The incredible, the majestic, the awesomesauce herself Amy Vorpahl has launched her newest album Behold Her Dreams! And with it comes the epic level music video for her power-pop anthem I DM! It’s time for us to be honest here. We have been sitting on this song for a few weeks now and upon our first listen, it became our new anthem. Are you getting ready for an interview? Pop it on! Are you trying to brush off stage fright? Pop it on! Are you getting ready to take your friends on an epic adventure? Pop it on!

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There is just something so powerful in Vorpahl’s words that can’t help but move you. And the music video nails all of those feelings that we experience from beginning to end. We get a peek into the more vulnerable side of taking up the title of Dungeon Master but also how empowering it can be as well. The music video opens as Vorpahl shares her feelings on feeling underqualified to lead her friends and as the song builds, so does her confidence.

We are treated to some pretty fun home videos in I DM, giving us an even more intimate look into Vorpahl’s life as a child that will have your heart gushing with love. Seriously, young Vorpahl was such a shining star even back in the day. She is also joined by other powerful women from the Dungeons and Dragons industry, including Satine Phoenix, Becca ScottGina DeVivo, Amy Dallen and Stefanie Woodburn. And as a mini enthusiast, we can’t ignore the mini Vorpahl, which was created and painted by Ian “Irontusk” Phillips.

We do not doubt that once you have listened to Vorpahl’s I DM, it will become your new anthem too. To be fair, every song released on Behold Her Dreams is going to find a place within your heart. You can buy the entire album here! We’ve shared the brand new music video for I DM below for your enjoyment! Is this your new power-pop anthem? Let us know in the comments below and on social media! And remember, a wizard arrives precisely when she means to.

This article was originally posted on 3/14/22.

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