusion of third parties into the gameplay and financial transactions, the creation of bots instead of real players. If the algorithm notices the slightest suspicious activity, it’s immediately blocked.

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