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So the Apocalypse we’re getting in Fox Studio’s upcoming Marvel film, X-Men: Apocalypse, will feature a very different villain than the one we know from the comics.

In the comics, Apocalypse has a very quirky power to control every last cell in his body, down to a molecular level. He can make himself super dense, transparent, change the shape of his arms to sharpened swords or energy cannons. He can grow in size, shrink in size ad even transform the properties of his own matter.

And none of that is even taking into account the Celestial alien technology he’s outfitted himself with.

But in the film, Apocalypse, played by super actor Oscar Isaac, has a completely different story.

We start off with someplace familiar to the character. Mainly, that he was born in Ancient Egypt, is considered to be the first mutant and that he, as director Bryan Singer says, “brought civilization to mankind. But in turn, believed he was a god.”

This is all stuff we can argue is in the comics. However, his actual powers, which they describe next, are a little wacky. As James McAvoy (Professor X) explains, “Apocalypse has rejuvenated himself throughout history by taking the body of another mutant.” Singer adds to this saying, “With each mutant he inhabits, he takes their powers, so he’s acquired, over thousands of years, multiple powers.”


That’s insane!

He’s basically like the X-Man Rogue, who can take on other mutant’s abilities, but she only possesses them for a short time. Here, we see Apocalypse can take on mutant’s abilities and keep them, which means he also probably has picked and chosen the most powerful mutants to take on. We see him, in the trailer, doing a multitude of things, so it’s hard to pin down exactly what his powers might actually be, but he certainly looks formidable all the same!

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