Each year, it seems that Google Maps releases a new map view or game for April Fool’s Day. A favorite of mine is last year’s Ms. Pac Man! This year, the folks at Google teamed up with the Where’s Waldo crew and have provided a Where’s Waldo World Tour!

Google Maps April Fools 2018 Where's Waldo World Tour Invitation

Start the game by clicking on Waldo at maps.google.com from a desktop and find yourself dropped at Waldo’s first location. There are five locations (each a new level) in the game and at each level, you are tasked with finding Waldo, Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard, and Odlaw. Once you find Waldo, you are free to move on to the next location, but finding the others and exploring the scene is just as fun!

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At each level, Google provides links and trivia about the location. The links go to Google Street Views around Waldo’s location (avoiding spoilers is so difficult!). Upon completion of the 5th level, a secret level opens up. It takes a little zooming and scrolling to get to Waldo’s hidden location, but it’s a nice surprise!

Google Maps April Fools 2018 Where's Waldo World Tour Level 1

Where’s Waldo World Tour Level 1

Spend a few minutes reliving your Where’s Waldo days. Once you solve all SIX levels, let us know! What do you hope to see from Google Maps next year?



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