Welcome to this week’s installment of Geek Girl Authority Crush of the Week, wherein we shine a spotlight on strong women and nonbinary folks who inspire us. This includes fictional characters in geeky media and creators as well. They are a prime example of empowerment and how crucial it is for youth to have said example to follow.

DISCLAIMER: The following contains spoilers for NBC’s Superstore.

Amy Sosa

Fast Facts: 

Amy Sosa looks alarmed while wearing a dark blue button-up shirt on the sitcom Superstore.

Pictured: America Ferrera as Amy Sosa in SUPERSTORE

Amy Sosa (America Ferrera) began working at Cloud 9 in 2003, becoming pregnant with her first child Emma while in high school. Shortly after, she married Adam Dubanowski (Ryan Gaul), Emma’s father. Amy was accepted into a top-tier college but decided not to attend, working at Cloud 9 to support her family. 

Jonah Simms (Ben Feldman) starts working at Cloud 9 in the Superstore pilot, and the pair hit it off almost instantly. While at the store, Amy befriends Garrett (Colton Dunn), takes the young Cheyenne (Nichole Sakura) under her wing when the latter becomes pregnant and gains a brother-in-law in Mateo (Nico Santos), who marries her brother Eric. Amy also grows close to Dina (Lauren Ash), who starts as her superior before Amy gets promoted. 

Amy and Jonah’s friendship takes a turn for the romantic, but not without its obstacles. In 2018, Amy gives birth to a son, Parker, whose father is her ex-husband Adam. Amy and Jonah embark on their fair share of romances before finally coupling. They eventually move in together.

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Later in the show, Amy climbs the company ladder from floor supervisor to store manager, replacing her long-time boss Glenn (Mark McKinney). Then, she is promoted to Director of Customer Experience, moving into the Cloud 9 corporate space. Amy must relocate to California, so Jonah proposes he move with her and pops the question.

They briefly part ways upon realizing they want different things. Fortunately, Amy returns to Superstore by the series finale, hoping to mend fences with Jonah. After Store 1217 is converted into a fulfillment center, the pair rekindle their romance, get married and have children. 

The Real Deal: 

Amy Sosa sits at a desk while smiling and wearing a dark blue blazer on the sitcom Superstore.

Pictured: America Ferrera as Amy Sosa in SUPERSTORE

At face value, Amy might come off as rough around the edges and “bossy” to those who don’t know her. I believe she’s assertive, a remarkable trait to possess, so let’s do away with the bossy business. She’s incredibly hardworking, having grown up at a young age to provide for her family. She frequently puts everyone’s needs before hers, often overextending herself, but as Superstore progresses, we see her learn to practice self-love.

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Additionally, Amy’s kind and empathetic, taking on a motherly role to those younger than her. She’s brilliant, with a sharp, biting sense of humor that teeters on sardonic. Amy cares deeply about her coworkers, employees and loved ones, as evidenced by her decision to start a Cloud 9 union with Jonah. 

When Amy lets loose, a.k.a. when “Craymie” comes out to play, she unveils her fun-loving, spirited side, a stark departure from the stalwartly responsible person we see on a day-to-day basis. 

Why She Matters: 

Jonah Simms and Amy Sosa sit next to each other while wearing pajamas and smiling in the sitcom Superstore.

Pictured: Ben Feldman as Jonah Simms and America Ferrera as Amy Sosa in SUPERSTORE

Why does Amy matter? She’s a multifaceted and complex woman of color who achieves professional success through hard work and grit while cultivating the picture-perfect happy ending on the romantic front. Amy’s not infallible, and Superstore doesn’t shy away from her flaws. However, that’s part of what makes her so lovable. She’s wholeheartedly human, messiness and all. We can relate to her faults and positive characteristics. 

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So, be like Amy Sosa. Never stop reaching for the stars. Find your Jonah, whoever and wherever that person may be. Be kind, but take no sh*t. Keep your sense of humor sharp as a blade. Remember that it’s okay to put yourself first when necessary. Oh, and unleash the Craymie. She thrives on good vibes and copious amounts of booze. 

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