Get your boisterously awkward laughs ready, because Harry Vanderspeigle is coming to town! Syfy dropped the official trailer for incoming freshman series Resident Alien. Yes, it’s delightful. 

Alan Tudyk stars as an extraterrestrial who crash lands in small-town Colorado with an objective — to unleash all hell on Earth. Well, once he locates a mysterious device. In the interim, he overtakes the resident doctor’s body and traipses about as Harry Vanderspeigle. Local law enforcement enlists him to help solve a series of murders amid a little slice of Americana. Naturally, hijinks ensue. 

Now, the Resident Alien trailer reveals Tudyk in his element. He excels at portraying eccentric, out-of-this-world characters. Tudyk has risen through the ranks to become one of my favorite performers of late. His turn in the Harley Quinn animated series as both Clayface and Joker is nothing short of hysterical. Not to mention, he stole the show as the sardonic Mr. Nobody in Doom Patrol last year. 

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I sincerely hope Syfy gives Resident Alien a chance. Based on the trailer alone, the show looks to be a wonderful combination of weirdly comical and science fiction. Right up my alley. However, Syfy does have a notable track record of canceling fantastic programs (i.e. Happy! and The Expanse), so I’m approaching this one with reticence. 

Resident Alien is based on the comic series of the same name by Peter Hogan and Steve ParkhouseFamily Guy producer Chris Sheridan has adapted it for TV. Besides Tudyk, the show stars Corey ReynoldsSara TomkoAlice Wetterlund and Levi Fiehler. Get ready to hum the Law & Order theme song when Resident Alien premieres Wednesday, January 27, only on Syfy. 

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