The wonderful people at Netflix and The Witcher never seem to let us down! This time they brought us a new video just packed with holiday joy. But one awfully grumpy Geralt (Henry Cavill) seems to be trying to outrun the holiday spirit. But in the wise words of Mousesack (Adam Levy), “You can’t outrun this just because you are terrified of it. It’s coming, Geralt”.

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The Witcher holiday video consists of clips from season one of the show, but with CGIed holiday goodness and a cheery orchestral version of Sliegh Ride. We have snow, holiday lights, reindeer headbands and even presents and Santa hats! There is a little of something in every little clip for fans to spot. But Geralt wants something other than this silly holiday season and his boorish grunts are proof of it.

But what is it that he wants for himself? A good time slaying! And no, not sleigh rides with a horse and carriage. He wants a good old fashioned monster and enemy slaying fest. And a slaying he did go! We get to watch as he slices through pretty much all of his enemies in season one. We also get a glimpse at Ciri (Freya Allan) and Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) jumping in on the festivities as well!

If you haven’t watched season one of The Witcher then what are you waiting for! It is available to stream right now through Netflix. It is a perfect binge for the upcoming holiday season!



Julia Roth
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