Supergirl season three was quite emotional. In the first half of the season, Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) had to deal with losing Mon-El (Chris Wood) only to have him return to National City…with his wife.  Alex (Chyler Leigh) was planning a wedding, but called it off because her fiancee did not want kids. J’onn (David Harewood) found his ailing father and that was a major adjustment for both. Lena (Katie McGrath) bought CatCo and tried her best to run two companies, but someone is trying to kill her.  The Danvers sisters ran away to Earth-1, but ended up helping fight off Nazi doppelgängers from Earth-X. Now they’re back!

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Ah! There are so many details. Stick with me.

So let’s back up a bit. Before Crisis on Earth-X, Kara met a man named Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe) who worshiped Supergirl.  He created a cult made up people who were saved by Supergirl. If someone new wanted to join, they had to create a disaster so Supergirl would rescue them.  Coville planned to blow up a stadium to prove that Supergirl was a god to be worshipped, but Supergirl stopped him. He went to jail, but eventually got out to worship a new Kryptonian.

Fast forward, Kara returned from the West-Allen wild wedding weekend to deal with two problems: Kara/Mon-El/Imra love triangle and Reign. As much as everyone was happy to see Mon-El return, it was so awkward because of Mrs. Mon-El, Imra (Amy Jackson).  She was super sweet, super cute and made every effort to become friends with Kara. How could you not like Imra? Well, the girl had a secret. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Mon-El explained to Kara that he lived in the 31st century for years before allowing himself to feel anything for Imra.  He had given up hope of ever seeing Kara again and here he is…conflicted about his feelings for both women. Imra is like the perfect woman. She is so understanding of Kara and Mon-El conflict. But she lied to Mon-El to get to Earth in the past. The reason….the Worldkillers.


Odette Annable as Samantha/Reign – Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW


Reign (Odette Annable) is one of several Worldkillers; genetically engineered Kryptonians created to cleanse the earth of sin.  The coven of witches control the Worldkillers, led by the High Priestess Selena (Anjali Jay). Selena resurrected three Worldkillers, Reign, Purity and Pestilence.  Each has similar powers to Supergirl as well as a special power that Supergirl does not have. They are also affected by Kryptonite, but bounce back a lot quicker that Supergirl can.

So, Reign shows up, puts Kara in a coma, and then searches for Purity and Pestilence. The Legion,  Mon-El, Imra and their A. I.-humanoid friend Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath), helped the DOE to fight back. They obviously needed Supergirl back.  So Kara had to put her feelings for Mon-El aside and focus on capturing Reign.

The DOE finds Purity a.k.a. Julia Freeman (Krys Marshall) and try to help her, but Reign is able to take Purity home. Pestilence a.k.a. Grace Park (Angela Zhou) emerges and that’s when we find out that Imra is out to kill her.  And that’s totally against Supergirl’s values. In the futures, Pestilence creates a plague called the Blight. Imra’s sister died from the plague, so she came to the past to prevent the Blight from ever happening.  Mon-El isn’t happy that she didn’t trust him enough to tell him, but he can’t focus on that. The three Worldkillers together are almost too strong for Supergirl, the DOE and the Legion to handle.

In the meantime, Sam Arias (Annable) starts having blackouts.  She first realized that something was different when she got shot and the bullet ricocheted off of her. When the blackout happened, she reached out to Alex for help, but they couldn’t find anything.  Sam’s daughter Ruby (Emma Tremblay) reached out to Lena for help and that’s when it happened. Sam was so upset that Reign came out in front of Lena. Yep! Sam is Reign.


Carl Lumbly as M’yrnn J’onzz – Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW


Supergirl wasn’t the only one with issues.  J’onn found his father, M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly) on Mars and brought him to Earth. M’ymn tried to acclimate to Earth’s culture, but showed signs of advanced aging.  He tells J’onn it’s time to perform the Reach, a process of transferring M’yrnn’s knowledge and memories to J’onn. After the Reach is complete, M’yrnn fades away, leaving J’onn as the last green martian alive.


Winn’s (Jeremy Jordan) father passed away, but left one more trick for Winn and his mother Mary (Laurie Metcalf).  Mary left Winn and his father a long time ago. Winn never forgave her until she told him that the Toymaker forced her to leave.  He threatened Winn’s life if she ever talked to him again. So when the Toymaker died, his apprentice was left with the task of killing Mary. Team Supergirl were able to save Mary and Winn got his mom back.

Worldkillers Unite

Purity and Pestilence rescue Reign from Lena’s lab. Imra faces Pestilence, but doesn’t kill her.  Pestilence has set off a plague in National City that has infected Alex and Winn. Imra gets a blood sample from Pestilence that Brainiac-5 uses to make a cure. The Worldkiller retreat to their Fortress of Sanctuary to being the cleansing of the Earth.  There’s just one problem, Julia and Sam are fighting back within Purity and Reign.

Supergirl transports to a place called Juru. This is where Sam, Julia and Grace’s personalities are being held.  Grace is dead because Pestilence is fully transformed. Supergirl helps Sam fight back by reminding her about Ruby.  Sam gains enough control to send a beacon letting the DOE know where they are. A fight starts between the Legion/Supergirl and the Worldkillers.  The Legion set things up where Purity and Pestilence kill each other. Reign absorbs their powers and leaves. After the fight, the Legion returns to the future. Imra encourages Mon-El to stay behind to deal with his feelings for Kara.


Odette Annable as Sam and Emma Tremblay as Ruby – Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

Reign doesn’t stay gone for long. Selena tells Reign to get rid of the one person that is keeping Reign from taking full control.  So she goes after Ruby. Alex and Lena work together to keep Ruby safe. Lena uses her secret stash of Kryptonite to subdue Reign, allowing the DOE to capture her.

The Supergirl cult leader, Coville finds Reign and then begins to worship her.  That caused another headache for Supergirl. The cult members find a way to become Worldkillers with a black rock called Harun-El.  And it actually works. After Supergirl is able to stop the transformation of worldkillers, she realizes the black rock could stop Reign. They find more Harun-El on a meteor in space. Mon-El accompanies Kara to find the meteor.

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Being a Luthor isn’t easy.  For starters, Lena’s mother, Lillian (Brenda Strong) is always trying to turn her to the dark side.  And any attempt for advancement brings more danger to the Luthor family.  Lena bought Catco out from under Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar).  He admitted to setting up the shooting. He also tried to ruin her reputation by poisoning the city with lead.  Edge was arrested, but one good thing came from his shenanigans.  James (Mehcad Brooks) began to care for Lena.  They kept their relationship secret at first.  As the conflict with Reign escalated, they spent a lot of time apart, but always thinking of each other.  

That wasn’t the only secret between them. James struggled with keeping his secret identity from Lena.  Lena kept her supply of Kryptonite a secret from both James and Kara.  Lena was discovered and that caused some tension between her and Supergirl, but James was understanding.  He eventually told Lena about Guardian, but Lena continued to keep secrets from him. 


Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers and Emma Tremblay as Ruby – Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW


After her break up with Maggie, Alex threw herself into work. Part of her job was to protect Ruby.  This led to a lot of feelings that Alex had about being a mother. She vowed to protect Ruby with her life.  So when Sam came back, Alex felt a little more empty. She starts to question her job when someone tries to kill her.   She apprehends the suspect, but it really makes her think about where her life is going. 

Argo City

The meteor is actually a chunk of Krypton that has travelled into the galaxy.  Kara’s dad built a dome over Argo City and used Harun-El to sustain life on the meteor.  He’s not there, but Kara’s mother, Alura (Erica Durance) is. After a brief and very real reunion, Kara tells Alura and the Argo City High Council about their need for Harun-El.  Who else is on the High Council? Selena! The council agrees to give Kara a rock or two.

Supergirl and Mon-El return to Earth just as Reign is overcoming the Kryptonite. They give the Harun-El to Lena who very quickly creates a serum.  Once Supergirl injects Reign, Reign separates from Sam. All is well. Or is it?

Supergirl thought so because she returns to Argo City with Mon-El.  I swear, I thought Argo City was some kind of hologram to trick Supergirl. But it’s real.  Which is why Kara has a hard time believing that someone is trying to kill her. It is a set up, but only to help Selena and the coven of witches get to Earth to resurrect Reign. Selena needs Reign to terraform Earth into a new Krypton.    When Selena lands on Earth, Coville is waiting for her.

Supergirl and Mon-El are stranded on Argo City, but they find a way to communicate with Winn. It just so happens there is a portal on Argo City, but it needs repairs. Winn talks Mon-El through the repairs.


Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen/Guardian, Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers/Supergirl, Amy Jackson as Imra/Saturn Girl, Chris Wood as Mon-El, Erica Durance as Alura Zor-El, Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers. Photo: The CW

Reign Over

Selena cannot complete Reign’s resurrection without the blood of Purity and Pestilence.  Guess who has that blood. The DOE. The witches attack the DOE, but Supergirl and Mon-El return just in time.  The witches get the blood and resurrect Reign…without Sam. They are separated, but still connected. As Reign grows stronger, Sam gets weaker.  Alura tells Sam about a fountain in Juru that can give Sam the strength she needs to fight off Reign. Lena puts Sam to sleep so she can find the fountain. As the same time, Reign takes the sword of Juru and heads for the Earth’s core to start the terraform. Coville sets off a distress signal for the DOE before dying.

All kinds of natural disasters start occuring, keeping Supergirl, Mon-El, Guardian, Alura and J’onn busy. Imra and Brainiac-5 return to help out. They are able to locate the priestesses and defeat them. Sam finds the fountain and Reign confronts her.  Supergirl uses a piece of Harun-El to completely separate Sam and Reign, but Sam, Mon-El, and Alura are all killed while trying to fight off Reign. Supergirl goes back in time a few minutes before the fight to prevent their deaths. Sam and Supergirl take Reign back to Juru where Sam makes Reign drink from a dangerous fountain.  Wraiths appear and take Reign away.

The fight is over.  Everyone’s lives get back to normal.  Sam and Ruby are reunited. James officially announces that he is Guardian.  He and Lena continue their relationship. Alex decides to adopt a baby. She doesn’t want to miss out on her chance to be a mother.  This means she has to resign from the DOE. When she gives her notice, J’onn says he is the one resigning. He appoints Alex as the new director of the DOE.  As director, Alex will have time to be a mom.

Lena gives Alura the formula to make Harun-El and gives her a large supply of it. But Lena secretly keeps a little for herself. Kara decides to stay on Earth.  And Mon-El, reluctantly decides to return to the future. Brainiac-5 informed him that he is needed in the future.


Jeremy Jordan as Winn Schott – Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

Killing Pestilence saved millions of lives, including the life of Brainiac-5’s distant relative.  This relative (It’s ‘that’ Brainiac) created a virus to kill all artificial intelligence, so that he is all that remains.  Brainiac-5 cannot go back. He asks Winn to go in his place. Apparently Winn’s design for a force field is the foundation for much of the safety tech in the future.  Winn leaves with Mon-El and Imra, and Brainiac-5 replaces Winn in the DOE.  Farewell Winn Schott. 

REWIND!  We all know you can’t go back in time to fix things without messing something up in the timeline. The moment that Kara went back in time to save her friends, a mysterious woman showed up in Siberia.  It’s another version of Kara!


This season’s story arc took way too long to come to fruition. I really think Reign could have been a stronger villain, but there was too much going on around her.  There could have been so many epic fights between Supergirl and Reign. The end of Reign’s reign seemed to be rushed. Like they wanted to hurry and get to the end, but didn’t leave enough time to tell the entire story. I would have liked to have known more about Pestilence and Purity.  And the other worldkillers.

I am happy that the writers brought back Mon-El, but I hate that he had to leave. Apparently Chris Wood was only signed on for two years, with the option to appear in future episodes. His return with a wife was the most compelling storyline of the season.  I hope the Legion does come back.  

Once Reign’s story started going, I feel like the writers forgot all about Alex, Winn and James.  They got a late narratives that wrapped up their stories for season three. But is it enough to keep them interesting?  Not for Winn. He’s always been the tech guy. He’s always been the sidekick. And now he’s gone. Jeremy Jordan announced that he would not return as a series regular.  For as little as he was doing, he will be greatly missed.

Season four already looks like it’s off to a great start. The appearance of another Kara makes me wish for October. The tension between Supergirl and Lena is going to boil over.  I can’t wait to see if, or when Lena turns evil!  But it’s also sad because you rarely see strong women become good friends on television.  The only casting news is that the show is casting a transgender woman with open ethnicity for a big role in the upcoming season.  I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us!!

Supergirl is making an appearance at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con, so we may get some more hints about season 4 soon.  Supergirl returns to the CW in October. 

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