One thing you won’t be seeing in Aquaman is a damsel in distress. Mera isn’t Aquawoman, she isn’t a love interest – she’s a warrior and queen. At least that’s what actress Amber Heard revealed in an interview with JoBlo. She spoke in detail about how awesome Mera is and how her relationship with Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) is equal. All of it sounds like music to my ears. So what did she say?

Mera has a very strong sense of duty and purpose to her kingdom. After all, she was raised to become the Queen of Atlantis. So everything she does she believes it’s for the good of not only Atlantis but the people of it. She has a responsibility to them. “Her sense of honor and duty is inartistically tied to her place in leading Atlantis and doing the right thing for her people.” And because of that, it gives her a strong sense of self. “She’s a leader. She has integrity…Mera, for instance, unlike Arthur, has a very solid constitution, a strong sense of self, who she is, what her role is, what her position is.” She’s not here to service a man, she’s here to save her home.

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Which directly contradicts with Arthur, who doesn’t really know his place. And while their differences cause them to clash at first, they realize their strengths and weaknesses work together in the mission they’re on. “Where one excels in one world, the other is a fish out of water. Pun intended.” And he’s not here to save her, either. 

He doesn’t rescue the girl and then save the world. He doesn’t — in fact, I save him. Like I said, they go on this adventure as equal partners and they end it that way. There is an element of attraction there, but it is not the thing — because they have a job to do, they have a mission to fulfill and are equal partners in the success or failure of that mission, that takes a back seat to this. Their relationship, that element is not the driving force or what brings them together.

Not only did we learn about that, but we also learned that Mera’s power is hydrokinesis aka controlling water. Outside of being a bada** warrior, she’ll be controlling water which will end up help save the world. She can take care of herself and I love hearing that. I genuinely cannot wait to see her in action. They mention there’s a rom-com element to the film, I’m really looking forward to seeing another healthy relationship on screen. At least with what Heard is saying, I’m really looking forward to seeing Mera take control and kick some butt.

What do you think of her comments? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more DC coverage. Our first trailer for Aquaman debuts at SDCC 2018 and will swim to theaters December 21st, 2018.