Cyberpunk fans, rejoice!  Netflix is bringing back their adaptation of Richard K. Morgan’s  Altered Carbon, for a second season.  And, there’s a twist.  It looks like Takeshi Kovacs has a new sleeve!  Variety reported, Friday.

Anthony Mackie is taking over the lead role from Joel Kinnaman in season two.  There’s been no comment on whether we’ll see the transition or the reason for getting into the new sleeve, but I’m sure that’s what all of the fans are hoping for.  We are.  Kovacs ended season one on a mission to find the love that he lost, after finding out that Quell is alive somewhere.  So, we might assume that this is where Mackie will pick up the baton. 


Morgan wrote two sequels to Altered Carbon; Broken Angels and Woken Furies.  Kovacs is in both of those books, so showrunner Laeta Kalogridis has a lot of material to draw from, if she chooses.  But, in an interview, she told IndieWire that she is not necessarily looking to adapt the sequels, “because of the vast, financially prohibitive scope of the story that takes place during an interstellar war.”  

So, perhaps Takeshi Kovacs will forge a new path.  Or, maybe Mackie is playing an entirely different character.  What if Mackie is playing Quell in her new sleeve!?!  The possibilities are endless!!

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