Amazon Studios opted to not move forward with The Dark Tower television adaptation pilot.  According to Deadline, the Amazon executives felt the pilot was not on the level of larger genre series currently in production. 

The series producer and showrunner Glen Mazzara and MRC are shopping the two scripts for the series.  The series was meant to be independent from the 2017 film starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, and would have been faithful to the books.  Several years before the events in the film, the series would focus on the origin story of Roland Deschain.  Mazzara wanted to show how Deschain became a gunslinger and got his guns as well as the first confrontation with Walter O’Dim, the Man in Black.  

Sam Strike was cast to play Deschain with Jasper Pääkkönen as the Man in Black. The cast was never confirmed, but Deadline reports the possible casting of Michael Rooker, Jerome Flynn and Joana Ribeiro. 

Stephen King‘s The Dark Tower novel series includes eight books that were later adapted into comic books by Marvel.  The book series incorporates themes from several genres including western, horror, dark fantasy and science fiction.  The books expands upon King’s multiverse by use of the Dark Tower in the story.  This links many of King’s other novels to this series. So the possibilities of other known King characters are endless. 

It would be neat to see The Dark Tower come to life if the production studio can come up with an affordable way to do so.  The adaption of book could be difficult in some parts of the story.  If they can make the movie work, then someone can definitely make a tv series work.  Right?

We’ll keep an eye on this project as it develops. 

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