Yesterday, we had a splashing good time learning about Aquaman and seeing pictures from the film. And today we were gifted with one more picture plus an updated logo and the release date of the debut trailer. Sadly the trailer isn’t as soon as we were hoping for but it will be released to thousands of screaming fans live.

Director James Wan had revealed that the Atlantean’s use great white sharks and sea dragons among others as mounts. Well we finally have a glimpse at that in a brand new image you can check out below. It shows two armies facing off against one another in front of a depiction of the seven underwater kingdoms. One of the mounts even looks like a Tyrannoneustes lythrodectikos, a prehistoric crocodile. But I’m on team sea dragon, to be honest.  

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Our brand new logo is the same design as the original, only this time it looks more like glass. Wan released the image on his Twitter saying it was “freshly smuggled out of Atlantis! (stolen off King Orm’s belt buckle)”. If Orm wears that ornate clothing, I can’t wait to see it. But with the new logo, he revealed the date when we’ll finally be seeing the trailer. And sadly for us all, it’s a few weeks away. But! That’s because they’ll be releasing the trailer at SDCC 2018! From what everyone on board with the project has been saying, the film is gonna be a dark and fun ride for us all. I’m ready to go to Atlantis, are you?

Check out the images below and let us know what you think! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more DCEU news. Aquaman swims to theaters December 21st, 2018.

The former logo



Erin Lynch