This is truly Science Fiction becoming reality. It’s wonderful and just blows minds when  you start to think how this will affect the future of many men and women.

A paraplegic man named Juliano Pinto, was strapped into a robotic exoskeleton which enabled him to kick a soccer ball by “thinking” about kicking the ball

The suit was developed by well over a hundred researchers and the project was led by Brazilian Dr Miguel Nicolelis of Duke University.

Here’s how the suit works:

The exoskeleton uses a cap placed on the patient’s head to pick up brain signals and relay them to a computer in the exoskeleton’s backpack. This then decodes the signals and sends them to the legs. The robotic suit is powered by hydraulics, and a battery in the backpack allows for approximately two hours of use.

“The basic idea is that we are recording from the brain and then that signal is being translated into commands for the robot to start moving,” Dr Gordon Cheng, at the Technical University of Munich, who is a member of the team, told the BBC in May.

~BBC News

After the event, Dr. Nicolelis triumphantly tweeted, “We did it!” and “Great team effort”


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