With all of the CW renewals announced, now would be a good time to catch up with the heroes of the Arrowverse.   Since the Crisis on Earth-X, there hasn’t been much crossing over between the shows. However, the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow did get a couple of new team members from the Arrowverse and a lot of help from some interesting friends.

After the winter hiatus, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow was moved to Monday nights to share a time slot with Supergirl. This move was done to make room for the new superhero show, Black Lightning.  Supergirl ran for four weeks before handing over the hour to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. LoT ran for nine weeks and has just completed season three. Supergirl will take over again on April 16.

The Legends suffered a great loss during Crisis on Earth-X. Firestorm was forced to separate when Martin Stein (Victor Garber) was critically injured and died.  Jax (Franz Drameh) lost his powers and went back to 2017.  Earth-X’s “Leo” Snart (Wentworth Miller) joined the team for one mission with John Constantine (Matt Ryan).  Constantine needed the team’s help in finding a possessed girl. That young girl is Nora Darhk (Madeleine Arthur), daughter of Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough).

Nora was possessed by Mallus, a demon of the highest order.  Amaya’s people, the tribe of Zambezi imprisoned Mallus in a cage of time. So when the Legends broke time at the beginning of the season, it was enough to for Mallus to take possession of Nora.  The only way to release him is to create enough chaos to break the fabric of time. As an adult, Nora (Courtney Ford) resurrected her father and they teamed up with Gorilla Grodd and Kuasa (Tracy Ifeachor) to create enough anachronisms to release Mallus.  

Young Nora sent Sara, Constantine, and Leo to the past.  To escape the past, Sara had invited Mallus in once, but it was enough to create a strong connection. Constantine saved Sara the first time, but told Ray (Brandon Routh) to watch her. This is also where Leo took his leave of the team and returned to Earth-X.

Nick Zano as Nick Heywood/Steel, Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Amaya Jiwe/Vixen, Matt Ryan as Constantine, Wentworth Miller as Leo-X/Citizen Cold, Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave, and Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary – Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW

The only thing that can stop Mallus, if he is released are Six Totems of Zambezi. Five of the six totems were used to imprison Mallus.  All six are needed to stop Mallus, but Mallus can also use the totems to inflict pain on the world. Luckily the Legends already had two totem bearers on the team.  Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) bears the Spirit Totem and new team member Zari (Tala Ashe) bears the Air Totem. The Darhks had the Water totem that was infused within Kuasa. The race for the Earth, Fire, and Death totem was on!

Then there’s Rip (Arthur Darvill).  Rip was arrested for disobeying the Time Bureau director’s strict orders not to find Mallus. He escaped, found Wally West/Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale), the two got drunk and Wally broke into the Time Bureau to get Rip’s trench coat.  Then the two met up with the Legends, and at Rip’s suggestion, Wally joined the Legends. Unfortunately, the director died, Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) was promoted and she invited Rip back to the Time Bureau.


Speaking of Ava, she wasn’t the biggest fan of the Legends from the beginning.  Ava, and her sidekick Gary (Adam Tsekhman) showed on the Waverider from time to time to check on the Legends. At first it was annoying…until Sara (Caity Lotz) started taking an interest in Ava.  AvaLance is one of the fandom’s favorite ships. Unfortunately, they broke up and then Ava found out she’s a clone. Wow!

Sara and Ava weren’t the only couple onboard. Nate (Nick Zano) and Amaya continued their romance.  The only downside to their relationship is that Amaya would eventually have to go back to her time and live her life. But first, she needed to help the Legends find the totems.

They were able to secure the Fire, Earth and Death Totem. The Death Totem called out to Sara and put her right back in Mallus’ realm.  Gary suggested they used one of the other totems to stop the Death Totem. Luckily, Mick has some experience with Fire and Sara was saved.

Katia Wright as Freydris Eriksdottir,

Back up…we need to talk about Beebo.  Beebo is a blue cuddly toy that a young Martin Stein bought for his daughter Lily.  Martin was transported into the past and into a viking village. The vikings literally worshipped Beebo.  It caused the team a little bit of a headache that almost caused the destruction of Christianity, but in the end The Legends save Christmas and Jax takes Beebo to Lilly Stein.Beebo! What an interesting twist.  Sometimes the ridiculousness works.

Through all of this, Amaya has been dealing with the fate of her village and her family. She lost her Spirit totem to Damien Darhk during one of the missions.  She also found out that Kuasa is her granddaughter. They have a strained relationship that stems back to the destruction of Zambezi. Eventually they formed a bond and Kuasa offered to help Amya get her totem back.  Instead, she betrayed Amaya and handed Nate over to Mallus. Amaya told Kuasa that she was unworthy of the Anasi (Spirit) totem. That prompted Kuasa to change sides, save Nate and help them get the Anasi totem back. For her efforts, Nora extracted the Water totem out of Kuasa, killing her in the process.  

If there’s on thing to change you heart, it’s family.  Damien realized Nora will die when Mallus is released. He asks for the Legends help to save Nora. The team reluctantly agrees.  The Legends allow Damien take possession of the Death Totem and he sees Nora. She’s not dead yet and she wants to live. Damien turns on the Legends and tries to prevent Amaya’s anachronism.  He fails and Mallus is released in Zambezi.

The first thing the Legends need to do is to remove Mallus from Zambezi to save Amaya’s people. Rip takes care of removing Mallus, but in the process he blows himself out of the timeline.  Is Rip dead? Maybe…

Without knowing where Mallus is, the Legends decide to take the totems to a time where he can’t find them. They go to the Wild West and encounter Legends’ friend Jonah Hex (Johnathon Schenck). But Mallus does find them!  He sends Julius Caesar, Blackbeard, and a viking princess from past missions to retrieve the totems. Now the Legends have to figure out how to use the totems and fight off Mallus’ army.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom and Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk – Picture by Shane Harvey/CW

Meanwhile Ray felt bad about Nora dying.  He decides to help Damien go back in time to save her…because Ray has crush on Nora. They go back to just before Mallus is released.  Damien shoots Nora with nanite gun which forces Mallus out of Nora’s dying body. Mallus enters Damien and completes his release. Ray takes Nora back to the Waverider to give her the cure.

Amaya goes on a vision quest to find out how to use the totems. Sara calls for help from Ava and she shows up with Helen of Troy, Kuasa (new Vixen version after Amaya saved her village from destruction), and Jefferson “Jax” Jackson. So good to see Jax back!  By the way, Jax is living a happy life. He’s married, has a kid and is happy to help the Legends when they need him.

Jonah, Helen, Kuasa, Jax and Ray hold of the army while Sara, Amaya, Zari, Nate, Mick and Wally combine the powers of the totems to form the defender…BEEBO!  Beebo and Mallus fight an amazing battle. Just imagine Beebo as big as the Stay Puft Marshellow Man fighting a dragon.  It was crazy!  Beebo wins with a cuddle! Mallus is gone and that means Damien Darhk is too.

The Time Bureau restores everyone to their timeline and erases their memories of the event. The bureau takes Nora Darkh to time bureau jail. Ray gives her Damien’s time stone before she is taken away.  Amaya says it’s time for her to return to her own time and start her legacy. Nate takes her and prepares to erase her memories, but she decides she wants to keep them. The rest of the team head to Aruba for a vacation, but are interrupted by Gary and Constantine.  Constantine tells them they let something else out when they let Mallus out of his jail. We’ll find out what in Season 4.

Season 3 was a pretty solid story. A big bad recruits other big bads to wreak havoc on time. The Legends, with new members and all, have to overcome personalities, relationships, and other forces to come together to stop the big bads. And at the same time, fix the timeline.

Speaking of new members, it took some time for Zari to get with the program, but once she did, the team worked well together.  Wally is an interesting addition. I’m glad his character jumped from The Flash to Legends. The Flash really wasn’t doing much with Wally.  This new show gives fans an opportunity to see new sides to him. I will miss Jax though. He was on his way to becoming a great leader. I’m glad they showed how happy he is in his life after the Legends.

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I think its funny that the Legends keep messing up. They broke time at the beginning of Season 3 that released Mallus.  And now they’ve released another demon/monster/dragon? HAHA! Season four will be interesting, especially with the addition of Constantine and Ava. Matt Ryan was recently named a series regular.  Hopefully he’ll get to be a part of the Arrowverse Crossover. He’s so entertaining.  And not bad to look at!  And Jes Macallan was promoted as well, so I guess this means AvaLance is back on? 

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns in the fall. Geek Girl Authority will keep you updated on any developments for season four!




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