I will admit that I do not know a single song that Selena Gomez sings, but I do know that she’s from Texas, she was on Barney and this episode of Carpool Karaoke was a lot of fun!

James Corden needs to get to work and he can’t be late. It’s the same gimmick every time. Along the way he picks up a guest to help speed up the process (carpool lane) and adventure ensues!

This time Selena takes him to Six Flags Magic Mountain, gets him to take a shot of ginger, to be healthier, then they stop off at McDonalds. There goes the ginger.

It’s fun, I really don’t know anything about Miss Gomez but she seems cool, down to earth and stunningly beautiful, like most girls from Texas.

If you missed the Red Hot Chili Peppers episode, I’ve included it here because you have to see Flea singing Oliver: The Musical and Corden and Anthony Kiedis wrestling!

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