If “I am not your favorite stripper” wasn’t a line on your bingo card for 2020, you may want to remedy that now. The Expanse Season Five premiere is 15 days away, and to celebrate we’re savoring this short clip from the upcoming installment. 

This clip features Amos Burton (Wes Chatham) and Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo) reuniting on Earth. We know Amos is heading back home to Earth for an undisclosed mission. Based on the slew of new photos released a few weeks ago, we know he’s going to reconnect with Avasarala. Undoubtedly, verbal hijinks and playful japes will ensue. After all, Amos did reveal to Avasarala on the Roci that he knows how to walk in heels. He also taught our favorite swearing member of Parliament how to walk in mag boots. That’s a fortified bond that cannot be severed. 

Now, The Expanse clip shows Avasarala pouring liquor for Amos, claiming that he’ll need it to survive “this godforsaken place.” Amos remarks to “Chrissy” that they have vastly different life experiences. Avasarala chastises him for calling her Chrissy, citing that she’s not his “favorite stripper,” but a member of Parliament. “You can be both,” Amos teases. 

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Chatham is such a good Amos that I literally can’t picture anyone else portraying him. Aghdashloo fully embodies Avasarala and infuses her with a fiery temperament that can’t be replicated by anyone else. The Expanse cast is just too damn good. Season Five needs to be available now. Side note: Amos and Chrissy forever. 

You can check out The Expanse clip below. Be sure to tune in Wednesday, December 16, when The Expanse returns to Amazon Prime for Season Five. 

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