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Alfre Woodard is playing Mariah Dillard in Luke Cage, hitting Netflix on September 30th. However, we’ve just discovered that she also has a role in Captain America: Civil War. A press invite for the Los Angeles premiere originally listed Woodard as a cast member, not as a special guest like the rest of her Netflix counterparts. This is similar to when we found out that Linda Cardellini and Julie Delpy would be attending the Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere.

But then today, Screencrush announced that, according to their sources, “Woodard has a small, but pivotal role in the beginning of the film.” They go on to say that “She’ll be playing the mother of an American citizen who was killed during the Battle of Sokovia,” and that she then has “a confrontation with Tony Stark where she lays both guilt and blame at him for the death of her son.”


It’s this encounter that gets through to Stark and convinces him that the Sokovia Accords might just be the right move to “regulate the Avengers and other ‘enhanced individuals.’”

This is exactly like what happened at the beginning of the Civil War comic book where, after the Stamford event where an elementary school was blown up, a mother who lost her son, Miriam Sharpe, went after Tony Stark for the same thing. It’s this encounter that started things off in that story, and it sounds like the same thing is happening here.

So, she will not be playing the same character in Civil War and in Luke Cage. She’s playing two distinctly different characters.

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