George Orwell’s work is shockingly relevant today, and Animal Farm is no exception.  That, in part, is why Netflix is bringing a performance-capture version of the 1945 novella to the screen.  That, and the team they’ve got behind the project.

Andy Serkis will direct the Animal Farm film.  We’d be surprised if he didn’t also play a role, as he’s the king of the performance-capture.  Matt Reeves will produce, with Serkis and Jonathan Cavendish of The Imaginarium.  Reeves and Serkis are already fans of each other from working on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes.  

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According to Deadline, Serkis has wanted to do this project for years.  That makes sense.  A world of anthropomorphized animals in active revolt and political upheaval is a performance-capture artist’s dream.  

And, the trio plan to make some reference to the current value of the story, inspired by the Russian revolution of 1917 and subsequent Stalinist Soviet regime.  Cavendish said that they want to bring “Animal Farm to the screen in a thoroughly contemporary fashion, which will highlight the staggering relevance today of the satirical and dramatic power of Orwell’s re-imagined classic.”

All of this is good news for Orwell fans.  Napoleon is in good hands, even if no one is safe in his.  



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