Welcome back to another installment of GGA’s monthly Anime Roundup, where we cover everything coming out in April 2024 on the most popular streaming services, such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu and HIDIVE. This starts the Spring Anime Season for 2024. We have a jam-packed lineup, so this list is split into two parts. 

Here’s what’s coming out after the first week of April.

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Tadaima, Okaeri – April 8

In a heartwarming tale of love and acceptance, Masaki Fujiyoshi, a househusband, navigates societal prejudices alongside his beloved husband, Hiromu Fujiyoshi, and their adorable son, Hikari. Through doubts and challenges, their bond grows stronger, offering a beacon of kindness and understanding in their new suburban setting. Join the Fujiyoshis’ journey of ups and downs, where love conquers all.

You can watch Tadaima, Okaeri on Crunchyroll starting April 8, 2024. 

Chillin’ in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers – April 8

Flio lives an ordinary life as a merchant when he’s suddenly transported to Klyrode, an alternate world, as its potential hero. Stuck at level one and lacking abilities, he is banished to a forest where he’s attacked by slime. Defeating the slime, he reaches level two and gains infinite power. Join Flio on his quest for peace in a new world full of unique creatures, demons, and chaos.

Chillin’ in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers will start streaming on Crunchyroll on April 8, 2024.

Oblivion Battery – April 9

Star pitcher Haruka Kiyomine and skilled catcher Kei Kaname were an unstoppable duo—until Kei was hit with a curveball: amnesia. Now, they have a second chance to play at a no-name high school with a team of past rivals. Can they overcome Kei’s memory loss and rekindle their baseball dreams? With hilarious hijinks and fierce competition, get ready for a strikeout.

Oblivion Battery will be streaming on Crunchyroll starting April 9, 2024. 

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Unnamed Memory – April 9

Seeking to end a curse thwarting his lineage, Prince Oscar sets out on a quest leading him to a powerful and beautiful witch, Tinasha. He demands a unique bargain: marriage. Though unenthused by the proposal, she agrees to stay in his castle for a year while researching the spell cast upon him. But beneath her beauty lies a lifetime of dark secrets that soon come to light.

Unnamed Memory will be streaming on Crunchyroll on April 9, 2024. 

KONOSUBA -God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! (Part 3) – April 10

The dysfunctional party is back, but they may be short a member soon ’cause Kazuma is over it. Disillusioned with adventure, he wants to become a monk, but Aqua, Megumin and Darkness call bull. However, the career dispute gets put on hold when a princess requests to hear all about their tales. Will the taste of fame at the royal castle keep them together, or will this mark their farewell tour?

Season three of KONOSUBA -God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! premieres on Crunchyroll on April 10, 2024.

Viral Hit – April 10

Like and subscribe to NewTube’s latest streaming sensation, Hobin Yu! Tired of bullies, the scrawny high schooler is fighting back and streaming it. With tips from a mysterious online channel, he’s cashing in and knocking out bullies. He’s got the internet going crazy, but can Hobin keep it up, or will he get crushed by his next match?

Viral Hit will be streaming on Crunchyroll starting on April 10, 2024. 

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Date A Live V – April 10

Cute girls with catastrophic powers? That sounds like trouble, especially when these Spirits cause devastating spatial quakes. The solution? Defeat them … or seduce them. Shido Itsuka possesses the unique charm to make Spirits fall in love. However, just as Shido could save humanity, DEM Industries will stop at nothing to exploit the Spirits’ power. Can love conquer all, or will Shido’s mission end in disaster?

Date A Live V will be streaming on Crunchyroll starting April 10, 2024. 

The Many Sides of Voice Actor Radio – April 10

Yuhi Yugure and Yasumi Utatane, high school classmates and co-hosts of a weekly radio program, paint a picture-perfect friendship for their listeners. Yet, in reality, they couldn’t be more different. Their off-air dynamic is a whirlwind of chaos and insults. As their tumultuous relationship unfolds, they navigate the turbulent waters of friendship and rivalry in the cutthroat realm of showbiz.

You can tune into The Many Sides of Voice Actor Radio on Crunchyroll starting on April 10, 2024. 

The Misfit of Demon King Academy II: History’s Strongest Demon King Reincarnates and Goes to School with His Descendants – April 12

With Lay’s might, Anos destroys the insane human Jerga. Universal peace now within reach, he reveals his true identity to Delsgade Academy. As everyone processes this news, a deadly specter from his past schemes to obliterate him—someone closer than he realizes. Soon, the teacher and student will be taught a lesson 2,000 years in the making—you cross the Demon King of Tyranny at your own peril. 

This new isekai will be streaming on Crunchyroll starting April 12, 2024. 

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Shadowverse Flame: Arc – April 12

At Shadowverse Battle College, students are trained to be professional Shadowverse players. When novice player Light Tenryu transfers in, he quickly realizes his chosen club, Seventh Flame, may already have the cards stacked against them—they need three more members to compete. After that, they must face off against players like the fearsome Haruma Hazeura, First Reaper’s leader. All in, Light?

Shadowverse Flame: Arc will be streaming on Crunchyroll starting April 12, 2024

Kaiju No. 8 – April 13

In a world plagued by creatures known as Kaiju, Kafka Hibino aspired to enlist in The Defense Force. He makes a promise to enlist with his childhood friend, Mina Ashiro. Soon, life takes them in separate ways. While employed cleaning up after Kaiju battles, Kafka meets Reno Ichikawa. Reno’s determination to join The Defense Force reawakens Kafka’s promise to join Mina and protect humanity.

Kaiju No. 8 stomps onto Crunchyroll starting April 13, 2024. 

Black Butler -Public School Arc – April 13

If I couldn’t tell you about a new Black Butler installment, what kind of Anime Roundup writer would I be? Amidst Britain’s elite, Weston College defies government oversight. So, when students vanish—including the son of Queen Victoria’s cousin—Her Majesty sends her Watchdog Ciel Phantomhive to investigate. With his loyal demon butler, Sebastian, Ciel must navigate treacherous school politics and infiltrate Weston’s model prefects, the P4, if he is to unravel the mysteries that shroud this institution.

Black Bulter – Public School Arc will serve new episodes on Crunchyroll starting April 13, 2024. 

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THE NEW GATE – April 13

When an online game turns real, trapping its players in its virtual space, the strongest of them, Shin, rises up to put a stop to the madness. But just moments after defeating the game’s final boss, Origin, and freeing everyone, Shin is transported 500 years into the future of the in-game world. Armed with unrivaled strength, the young swordsman embarks on a legendary journey.

THE NEW GATE starts streaming on Crunchyroll on April 13, 2024. 

Whisper Me a Love Song – April 13

Himari is a vibrant and spirited first-year high school student who experiences love at first sight upon witnessing a captivating performance by her senpai Yori’s band on her first day at school. Overwhelmed by her newfound feelings, Himari doesn’t hesitate to confess her affection to Yori. To her astonishment, Yori reciprocates with a confession of her feelings. However, the euphoria is short-lived as Himari soon discovers a crucial misunderstanding between them: the nature of their love is not the same. 

Whisper Me a Love Song streams on HiDIVE starting April 13, 2024. 

Mob Psycho 100 (2 Seasons) – April 15

Mob, a schoolboy with psychic powers, attempts to juggle school life and his job as an exorcist. However, Mob’s emotions become more unstable as opposing groups of spirits, psychics, and con artists try to trick him.

The first two seasons of Mob Psycho 100 join the Netflix lineup starting April 15, 2024. 

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The Grimm Variations (Season 1) – April 17

The Grimm fairytales, with a twist, are coming to Netflix soon. The story centers on Charlotte, the titular little sister of Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm. From her unique perspective, we see what happily ever after means for the beloved fairy tale characters.

The first season of The Grimm Variations joins the Netflix lineup starting April 17, 2024. 

That’s it for the April anime! If you missed the first part of the April Anime Roundup, click the link below to see everything that started streaming in the first week. What will you watch first? 

Anime Roundup: Everything Coming Out in April (1-7) 2024 – Part 1

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