How have you been surviving this time of social distancing? Pretty boring and uneventful? Well Zoe Bell has something to help shake things up! She has shared the Boss Bitch Fight Challenge on YouTube where she and a massive group of her friends made up of actors and stunt doubles face off against each other to kick the crap out of lockdown boredom and well each other. The roughly 4-minute video is packed with action and our favorite ladies including Lucy Lawless, Rosario Dawson, Florence Pugh, Zoe Saldana, Scarlett JohanssonMargot Robbie and so many more!

The video features short clips of each of these fierce ladies taking a hit and giving one back to the next in line in near-perfect sync. They are kicking, punching, being thrown over couches and into animal pens! I just want to say thank you to Florence Pugh for having the rationality to not waste good wine and go throw her punch with something else. Each piece of the video was filmed by family members and edited together by Jacob Horn.

The action is accompanied by the song The Healer which was written and performed by KT Tunstall who has her own special part in the video. Honestly the Boss Bitch Fight Challenge is exactly what we needed to help shake up our weekend. In the end Bell asks who wants to join her next week and I am hoping we get to see even more action!

Check out the Boss Bitch Fight Challenge video below! Let us know in the comments and on social media which of these fierce ladies really kicked major butt!


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