If you thought you had heard the end of Animal Crossing: New Horizons you thought wrong! Nintendo released a new trailer today showcasing the next free update. Things are about to get a bit spooky on the island! The Halloween-themed update will be adding in new cosmetic changes, outfits, new DIYs and much more. So let’s break down what is coming in the fall update!

Halloween Prep

We have quite a bit to do in Animal Crossing before the end of October. The first new addition is being able to purchase candy from Nook’s Cranny. This will be used in an event later on in the month, but make sure to get enough! The next addition I am really excited for! We are going to be able to plant pumpkins! My mind is already thinking about how cute a pumpkin patch would look next to my little cemetery. These pumpkins will be used in new spooky DIY decorations.

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We also can’t forget one of the best parts of Halloween –  the costumes! The Able sisters will have all the latest costume fashions! The trailer shows off a really cute mage dress that would be perfect to trick or treat in! And we can’t forget the finishing touches, either. Players will be able to change their skin color to mimic the use of face paint and change their eye color as well. I’m hoping that these cosmetics never leave the game. I want to be a vampire year round, Nintendo.

It’s Halloween Party Time

On Halloween night (October 31st) from 5:00 p.m. to midnight, players can join their fellow villagers for a Halloween party! We are going to be getting a visit from Jack the czar of Halloween himself! In previous editions of the game he traded items for candy pieces so make sure to stock up! Now is also the time to check out your fellow villager’s costume choices and reward their work with candy as well! For everyone who is missing out on being able to attending Halloween parties this year, Animal Crossing has everything one needs to host their own!

But There Is More!

Halloween isn’t the only update we will see this fall in Animal Crossing. The Nook Link application for phones is getting an update as well. Players will be able to use the app to use their reactions. So no more sifting through all of those reactions to find the perfect one for the moment. And the new trailer shows a brand new one that is perfect for the season! Players will be able to learn Haunt!

So get your costumes ready, grab your friends and get ready to scare your fellow villagers! The trailer comes to a close hinting that come mid November we are getting yet another update! This makes sense of course, as we have Thanksgiving and Christmas back-to-back. It will be exciting to see what those events bring with them.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available to play now on Nintendo Switch. The fall update will be launching on September 30, 2020. To keep up with all of the free updates make sure to check out the official Animal Crossing website.


Originally published 9/25/20


Julia Roth
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