~Claudia Dolph

Back in August I threw a baby shower for my sister, Stephanie. Originally We had plans to have the soiree at her house in the back yard, decorated with all our geeky pleasure. It was the Saturday that the new Doctor was to be introduced so of course that had to be in it. But things changed, life happened and Stephanie had to spend the last couple of months of the pregnancy in the hospital.

The ultimate nerd/geek pregnancy right?

Basically she was in a wing to herself. Sure she had neighbors every so often but they would come and go as they were on a regular let’s-have-a-baby schedule. Nurses and doctors would monitor her twice a day and the food had to be smuggled in because hospital food is pretty much on the same level as the protein bars they were eating in Snowpiercer.

We made due though. We had our location. Hospital. Perfect. We brought in food catered by Cafe Izmir. Seriously the most amazing hummus! If you are ever in Dallas, go to Cafe Izmir. Our sissy-in-law brought the cakes! Yes, cakes, three of them. Lemon/raspberry, chocolate, and red velvet. I made a Previa Punch. I will leave it to you to find out what Previa stands for if you don’t know already. Thats your homework for this blog. And we managed to squeeze twenty-three people in one hospital room. Success.

The shower turned out to be great. It didn’t happen the way we thought it might but still pretty great. Oh crap is that a life lesson???!!! Of course we’ve made sure our little niece has her fair share of costumes for the rest of her life and my dad (who is an amazing visual artist) drew all The Doctors so baby J can begin her Whovian journey.

We are not gender biased. Baby J can be Batman if she wants to be!

Or Superman!

Ok, it had a cape. I had to get it!

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