Need a bit of Dungeons and Dragons magic education, dear friends? Well, Amy Vorpahl is here to provide it! On her newest album, Behold Her Dreams, she has an entire song dedicated to remembering the schools of magic. And as if that wasn’t enough of a lifesaver for us, she also created a whole music video to help us out! The School of Magic School is a fun ska, punk and reggae mix that will have you chanting along and learning at the same time!

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When we chatted with Vorpahl about Behold Her Dreams, she shared that The School of Magic School was one of the intentional songs on the album. She wanted something that would help fellow dungeon masters remember all of the schools of magic and what they entail. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. The song itself is a fun mix of The Animaniacs countries skit with Weird Al‘s song Your Horoscope for Today. We promise by the second or third playthrough; you too will be chanting along.

The music video for The School of Magic School is a fun lyrical video by Serson. But it isn’t just set to words on a screen. As Vorpahl sings the different schools, we are treated to magic script written out on a page. Talk about magic! Inbetween taking notes, we are transported to a charming wizard school where all of our education must occur. The entire music video meshes so well with Vorpahl’s lyrics and Maxi Morales‘ production. Just let this catchy tune seep into your brain and you won’t be so worried the next time someone casts Detect Magic.

We’ve dropped the music video for The School of Magic School below for your enjoyment! So what do you think of this fun musical education? Let us know in the comments below and on social media! You can buy the entire Behold Her Dreams album here!

Amy Vorpahl Talks BEHOLD HER DREAMS, Music and Being a Queen Geek




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