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Last week on Agents of SHIELD, May exposed Skye as Daisy Johnson.  Simmons, Coulson, and Ward found Dr. Radcliffe.  Aida, a.k.a. Madame Hydra and Fitz caught up with them. Fitz showed everyone…he’s not really a nice guy.

This is getting good! This episode is jam packed! Spoilers ahead!

Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) fits right in at SHIELD.  He and Jeffrey Mace (Jason O’Mara) make a good team.  Mace pushes over a car…with a lot of ease to make it look like there was a wreck. They are on a mission to save one of their operative’s at the Hydra base.

Mace asks Coulson about Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) and her claim that the Doctor a.k.a. Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) isn’t evil. She claims that Fitz has been brainwashed.  Mace thinks she’s hiding something.

A Hydra bus approaches the wreck.  Mace jumps out and knocks out all of Hydra soldiers.  They find a lot of body bags inside the bus.

Hydra HQ

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Daisy has been beaten up by the Hydra soldiers.  Fitz visits her and asks where the Patriot is.  He tells Skye/Daisy that he knows she is from the other world.  He says Daisy replaced the real Skye.  Dr. Fitz believes that Skye and Simmons crossed over to defeat Hydra.

Fitz asks about Simmons.  Daisy says Simmons is the only person who can get through to Fitz. They love each other.

Fitz tells her this is his home and he won’t let her destroy it. He will destroy her world first.

Madame Hydra (Mallory Jansen) tells May (Ming-Na Wen) about a weapon that might be able to beat The Patriot.  May volunteers for the task to defeat him.


Coulson and Mace took the bus back to HQ and they unloaded the bodies.  Mack (Henry Simmons) tells Mace that he’s ready to help.   Mace tells him to help with the Hydra bus. They are going to use it to get into the Hydra base to rescue an operative who has information about a new Hydra weapon.

Simmons watches Coulson help the Inhuman refugees.  She tells him they need get Daisy and get out of the Framework.  Coulson tells her that they need Mace. She needs to be careful. Mace is suspicious of Simmons.  She wants to tell him the truth.  Coulson says that Mace won’t believe her.  Mace and Grant (Brett Dalton) don’t have fragments of memory like Coulson.  Simmons scoffs at the mention of Grant Ward.

Coulson says he gets hives when he’s around Ward.  He asks if they got along in the real world. Simmons tells him that Coulson crushed Ward’s chest in with his cybernetic arm and left him for dead on an alien planet.  Ward and Mace approach Simmons and ask to speak to her.

Hydra HQ

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May enters the lab and asks about the new weapon.  The lab tech calls it an augmented strength serum that could turn someone into a weapon. He tells her that one dose will have the Patriot begging for his life.


Simmons tells Mace and Ward about her reality. Mace has a hard time believing that the life he lived in the Framework is not real.  Mace and Ward question her reasoning.  The only explanation that she gives is that Fitz would never kill an innocent woman. Ward reminds her that Fitz did exactly that.  Mace tells Simmons that there’s nothing she can say to convince him that her story is true.

Hydra HQ

Fitz tells Madame Hydra that Skye is lying to them.  He says she was beat within an inch of her life, “yet..she persisted.” (YES!!!!)  Madame Hydra wants to talk to Skye.  She sends Fitz away.  

Daisy tells Aida that her alternate reality sucks.  Aida tells Daisy that she only took away their greatest regret. The rest is just algorithms running their natural course as Radcliffe intended.  (Radcliffe yells at her from the next room! Hahaha! )

Daisy wishes she had her powers. Aida can’t give her the powers, but she can give her Lincoln Campbell.  She tells Daisy that they can live a peaceful life, no regrets, all in the Framework.  Daisy just has to tell Adia where they are in the real world and she will bring Lincoln back.  

Daisy call her a puppet master.  Aida says she is giving people what they want.  Daisy tells her, sometime what we want is not right for us.  Aida says she can fix that.


Mack tells Mace that the bus is ready. Mack also decrypted the comm system and linked it with a radio.  Now they can get intel and listen in on Hydra’s transmissions.  

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Simmons meets Hope, Mack’s daughter.  She is happy to see Mack with a smile on his face.  Mack and Hope leave to get food.

Mace give Coulson a Hydra ID badge. Coulson is going to drive the bus back to the Hydra base.

Hydra HQ

Fitz is asking an associate about a security breach. They caught someone with a camera in his boots, but no film. They sent the culprit to the enlightenment center.

Fitz’s associate is his dad, Alistair Fitz (David O’Hara).  Alistair knows something is wrong. It’s probably a woman.  They leave to talk in private.

Dr. Radcliffe (John Hannah) is angry about  his situation.  Daisy hears him screaming and starts to talk to him. Daisy asks why he’s upset. He tells her about Fitz killing Agnes.  Daisy doesn’t believe that Fitz can be cruel. She says one regret can’t change who he is that much. Radcliffe tells her that in the Framework, one person, one decision or one sentence has the power to change your life forever.   Daisy hopes that Radcliffe built a backdoor to the Framework.  He did. And Aida cannot destroy it.  He tells her where it is.  

Leo and Alistair Fitz talk about Agnes.  Leo is feeling bad for killing her. What if she didn’t need to die?  Alistair says that’s his mother talking.  He says Leo was raised to be stronger than that. They cannot afford the luxury of sympathy.  

Alistair reminds Leo that the only person who can understand the stress of saving the world is Ophelia…a.k.a. Madame Hydra.  Leo says he doesn’t know what kind of man he would be without his father.

Coulson enters the Hydra compound and a guard questions why he’s there.  He checks the body bags. Mace grabs him by the throat.  The SHIELD team enter the Enlightenment center to find their guy.  They find him locked in a cage.  

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IT’S TRIPP!!!  Antoine Triplett!  He is the operative who stole the information on Hydra’s new weapon.

May tells Fitz that there was an unscheduled drop at the Enlightenment center. She knows it The Patriot.  Fitz shoots her up with the augmented strength serum. She is going to face The Patriot.


Ward and Simmons watch Mack with his daughter.  Ward questions how that much love could not be real. They are interrupted with a transmission on the Hydra radio. Their team has been discovered.

Hydra HQ

Tripp is looking for his boots and Coulson watches for Hydra soldiers.  Tripp tells Coulson that he took pictures of some kind of weapon that could wipe out Inhumans.

Coulson spots one of his former students.  The kid is being taken to quarantine with a bunch of other kids.  Coulson goes after him.

Tripp finds Mace and lets him know about Coulson’s side mission.  A quinjet flies over. Hydra knows they are there.  Mace send the plans back to HQ.  Tripp and Mace go after Coulson.

Back at SHIELD, Ward is alerted to the situation at Hydra.  He needs people to go with him to get Mace. Ward wants to ask Mack, but Simmons volunteers.

At Hydra,

Mace and Tripp head to the quarantine building when May attacks them.  Tripp goes to help Coulson.  The Patriot and Agent May fight it out.  Agent May’s strength matches Mace’s. He can’t figure out where she got her strength.

Coulson finds the kids watching a film with their eyes taped open.  The film is brainwashing them, telling them to comply with Hydra.  Tripp walks in and they free the kids.

Mace bests May as her strength wears off.  Mace runs away.

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May calls in to Hydra HQ.  Madame Hydra reminds them that there is a quinjet on site.  Fitz orders the jet to bring down the Quarantine building. He tells May to bring him the Patriot’s body.  

The quinjet flies by the Quarantine building and destroys it.  The building starts to collapse.  

Ward and Simmons get there.  Coulson and Tripp are getting the kids out of the building.  

Coulson’s student is in danger. Mace jumps to save him and more of the building collapses on top of them.

May enters the Quarantine building and is surprised to find only kids in there.  She rushes into the classroom and finds the team from SHIELD.

Mace is able to push up the beam so Coulson can save the kid.  May stops them.  Ward tells her that Mace is the only thing keeping the building from falling on all of them.  

Coulson defies May and instructs Ward to find something to prop up the beam.  He turns to May and tells her to shoot them or help them.  “Snap out of it May!”  

They get the kid out and he runs to safety.  Mace tells them to leave.  Coulson and Simmons refuse to leave him.  Mace looks at Coulson and tells him to go.  The building starts to collapse. Mace can’t hold it any longer.  Coulson grabs Simmons and they all run out of the building. May takes one last look at Mace…nods at him…then leaves.  The building collapse.

Fitz receives word that the Patriot is dead. Alistair hands him a glass of champagne to congratulate him.  Madame Hydra watches them in satisfaction as they celebrate.

In the Real World

Aida checks on the vitals of her prisoners.  She finds that Director Mace is dead and disengages him from the Framework.

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May returns to Hydra HQ to see Skye.  May asks if it’s true that Skye is an Inhuman.  Skye/Daisy says she is powerful enough to bring the whole place down.  May throws down a Terrigen crystal and Skye/Daisy is enveloped in a cocoon. 


Thanks AoS!  I was all excited to see BJ Britt back as Tripp and then BAM! You hurt my heart!

Let’s talk about the good things that happened.

BJ Britt – Tripp was killed in Season Two the same time that Daisy, then Skye became Inhuman.  It was very sad to see that happen.  I am very excited that he has returned…even if it’s for a short time in the Framework.

May remembers – I had a feeling that May would turn when she found Coulson.  Her biggest regret was having to kill that girl in Bahrain. She’s had a soft spot for kids ever since.  So if it wasn’t Coulson yelling at her to “snap out of it May!” then it had to be the kids.

It’s a good thing she did snap out of it when she did.  The team is going to need Daisy and May now.

Coulson – We got a little bit of the commanding Coulson back in this episode.  He’s a little timid as teacher Coulson.  It’s cute, but we need our leader back as soon as possible

Bad thing

Fitz – We knew that Fitz’s father left when he was 10. There is something about that kind of hurt that never goes away.  In the Framework, we get to see what kind of man Fitz would have become if his dad stayed around.  He’s not a good guy. Fitz believes he is doing good though. He believes his work is saving humanity.  So in a way, we still have the old Fitz that we know and love.  He’s just more confident and ruthless

What will it take to make Fitz remember how good he really is?

Mace – I’M SO SAD!!!  I can see how Jeffrey’s biggest regret is that he wasn’t the hero everyone believed him to be.  He tried though. He knew the world needed him to be that hero.  In the Framework, he is Inhuman.  So could he have actually been Inhuman in the real world?  I guess we’ll never know now.  I really hoped Mace would become a regular.

R.I.P. Jeffrey Mace…a true Patriot.

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