For a great adventure to take place, many animes choose to have parents not be present. Without being held back by parents who don’t want you to become the world’s best kickboxing maid, you’re free to have more adventure. Storywise, it makes sense, especially if the protagonist is very young. This results in thrilling escapades.

It also results in parents who are absent, neglectful, or downright terrible. Maybe they’re never home, they take their anger out on their family or they are just awful parents who want to sacrifice you to some unpleased god.

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However, you don’t have to have bad parents for a bad story. Thankfully, there are many examples of great parents. These 11 parents prove you can have a fantastic adventure and a loving family. Check out these 11 parents who would do anything for their kids.

Hiling – Ranking of Kings

Hiling, Botchi's step mother, and botchi hug. Hiling is on the left and botchi on the right.

At the start of the series, Hiling gives major evil-step mom vibes. As the show progresses, it is revealed that Hilling is a healer who is exceptionally compassionate and fond of her stepson and son. Though some of her methods are questionable, there is no doubt that she does everything she can for her two boys.

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Ai Hoahino – Oshi No Ko

Ai and her who children, ruby and aqua, from oshi no ko. Aqua rests on his mother's lap while ruby jumps to hug her mother.

Though Oshi No Ko only premiered two days ago, on April 12, we can see from the first episode and the manga what a great mother Ai is. Ai was raised in an abusive household and born without any connections. She manages to overcome her situation and become the leader idol of a musical group and a single mother of two. Because she was an idol, she needed to keep her children secret due to the unrealistic pressure to be perfect when you’re an idol. Despite all that pressure, Ai manages to be a kind and gentle mother, effectively breaking the cycle of abuse she experienced as a child.

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Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa – Buddy Daddies

Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa with their adopted daughter, Miri. They are sitting and facing the viewer.

These two assassins wind up stuck taking care of one of their target’s children, as she mistakes one of the assassins for her father. AWKWARD. They must learn how to care for her and themselves as they go. Though they aren’t the best dads at first, they put in a lot of effort for their “adopted” daughter. And what more can we ask from two first-time parents?

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Pinako Rockbell – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Pinako, winry's grandmother, is seen tinkering on the left. To her right is the alchemist Armstrong.

Families look different for everyone, and many people are raised by grandparents, like Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist. Not only is she a great mentor to Winry, showing her the ropes and taking on the parenting role for her, but she also takes care of her neighbor’s children when they lose their mother. Could she have a bigger heart?

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Loid And Yor – Spy x Family

Yor and Loid from Spy x Family sit next to eachother while smiling and forming a heart shape with their hands

Mr. Forger may be an undercover spy, but his parenting skills are no act. Loid, accompanied by his fake wife, Yor, are incredible parents to the young Anya. Teaching her the importance of studying, taking her to the park and letting her know she is loved frequently. Is Yor the best cook? No. Does Loid inadvertently freak Anya out with his thoughts? Yes. But gosh dang it, these two are amazing parents. 

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Clara Magnolia – Violet Evergarden

Clara is in bed, holding her daughter Ann

SPOILER: The following will discuss the ending of episode 10 from Violet Evergarden

Clara is a single mother who was widowed during the war. She does her best as a single mother but has a terminal illness progressing quickly. Because she cares so much for her daughter, Ann, she hires Violet to come and help her write letters to her daughter. Though she couldn’t be there as her Daughter grew up, we see a tear-jerking scene of Ann opening and reading the letters throughout her life—an amazing mother who knew just what her daughter needed to hear until the very end.

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Yuuko Kamiya – Digimon

Tai and Kari's mother, Yuuko Kamiya as she appears in Digimon.

When remembering Yuuko from Digimon, I was prepared to write that she was a single mother who lovingly cared for her two children. Welp, after research, it turns out that not only is she married, but she’s married to the children’s father. So why didn’t I remember this? We never see the guy. He is only mentioned. Through all the episodes, TV specials and reboots, she is the only parent to Tai and Kari that we see. 

That alone proves that she is a consistent paternal presence dedicated to her children. Even if she is a lousy cook in the English dub, she is a fantastic mother with or without the unseen husband.

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Joseph Joestar and Suzi Q – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Suzi Q on the left and Joeseph Joestar on the right. As the characters are seen in their younger forms during Jojo's Bizzare Adventures Part 2

SPOILER: The following will discuss JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 3 and Part 4

Joseph isn’t the best husband, as we know from his cheating in part four, but he and Suzy are dedicated parents. We don’t see this parenting duo in action much in the anime, but through their daughter, Holly, we know they are amazing parents. She is a charming and caring character who would do anything for her son. When she falls ill due to DIO’s awakening, Joeseph rushes to Japan to be by her side. When he leaves to defeat DIO, Suzi takes his place in caring for their daughter.

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Holly laying sickly while her mother, Suzi Q, holds her hand.

In JoJo part four, Joseph also adopts an abandoned child named Shizuka. When the baby is brought back to America, Suzi is extremely upset, thinking it is an illegitimate child. However, once she understands the story, she is more than happy to be a mother again.

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Nikolai Plisetsky – Yuri!!! on Ice

Yuri and his Grandpa Nikolai from Yuri!!! on Ice walking together

Yuri(o) is a spunky 15-year-old who has just entered the world of adult competitive skating. We watch him travel the world during the most important competition of his life, but what he cares about most isn’t winning. It is his grandpa, Nikolai. During Yuri’s skate routine about love, he is inspired by his grandfather every second of the performance.

Our second grandparent on this list is Nikolai. Though we don’t see much of him, we know he means the world to his grandson. When we see him, he spends much of the episode at home and off-screen. Yuri worries about why he is at home and not watching him perform, but it turns out it is because Nikolai was spending the whole day learning how to cook one of Yuri’s new favorite foods. When he delivers the food to Yuri before his final competition, we get a sweet moment of them together. He is a grandpa with love as warm as fresh Katsudon Pirozhki.

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Lisa – Ponyo

Lisa, the mother, from ponyo seen trying to open a cold one.

Lisa might be an angry wife, but she is the most gentle of gentle parents. She isn’t the type to get annoyed with her kid when he brings a magical creature from the ocean to cause a catastrophe.

She is probably the anime mom we see as an actual parent the most on our list, as she is such an essential character in the movie. In the film Ponyo, we see her go to great lengths for her child and manage to mostly stay calm as their island floods. She teaches Soske what to do in an emergency, how to take responsibility and the wonders of her magic ramen. Who else could outdrive a flood, talk to an ocean goddess and survive a power emergency without losing her cool? 

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Tatsuo and Yasuko Kusakabe – My Neighbor Totoro

Tatsuo and his wife Yasuko from my neighbor totoro. Tatsua is sitting next to yasuko while she rests in her hospital bed. They both look to a window, facing the viewer, at a mysterous corn in the windowcell.

Tatsuo is a patient father, as demonstrated throughout the movie. We witnessed him help the children face their fears during a storm, teach them about gardening, and exhibit extreme patience as his youngest, Mei, jumps on him to wake him up. In the hospital for most of the movie, Yasuko is incredibly tender and helps her daughters be brave during tough times. Gentle parenting experts would be pleased with these two for sure. 

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Did you know any of these anime parents on the list? Which ones do you think should write parenting books? Let us know in the comments!

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