Welcome to the first installment of GGA’s monthly anime roundup for 2023, where we give you a detailed list of what anime is coming your way in January. This month begins a busy winter anime lineup therefore we have split this edition into two parts. You can check out Part 2, here

Remember that due to the Funimation/Crunchyroll merger, there is no new anime debuting on Funimation. Funimation will continue to add episodes of current shows, but the new series will air exclusively on Crunchyroll. We will miss Funimation, but as we look to the future, we have everything here you should watch. 

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Kimi ni todoke: From Me To You (Season 2) – January 1

We will be starting the year off on a sweet note as Season 2 of Kimi ni todoke: From Me To You comes to Netflix. Despite her timid and sweet nature, thanks to Sawako Kuronuma’s resemblance to the monster from The Ring, she is given the nickname “Sadako.” Longing to make friends, Sawako finds herself drawn to the most popular boy in class, Shouta Kazehaya.

Monster – January 1

Also coming to Netflix on January 1 is Monster, a fan-favorite that is a worthy addition to Netflix’s library. The past of Dr. Kenzo Tenma comes back to haunt him when a former patient of his is revealed to be a serial killer. Plagued by guilt, Tenma is determined to put things right.

The Way of the House Husband (Season 2) – January 1

Finally, we have Season 2 of The Way of the House Husband coming to Netflix on January 1! The witty writing, charming characters and humorous overtones made me fall in love with the first season of this slice-of-life anime. Becoming a househusband poses a new challenge for Tatsu as he must contend with kitchen mishaps and dreaded supermarket sales.

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Tomo-chan Is a Girl! – January 4

Tomboy Tomo couldn’t have picked a more awkward high school crush ’cause it’s on her childhood friend, Junichiro, but he only sees her as one of the guys. Despite her pretty looks and signals, nothing gets through. Will Junichiro ever realize Tomo’s into him and see her for the cutesy girl she actually is? Tune into Crunchyroll on January 4 to watch Tomo-chan Is a Girl!

Bungo Stray Dogs (Season 4) – January 4

When a new mysterious group, the Decay of the Angel, seeks to destroy the Armed Detective Agency, they do it from the inside. With everyone now a suspect, a special unit of the military police, the Hunting Dogs, are ready to sniff out any corruption. Bungo Stray Dogs returns for Season 4 on Crunchyroll on January 4. 

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague – January 4

Himuro is a descendant of yuki-onnas living in modern times and a newbie office worker. When he gets emotionally overwhelmed, he ends up causing blizzards or starts building snowmen and igloos. Whenever his secret romantic feelings for his unique yet kind coworker Fuyutsuki intensify, he freezes up. Don’t give this cute series the cold shoulder, watch The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague with Crunchyroll on January 4. 

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Revenger – January 5

As master assassin Usui Yuen looks into a series of assassinations made on the grand samurai clan, the Satsuma, he encounters Kurima Raizo, a member and survivor of one of the attacks. Together, they discover the true nature of these murders is bigger than over-stolen resources. Discover the truth on Crunchyroll on January 5. 

The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World – January 5

Ray White, the most powerful sorcerer in the world, struggles to deal with his immense power. After fighting in the Far East War, he vanished from the battlefield with a deeply scarred psyche. Follow the journey on Crunchyroll starting January 5. 

ONIMAI: I’m Now Your Sister- January 5

One mad scientist little sister turns her game-loving older brother into a girl. The trailer for this early-2000s-inspired anime is age restricted on Youtube, so watch with care and maybe clear your search history afterward… You can watch ONIMAI: I’m Now Your Sister on Crunchyroll starting January 5 and the trailer right here.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Northern War – January 6

To protect her hometown from the Erebonian Empire and to distinguish herself from her grandfather’s disloyalty, Lavie enlists in the Northern Jaegers where she’ll do whatever it takes to carry out the mission. Now, this rule breaker must form a platoon to embark on a dangerous recon mission into enemy lines—will her mission be a success? Find out on Crunchyroll starting January 6. 

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Buddy Daddies – January 6

Spy x Family fans will want to gather around for this one. Targets they go after never get away but somehow this hitman team finds themselves looking after a five-year-old girl. And so begins the family life of a hot-blooded and cool-headed team of hired killers and a naive and innocent little girl. Will they be able to balance career and parenthood? I will be tuning into Buddy Daddies on Crunchyroll starting January 6.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale- January 6

In a world where fairies are bought and sold to the highest bidder, humans aren’t exactly on friendly terms with the fae folk. But friendship is exactly what Anne Halford seeks with Challe, her new fairy bodyguard, though he’s not so keen on the idea. I’m pretty sure I’ve read some fanfiction with this exact plot, so I’m very excited to start Sugar Apple Fair Tale on Crunchyroll, January 6. 


Rejoice! We are getting more Trigun in the New Year with TRIGUN STAMPEDE starting on Crunchyroll, January 7. 

The Misfit of Demon King Academy Ⅱ: History’s Strongest Demon King Reincarnates and Goes to School with His Descendants- January 7

With a title half as long as a Fall Out Boy song title and a super-powered MC, you will not want to skip this anime. The one that has appeared in front of Anos, who prevented the war between demons and humans, was a new “child of the god” who has come to annihilate the tyrannical demon king. Dance, dance your way to the couch to tune into this anime on Crunchyroll, January 7. 

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Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro 2nd Attack- January 7

Speaking of anime that feels like a 2000s throwback, we have to talk about Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro 2nd Attack. This is a story about an extremely sadistic and temperamental girl and you’ll feel something awaken inside of you. It will be available on Crunchyroll starting January 7. 

Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement- January 7

When a newly orphaned girl must make a living for herself, she is saved from her terrible luck by an otherworldly being which gives her the ability to world-hop. Something about this reminds me of Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi so I’m excited to begin watching Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement on Crunchyroll on January 7.

The Reincarnation of the Strongest Exorcist in Another World- January 7

Exorcist Haruyoshi Kuga, called an unrivaled genius, is betrayed by the Imperial Court and about to die. Resolving to be happy in his next life, he uses a secret reincarnation technique he created and reincarnates in another world. I cannot get enough of anime like this so I’ll be watching this on Crunchyroll starting January 7 too!

Chillin’ in My 30s after Getting Fired from the Demon King’s Army- January 7

2023 is going to be a very relatable year for anime huh? Getting fired from the Demon King’s army was a hard blow for Dariel. That is until he arrives in a human village and finds that his adventuring skills, which are supposed to be useless to demons, have blossomed. This anime will be hitting a little too close to home on Crunchyroll starting January 7. 

And that concludes the first week of January launches. Which series will you be making a New Year’s resolution to watch first? Do you think the 2023 anime year can top what the 2022 seasons gave us? Share your thoughts with us below!

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