Oh The Witcher fans are at it again! Thanks to their love and support of the series on Netflix, there has been an influx and viewers who now want to read the original novels from Andrzej Sapkowski. Now because of all this new found love, physical copies of the series have been flying off the shelves. So much that publisher Orbit Books is going to do a massive reprinting for the entire series. And by massive we mean a total of 500,000 books! My book heart is so happy right now. So very happy.

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If you have not had the chance to read the books from Andrzej Sapkowski, I highly recommend them. Now, if you don’t want the television series to be spoiled with what happens in future seasons, I would suggest sticking to the first book titled The Last Wish. Get it. Because he used the last wish. But honestly this is the one that really helps to introduce the backdrop of the world and help explain more about Geralt and his abilities among other things. If you have no worry about spoilers, then go ahead and read the other seven.

Andrzej Sapkowski’s books can be found online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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