The holidays are fast approaching, so you may be wondering “What do you get a rescue tiger for Christmas?” The average person would probably shop from a provided wishlist, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. In-Sync Exotics, home to Kylo Ren, our favorite white tiger cub, went above and beyond this holiday season – they are adopting yet another orphaned cub! How can another rescue tiger benefit a rescue tiger? The same way adopting a second puppy helps the first puppy…or in this case, a third puppy!

Surprise! It’s a Boy!

On Friday, the animal sanctuary shared the news that they were taking in a 5-month old male tiger cub from another facility. The cub, newly named Anakin, was described as “rowdy” and “rambunctious”, which could probably be used to describe his namesake, too. Anakin’s future with In-Sync Exotics is to be roommates with Kylo Ren and Kenobi, completing the Star Wars connection between the first two boys. He is a few months younger than Kylo Ren, but their sizes should even out soon! The trio are unable to meet just yet as Anakin has had zero vaccinations and must be quarantined until he has his shots and is given a full clean bill of health. This can take a minimum of 30-days, which means it will be a December meet-and-greet for the boys!

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Holiday Celebrations

While it is yet to be determined whether Anakin will be with Kylo Ren and Kenobi at the time, In-Sync Exotics will close their doors for an annual Christmas party in December. The animals will all get gifts, ranging from new enrichment toys to scent-marked boxes (because a cat is a cat, no matter the size!), and pine tree branches to destroy. This will be the first Christmas for all three Star Wars babies and we just know they will enjoy their special treats! If you would like to donate toward their care or their Christmas, just contact In-Sync Exotics directly.


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Bonus: Christmas for All

The sanctuary is also hosting their annual big cat calendar sale and our boy Kylo Ren made the cover! Proceeds from the calendars go toward the care of all of the animals at In-Sync Exotics, specifically the funds go towards purchasing over “205,000 pounds of meat, 2.5 million gallons of water, and over $200,000 in veterinary costs”. You get a calendar full of beautiful photographs of some of the cats housed at In-Sync Exotics and the animals get fed. Sounds like a win-win and a wonderful Christmas for all!

If you don’t want a calendar, but still wish to help the cats out, there is always the option of shopping directly from their Amazon Wishlist.


We here at Geek Girl Authority wish to send our congratulations to In-Sync Exotics on their new addition and hope that Kenobi, as the eldest and (based on his namesake) the wisest, can keep Kylo Ren and Anakin from straying down that dark path. Use the Force for good, boys!

More About In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center

In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center is located in north Texas, just outside of Dallas in a city called Wylie. Visitors are welcome almost all year round for public and private tours. Admission fees are considered donations and are tax deductible. The sanctuary offers special events throughout the year, such as brunches, overnight camping events, and movie nights. Visit their website for more information.

Feature image (c) Karin Saucedo, In-Sync Exotics; photo taken during the 2013 annual Christmas party.



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