The War of the Worlds trailer shows a true adaption of the H. G. Wells classic sci-fi novel.  Rafe Spall and Eleanor Tomlinson are thrown into chaos when aliens invade. 

This adaptation is set in Edwardian England so, no modern technology.  The trailer is brief, but effective. The three part series stars Spall as George and Tomlinson as Amy.  The couple in the midst of a scandal when the alien ships arrive in Edwardian England. At first, everyone thinks it just a shooting star until the pod opens up and reveals a giant alien who does not come in peace.

The town tries to fight back with primitive weapons, but the place is in ruins.  People flee, causing chaos. How does mankind defend itself against an unknown invader?

Rupert Graves plays George’s brother Frederick and Robert Carlyle plays an astronomer/scientist Ogilvy.  Peter Harness wrote the script for War of the Worlds and Craig Viveiros directs the series.  The series filmed in Liverpool, England, according to Deadline.

Betsan Morris Evans produces War of the Worlds. Damien Timmer, Preethi Mavahalli, Harness, Viveiros, Tommy Bulfin, Minglu Ma and Jamie Brown share executive producer credits.

Other versions of  War of the Worlds are set in a more contemporary setting and usually in the United States. One of the first was a radio program produced by Orson Welles. Many people believed the invasion was real, causing a panic.  Another remake is in the works and stars Elizabeth McGovern and Gabriel Byrne.

Watch the trailer below.  War of the Worlds debuts sometime this fall…definitely before Christmas, on BBC One.

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