Agents of SHIELD, Farewell Cruel World,

Agents of SHIELD, Farewell Cruel World,

There are just a few episodes left in AGENTS OF SHIELD Season four.  Will everyone get out of the Framework alive? How will this experience change the agents? How will it affect everyone favorite couple FitzSimmons?  And when/how/why does the Ghost Rider get involved?

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I’m so ready for this episode! Let’s go!

Ten days ago, Daisy (Chloe Bennett) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) entered the Framework.  Yo-Yo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) and a small SHIELD team watch over them. The team has to reduce power to other parts of the Zephyr to power the Framework.  One of the agents says they need to refuel.  Another agents suggest decloaking the quinjet for more power.  As risky as it is, Yo-Yo agrees.  

In the Framework

The city is overrun with protesters. Hydra has dispensed its military forces to try to control the public.  Hydra declares martial law.

Agents of SHIELD, Farewell Cruel World,

Agents of SHIELD, Farewell Cruel World,

Tripp (BJ Britt) and Simmons return from their recon mission.  Daisy runs to meet them and hugs Tripp. He doesn’t know who she is, but he appreciates the hug.  Daisy covers by saying she heard about his mission when he was captured by Hydra.  Simmons asks to speak to Daisy alone.

Simmons tells Daisy that Aida (Mallory Jansen) is building a human body for herself in the real world.  She says if Aida succeeds, she can unplug the Framework and kill all of them.  Daisy tells her that Radcliffe (John Hannah) gave her the coordinates to the backdoor of the Framework.  They need to find it to stop Aida.  

Daisy says that will be difficult because May (Ming-Na Wen) and Mack (Henry Simmons) don’t know what’s really happening. Simmons mentions that Fitz (Iain De Caestecker). Daisy says they have to go without Fitz, he’s the new head of Hydra.  Simmons is worried, but Daisy assures her they will save him once everyone is out of the Framework.

Daisy…Skye tells Mack that they need him to go on this next mission with them. Mack tries to decline, but Hope (Jordan Rivera) says he has to go because Skye asked him to.  He makes Skye promise to get him back in time to put Hope to bed.  

Coulson tells May that the world they live in isn’t real.  It’s a simulation meant to keep them captive.  May doesn’t believe him. He said he didn’t believe it either until Daisy showed up.  May says her days of following blindly are over.  Coulson has to show her proof of his theory.  

Leo Fitz visits Radcliffe in his Hydra cell. Radcliffe mentions that people are fighting back. It won’t be long until Simmons and Daisy escape Fitz’s world.  Fitz says if they succeed, they will destroy his world.  Radcliffe reminds him that this world isn’t real. He doesn’t care if he’s dead or alive in Fitz’s world.  He’s dead in the other world anyway, thanks to Aida a.k.a. Madame Hydra a.k.a. Ophelia.  

Fitz says he can make a new body for Radcliffe in the other world. Radcliffe can start is life over and over and over again.  Radcliffe figures out that Aida is using the Darkhold technology to make herself real.  He can be immortal.   Radcliffe says Daisy is looking for a way out.

Simmons tells May that they are a team. She mentions Fitz and May finds it hard to believe he would be on any team.  Simmons agrees that Fitz in this world is not a good man. The Fitz that Simmons knows is kind and caring. May says that doesn’t sound like any Fitz she knows, father or son.  Simmons asks about Fitz Sr.  May says everyone in Hydra knows Alistair Fitz (David O’Hara).  He and Leo are inseparable.  Simmons asks May to access the Hydra personnel files.

Daisy asks Tripp to fly them to the coordinates of the back door.  Tripp asked if he dated any of the Team SHIELD ladies in the other world. Daisy is surprised that he knows about that.  She tells him no and to help gather everyone. Tripp tells her that Simmons left, but should be back soon.

Agents of SHIELD, Farewell Cruel World,

Agents of SHIELD, Farewell Cruel World,

Simmons goes to Alistair Fitz’s home. She pulls a gun on him and tells him to help her fix things.  Alistair tries to reason with her. She says that Fitz is in danger. Simmons tells him that Madame Hydra has put things in motion that will kill everyone Fitz cares about.  She tells Alistair to call Fitz to his place. She only wants to talk to him. He calls Fitz.  Alistair tells him the fugitive is there and to send forces.  

Fitz hears Alistair and Simmons fighting and then a gunshot.  Simmons gets up off the floor and leaves Alistair to die.

Daisy asks Coulson and May about Simmons.  May says she left to find Alistair Fitz.  Daisy says they can’t leave without her. May says she will be fine.

Fitz enters his father house and finds him dead.  Fitz orders his men onto the Zephyr. Radcliffe defends Simmons saying she didn’t intend to hurt anyone.  Fitz is upset and wants Simmons dead.

Yo-Yo checks on Simmons and Daisy.  They are spotted by a Russian ship and can’t do anything to defend themselves.  They just have to wait for Simmons and Daisy to get out of the Framework.

Daisy is getting anxious about Simmons. Simmons finally shows up and tells Daisy what happened with Alistair Fitz.  She says Fitz won’t go with them because she killed his father.  Daisy calms her down and says they will figure it out when they get back to the real world.

Agents of SHIELD, Farewell Cruel World,

Agents of SHIELD, Farewell Cruel World,

Madame Hydra is laying in her bed. She asks the nurse where Fitz is. The nurse tells her that Alistair Fitz is dead.  Leopold Fitz went after the SHIELD terrorist.  Aida order Fitz back to the Hydra base.  

Fitz is in the Zephyr.  He refuses to turn around until after Simmons is dead.  Radcliffe says the backdoor was supposed to be a park.  Its hidden a steel mill thanks to Aida.  She made some modifications to hide it.

The SHIELD team arrives at the steel mill.  Daisy says goodbye to Tripp.  He offers to go with them. Daisy says that he is needed there.  Its his turn to suit up and become the new Patriot.

Coulson finds the exit point and it is covered by molten steel.  Simmons figures out that Aida hid the exit point. She knows they are there.  Mack is frustrated. No one told him about the other world.  Simmons says there’s no way out and Aida has won.

Aida is preparing for her transformation.  The nurse returns and reports that Fitz is ignoring her orders.  Aida knows that Simmons found a way out. She can’t waste any time on them. She tells her staff to proceed.

The machine in the real world activates and starts creating a body.

Agents of SHIELD, Farewell Cruel World,

Agents of SHIELD, Farewell Cruel World,

May and Mack are having a hard time believing Simmons and Daisy.  Mack is angry that they took him away from Hope.  Coulson says he believes Daisy.  Daisy figures out that she could use her quake powers to part the molten steel.  

Their discussion is interrupted by gunfire. Hydra has found them.  Daisy uses her quake powers to hold off the Hydra soldiers.  She runs towards the gate and uses her powers to open the portal. Mack watches in disbelief.

Coulson walks towards the portal and is shot.  May goes after him.  Daisy opens the portal again.  Coulson tells May to go with him.  She says it’s not that simple for her. He tells her to follow his lead. When he falls through, the world around the team changes.

Coulson wakes upon the real world.  He waits for May.  May wakes up.  He says he surprised she jumped because he was squirly on the other side. May said it was cute.  

Coulson apologizes to May. He says he tried to find her.  

May looks at Aida. They know she took them hostage.  

Aida’s machine continues to work.

Agents of SHIELD, Farewell Cruel World,

Agents of SHIELD, Farewell Cruel World,

Fitz catches up with Simmons and holds her at gunpoint.  Simmons pleads with Fitz. She says she came there to save him from Aida.  Fitz shoots Simmons in the leg.  She tells him that she loves him.  He says she means nothing to him.  He holds the gun to her head.  Radcliffe shoots Fitz’s bodyguard and takes his gun.

Radcliffe says this was never his intention. The Darkhold corrupted his mind.  He tells Fitz not to blame himself and throws him through the portal.

Radcliffe tells Simmons that bringing Fitz to her was the only way he could save him.  Now he can return to his old self.  Simmons goes through the portal and wakes up on the Zephyr.

The Russian ship shoots at the Zephyr.

Daisy tells Mack it’s his turn to go.  She tells him he is in danger in the real world. He asks if Hope is in danger too. Daisy tells him things are different there.  Hope isn’t alive in the real world.   Aida made changes in the alternate world to keep them from fighting back. She changed Mack’s biggest regret to bring back Hope.

Mack says he’s staying. He doesn’t want to live in a world without Hope.  Daisy tries to reason with him by telling him that it’s all a computer program.  Mack explains that everything he does with Hope is real to him.  Daisy understands, but he has people on the other side who love him. He says he’s sorry and wishes her luck.

In the Real World

The Zephyr is hit again and Daisy falls out of her bed.  She wakes up and tells Yo-Yo that she couldn’t save Mack.  

Fitz wakes up and he is freaked out about how he was acting.  He killed people, including Mace.  

IMG_3467 (600x338)

Aida wakes up in her new body.

Coulson tells Fitz that nothing he did in the Framework was his fault.  Fitz says that acting that way felt natural.  He thinks he’s a bad person.

Aida walks out and sees Fitz. He calls her Ophelia. She says she is happy to see him.  She’s happy!

Coulson dismantled the Aida robot, so this is a real person.  May gets a gun and points it at Aida.

Aida tells Fitz that she is real.  She has a heartbeat. She tells Fitz they can make the world whatever they want.

May tells him to move.  Fitz is mesmerized by Aida.

Coulson tells May to shoot.  Aida hugs Fitz and they disappear.  

Mack is still in the Framework. He returns to the SHIELD HQ and to Hope.  Tripp is with her and asks if anything went wrong.  They wake up Hope.  Mack tells her that Daisy and the rest went back.  It’s kind of like Oz.  They went back to Kansas.  Hope asks if they are going to Kansas. Mack says no. Everything he needs is right there.

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  1. Can Fitz and Simmons overcome what just happened?  Will Fitz change?  He was a complete different person in the Framework.  If I were Simmons, I’d find it hard to look at him.
  2. Did we see the last of Tripp and Ward?  Ward wasn’t even in this episode.  I was hoping for more than what we got last week.  The character was redeemed, but come on! It’s Grant Ward…make him the new Patriot!
  3. Last week, it was revealed that Ghost Rider will in fact return in the season finale.  I thought maybe he would appear in the Framework. With Mack still in there, it’s possible.  Something tells me he will come back to take care of Aida though.
  4. I really wish they had brought in Bobbie and Hunter. I miss those two!
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