Are you wondering how they do that?

As everyone knows, at some point in time we are going to get old. But many have the desire and wish to see how they’d look if they get old. And there were trends on various social media platforms namely Instagram, Facebook & twitter where everyone would upload themself looking old.

With the Android smartphone and camera, sky is the limit. With thousands of apps getting added to the PlayStore every day, there must be some apps that can make you look old. These apps do more than just making you look old, wondering what they can do? Sit back and read the rest of the article to know about the app that will make you look old.



The first App in this list is also one of the top-rated app face changing apps in the PlayStore with over 2.4 million reviews. The Artificial Intelligence capability in this app allows you to swap your face from young to old and give you an idea of how you’d look when you are old. The additional features available in this app lets you turn young, change gender, give you a beard, and more.

Age Face – Make Me Old

This is also another app to make you look old. The specialty about this app is that this app is specifically designed to turn your face old and has over 20+ old ages faces which will show you pretty unique results compared to the other apps in this list.

Old Age Face effect App: Face Changer Gender Swap

Wouldn’t it be interesting and mesmerizing to see yourself old and have an idea of how you would look down the line when you are old? This app exactly gives you a touch of that by making you old. This app also has some interesting & unique filters to perfect the look by maintaining the photo quality.

Old Face

This is another simple yet straightforward app that makes you look old. There are many people who look good when they are old. Sometimes people say they are wise when they look good, so here’s your opportunity to exactly do that with this app. This app lets you choose the photo from your gallery or allows you to click a picture from the camera app and convert the image to an old version of you.


Old Face Predictor – Make me old Aging Face

Sometimes predicting the future helps in two ways, the good way is to create a mindset and go according to it and the second way is to start worrying that we are getting older day by day. So if you are the one who is interested in finding out how you would look in the future this is also one of the best and the last option in this list. This app gives you more detail to your face right from the wrinkles, hairstyle, eyes, beard and more. You can find lots more options here in this app.