Angelina Jolie is taking her first step into the world of superheroes. According to THR, the actress is currently in talks to join the upcoming Marvel project The Eternals. While details are being kept under wraps, we know that the film is being helmed by Chloe Zhao. There’s also a hint of who Jolie could be playing.

According to the site, the story will focus on the immortal beings known as the Eternals. Created by the cosmic beings known as Celestials, they are described as an “offshoot of the evolutionary process that created sentient life on Earth”. The Eternals are often at war with their counterparts, the Deviants. The film will apparently feature the love story of Ikaris, a man fueled by cosmic energy, and Sersi. There is no indication that Jolie will be playing the role of Sersi and Marvel has made no comment, though it is likely she is in talks for the role.

If the story sounds similar, that’s because Jack Kirby had been working on the New Gods over at DC before the series was cancelled. Kirby returned to Marvel and started working on The Eternals. Gods as superheroes is such an interesting concept so why not continue that elsewhere? Even more interesting is that both Marvel and DC are working on films featuring these celestial superbeings so we’ll have to keep our eyes out on both projects as they develop.

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Erin Lynch