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The CW is about to wrap up all of their DC Comics based series and Arrow is no exception.

It seems likely that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will finally defeat Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) and go on to live a nice peaceful life. Except that even when he goes to live a nice peaceful life, he gets pulled right back in to the life of being the vigilante that Star City needs.

And it sounds like this new casting announcement that broke out of TV Line is giving us an idea of who that villain could be.

It’s a new series regular role going by the name “James,” who is described as “an irrepressibly charming’ contemporary of Oliver’s” and is a “man on a mission.” In fact, maybe this will sound familiar — “he is out to avenge a tragic, violent loss from his own, years – ago past.”

That sounds an awful lot like the Green Arrow, right?

They go on to say that the casting call is open-ethnicity “in his late-20’s to 30’s” and someone who comes across “as a physical threat.” They could “just as easily shake your hand as your best friend or break your neck as your worst enemy — and you never know which one is coming.”

Having a character with a story so similar to Oliver’s origin sounds like they may be positioning him to be a new vigilante in town, but with increasingly violent methods, which would put the two heroes at odds with each other. It would not be unlike the relationship that Daredevil and The Punisher have — one believes in the justice system and the value of life, the other one just wants them off the streets.

This would provide a new sort of antagonist for Oliver, as he hasn’t really fought against someone who’s goals are the same.

In the mean time, who could it be?


There are more than a few candidates for the character, with a lot of sites citing The Question, Wild Dog, or The Vigilante, though our favorite suggestion is as James Harper, a.k.a. The Guardian. The best part about this character is that he’s related to Roy Harper, so it could be a great way to get him back and running around with Team Arrow.

Or perhaps — the great tragedy that this new character suffers is the loss of a relative, like Roy Harper?

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