I have chills. Literal chills right now. Composer and senior game audio coordinator at Tencent Mason Lieberman has collaborated with Sunrise Entertainment and Funimation to bring us my new favorite song. Fans of Cowboy Bebop will know The Real Folk Blues as the anime’s first closing theme from The Seatbelts and composer Yoko Kanno. It brings back such fond memories of little me falling in love with Cowboy Bebop and the anime world altogether. The love and soul that went into recreating this track can be felt through every second of the 6 minute and 27 second track.

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Lieberman partnered with Kanno and The Seatbelts as well as A-sha Mai Yamane, SubstantialMega RanRed RapperÚyanga Bold and so many more. A complete list of everyone involved on the project can be found on the track’s Bandcamp page.  Everything from the singing and rapping to the band music has been newly recorded and works together to bring The Real Folk Blues back to life. It even features a part spoken by Beau Billingslea the English voice actor for Jet and everything comes to an end with Steve Blum speaking the famous lines, “Bang” and “See you, space cowboy”.

In conjunction with the new track, they also created a music video that showcasing shots of the original show along with the entire group playing music and singing. It is amazing. But this isn’t all just to showcase how good they are. The Real Folk Blues charity arrangement is for charity! All proceeds from the purchase of the track on Bandcamp as well as a special vinyl that can be preordered will go to Doctors Without Borders and the CDC’s Foundation COVID-19 Response.

The track is set to release on other streaming platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, and iTunes on May 8, 2020.




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