Welcome to Tavern Talk Thursday! We are expanding! What started as a column dedicated to chatting with members of the TTRPG community is growing to talk about all things TTRPG. We aim to continue sharing all the things we love about the community and all the content within. So, consider this a little peek into our favorite worlds and creators as we explore everything we love.

As March comes to a close and the rainy month of April arrives, it’s time to head back to Kickstarter to find some exciting projects to enjoy. Whether it is a supplement for Dungeons and Dragons 5e that brings your players up against dangerous dragons or mythological creatures or a game dedicated to sweets, we have something for you.

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April Kickstarters to Keep an Eye On

Chronicles of Ivria: The Dragon’s Dance

Our first TTRPG Kickstarter this month is Galandir’s Pit’s Chronicles of Ivria: The Dragon’s Dance. This is a D&D 5e supplement with everything a dungeon master needs to take their players on an epic adventure. The adventure is for players level 12 to 15 and is optimized to give a challenging but balanced game experience. For those looking to kick off their adventure in Ivria at level one, check out Chronicles of Ivria: Shadows of War. If you want to embark on a new adventure, we highly suggest this one.

Learn more about Chronicles of Ivria: The Dragon’s Dance here.

A red and blue dragon roaring at each other.

Chronicles of Ivria: The Dragon’s Dance

A Catalogue of Consumables

Our next pick for April is Andrew Highton’s A Catalogue of Consumables. Get ready to take your next TTRPG in-game shopping night to the next level. The supplement includes a long list of potions, poisons and apothecary supplies that dungeon masters can use to give their shops new life. Do you have someone at the table always looking for something mysterious to spend their coin on? This has got you covered.

Learn more about A Catalogue of Consumables here.

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Labyrinth & Lyre

Are you looking for a new place to adventure? May we suggest Jason C Lira’s Kickstarter for Labyrinth & Lyre? The D&D 5e supplement transports players to ancient Greece, where everything from the player options to the monsters and even the magic items is inspired by real Greek history, literature, and art. It includes many fun new things, including races, classes, backgrounds and more. We love that those things can be added to almost any homebrew game after the adventure. So, if you really love a character, just take them on another adventure.

Learn more about Labyrinth & Lyre here.

A screenshot from Labyrinth & Lyre showing all the things that are included next to an image of the Fates standing over a pot in the woods.

Labyrinth & Lyre


Our final Kickstarter to watch this April is Dan Walter’s StoryBake. We love TTRPGs and baking. So why wouldn’t we be excited about a TTRPG that allows us to build our own bakery, fill it with magical Bakers, and share some incredible magic treats with the world? It sounds like a win-win situation to us. Plus, you aren’t just getting a fun adventure to enjoy. Walter is also sharing the recipes players will get to make in-game so they can enjoy their treats IRL, too.

Learn more about StoryBake here.

Tavern Talk Thursday: March Kickstarters to Keep an Eye On

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