With season six of Marvel’s flagship TV show, Agents of Shield, being expected to arrive this spring, what do we know so far about the forthcoming season, and what predictions can we make based on recent evidence.
Time Jump

In keeping with Marvel’s efforts to imply that the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe occur in real-time, the events of Season 6 pick up almost an exact year since the season 5 finale. This would be roughly the same amount of time for the audience too. Whilst this isn’t the first time the show has incorporated an extended time jump between seasons, this will be the longest by a substantial amount of months. Keeping this in mind, how will our team of heroes have coped in the year following the finale’s fallout. 

The Mission to Find Fitz

One of the major storylines we can expect to be a primary focus, at least throughout the first few episodes of the season, is the team’s mission to find Fitz. Whilst Mr. Fitzsimmons met an unfortunate and fatal end under a pile of rubble in the season 5 finale, fans can take a sigh of relief that it wasn’t the end for Iain de Caestecker’s character. Considering some timey-wimey explanations, another version of our fave engineer is on ice, floating around in the depth of space. It’s up to his wife (that he won’t know he’s married to) Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge), and the rest of SHIELD to find him and bring him home. However, that might be easier said than done, as a recent promo gloomily suggests. 

The Multiverse

If you took any note of Deke’s early ramblings on the multiverse last season you may find evidence in a recently released teaser trailer to support his theory (Hey, he is a Fitzsimmons after all!). The multiverse, a common theory within science-fiction, suggests that there are multiple universes that coexist where the outcomes of particular events are different. 

Eagle-eyed fans theorize from screenshots that familiar faces appear to be wearing costumes from earlier seasons, such as a clean-shaven Fitz noticeably wearing a cardigan worn in season 1, being pushed by Jemma in what appears to be the ragged clothes she wore whilst stranded on Maveth back in season 3. As the trailer heavily implies that Fitz is absent from the cyro-chamber we all expected him to be in, could this mean an intergalactic wild goose chase across parallel universes to reunite the (literal) star-crossed lovers. 

Director Mack

Back on Earth the trailer also gives us a glimpse of Mack (Henry Simmons) taking over the reins of Shield. Whilst seeking guidance from the echos of Coulson, it seems that the team’s once most reluctant member is stepping up into his role as leader. Other shots from the teaser also tell us that not all the action this season will be off-world, with what seems like a new bunch of powered misfits causing trouble for this fledgling director.  

Coulson Returns….Well, Sorta

Speaking of directors, the ending of season 5 saw us say an emotional farewell to the face of SHIELD in the MCU for a decade. Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) had one last drink with his comrades before departing to spend his numbered remaining days finally in Tahiti (for real this time!). However, in maybe a not so shocking turn of events our somewhat immortal leader popped up at the end of the teaser, surprisingly completely unaware of SHIELD. As Gregg mentions in a recent interview with Marvel he claims he is “not [playing] Phil Coulson”, giving more weight to the Multiverse theory. 

When Life Gives You Lemons

Not all hope is to be lost though, as everyone’s favourite idiot grandson from the future, Deke Shaw (Jeff Ward), is also confirmed to return as a series regular. Originally a ragged space con-man, Ward’s Deke quickly became a new fan-favourite over the course of the last season. Becoming ever-more charming and humorous as the season wore on, the fate of Fitzsimmons’ descendent was left unknown at the end of the finale. The fact that Ward was confirmed as a regular back at last summer’s New York Comic Con tells us we aren’t done with his shenanigans just yet, yay!

Marvel’s Agents of Shield returns to ABC, May 2019



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