Action WEBTOON series have become something of a must-read category for us over the last two years. The way creators have been able to alter their action sequences to fit into the scroll format that webcomics are known for has come leaps and bounds. And one particular series is high on our must-read list – The Eagle and the Snake. We recently chatted with its creator, Angel Tovar, about his creative process and what is next on his list.

If you haven’t read The Eagle and the Snake, we highly recommend checking it out here. Keep up with everything Angel Tovar has to share on his social media pages! (Twitter/Instagram)

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Angel Tovar

Screenshots of a girl and man with a gun from The Eagle and the Snake.

The Eagle and the Snake WEBTOON Original Series.

Julia Roth: The Eagle and the Snake is a must-read WEBTOON for us at GGA. What was your inspiration behind the series?

Angel Tovar: Well, I first came up with the idea back in high school just for fun. However, the story was completely different; it was more sci-fi. It wasn’t until 2016 or 2017 were I decided to start writing. The biggest inspirations are films like Drive, Sicario, Collateral, and of course, the godfather of all heist movies, Heat

JR: We are only a few chapters into the second season, but do you have it all planned out?

AT: Yes, I started writing the series knowing how I wanted it to end. I have a dry-erase board with index cards that hit all the plot points in my room. So expect a lot to go down this season!

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JR: Did you set out to create an action WEBTOON series, or did you initially have plans for another genre?

AT: I created a lot of mini-series back when I was in high school. This was supposed to be an SCI-FI story of five individuals with mech suits inspired by the film The 5 Deadly Venoms

JR: What is your favorite part of creating an action series?

AT: The research. I’ve read so many articles and watched endless documentaries of real-life heists and what tools they used. 

JR: How do you prep for the major action scenes?

AT: When I was working at a grocery store, I was in charge of loading and unloading the trucks. I would play movie soundtracks on my headphones, and my brain would just start thinking of ideas. If I’m stuck and can’t think of anything, usually watching action movies do the trick.

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JR: Do you have any writing rituals before sitting down to work?

AT: No, I find it best to just face it straight on. However, I love going to my local library with a warm cup of coffee and spending the whole day writing. 

The eagle from The Eagle and the Snake.

The Eagle and the Snake WEBTOON Original Series.

JR: We have had a few months in between seasons of The Eagle and the Snake. What did you do to help unwind before diving back in?

AT: I had to focus on season two, so I only really had one full day off. I spent it playing video games with my brother. 

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JR: Do you have plans to create another WEBTOON series when The Eagle and the Snake ends? If so, what genre would you want to work in?

AT: Yes, I have two series that I hope to pitch to WEBTOON after. Both are action/romance, but I plan to take a year off and really focus on my writing skills. I have about five books that can help my writing next to me that I really want to read before I start writing the next series. 

JR: What do you do with your free time outside of content creation?

AT: I surf a lot. If the waves are flat, I enjoy playing FPS with my little brother, Isaac. 

JR: What are a few of your must-read WEBTOON series?

AT: I haven’t read many, but I absolutely enjoy reading Love Advice From The Great Duke of Hell, and the writing of Stagtown is riveting. 

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