Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has never had any reason to not trust each other…until now. The team must take a “Leap” of faith to decide who’s the friend and who’s the foe.

Last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger. The team defeated the Shrikes and reunited with Agents Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge). They held a celebration at the Lighthouse afterward. During the party, Agent May (Ming-Na Wen) told Yo-Yo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) that she should have killed Sarge (Clark Gregg) when she first saw him.  Why live with regrets? After the party, May went to Sarge’s cell and shot him four times. 

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The lighthouse is a buzz with activity. Agent Melinda May shot Sarge in cold blood. They move him to the medical bay, but he’s not expected to survive. May confesses to Mack (Henry Simmons) and Yo-Yo that she shot Sarge because it had to be done. They take her to a holding cell where Daisy (Chloe Bennet) is waiting for her. Everyone agrees that this is very uncharacteristic of May to shoot someone.

Simmons tends to Sarge’s wounds and discovers something interesting. When Fitz arrives with blood for the patient, she shows him that Sarge’s vitals are improving. Simmons wants to move Sarge to a secure location, but let everyone think he’s dead. 

While Sarge is unconscious, he is remembering something. He sees a woman standing in front of him, but he can’t see her face. Could this be his wife? Then he sees a different female figure hugs him tightly. Could this be his daughter? 


The rest of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. discover that people are losing time, starting with May. She insists she didn’t shoot Sarge because she doesn’t remember doing it. When she retraces her steps, she realizes that she blacked out after running into Agent Davis (Maximilian Osinski) after the party. Agent Davis says his last memory before blacking out happened on the freighter when he and Jaco (Winston James Francis) were chasing Izel (Karolina Wydra). He didn’t even know that Jaco was dead. 

Meanwhile Fitz and Deke (Jeff Ward) are trying to work through the mystery of Sarge together. Fitz can’t figure out a connection between Coulson and Sarge or how Izel actually fits in to the picture. He has a diagram that connects Coulson and Izel to the monoliths and Sarge to Izel. 

Search In Progress


While Daisy and Yo-Yo are figuring things out, Izel is moving through agents looking for something. She escaped May’s cell through a guard and then possesses Agent Piper (Briana Venskus).  Piper is able to get a Shrike crystal that she uses to find something. She runs into Deke and he sees the crystal. Knowing how dangerous it is, he offers to take it back to the lab. Izel is forced to leap into his body to continue her search. 

The Shrike crystal leads Deke/Izel to a door with a warning sign on it. They can’t open it and an agent approaches them. The agent says only someone with higher security clearance can open the door. It keeps people like Deke from stealing S.H.I.E.L.D. tech. Deke/Izel leave to find someone with clearance. 

Simmons tells everyone that she’s moving Sarge’s body to the morgue, but moves him to a supply closet instead. She calls for Mack to fill him in on what’s going on. Mack sees that Sarge’s bullet wounds have healed. They need to keep him hidden until they can find out what he is. Mack posts a guard with Simmons for her own safety.  

After everyone figures out that Izel is in the lighthouse and leaping through agents, Mack locks down the base. He releases May so she can help with the search. They have no way of knowing who she is currently possessing. Daisy says Izel knew nothing about May’s life when she possessed her. Mack suggests they ask something personal that someone else can verify. 


May and Yo-Yo clear each other. Mack and Daisy also clear each other. Mack asks Yo-Yo and Daisy to step into his office, locking them inside. He says if Izel possessed either of them, they could destroy everyone with their inhuman abilities. He asks them to stay in the office until they capture Izel.

Davis is acting funny, but Daisy clears him. They turn to Deke, but Piper joins them accusing Deke of being possessed. They start to squabble and Mack notices Fitz acting funny. He asks a question about Simmons and Fitz can’t answer. Izel reveals herself. 

Izel only wants the director. She leaps from person to person, demonstrating her power over them. And the power to hurt anyone she wishes. She shoots Piper in the hand, chokes Deke, and forces Davis to jump to his death. 

Izel is very interested in Daisy and Yo-Yo, but neither of them will come out of the office. She possesses Mack and threatens his life if they follow her. Mack/Izel leaves the room and Daisy busts out of the office. May warns the entire base about Izel being on the loose. She asks any agent who encounters the Director to bring him back to command. 

New Theory


More agents arrive and take Davis’ body away. Fitz tend to Piper’s hand and Daisy and Yo-Yo leave to find Mack. May asks Fitz what Izel wants. He says she wants the monoliths, but those were blown up. Deke says that’s when the fear dimension opened up. He explains that it caused some nightmares to come to life and provided a nice scene for Fitz’s wedding. Coulson closed the dimension with a gravitonium device. 

Fitz comes up with a new theory that the fear dimension wasn’t really a dimension at all. Izel said the monoliths had the power to create. One is space, one is time and the third could be creation.  When the monoliths blew up, the energy remained and is now being contained in the gravitonium device. 

So when Coulson closed the fear dimension, the monolith energy created another Coulson, sending him through space and time. The original Coulson sealed the rift, and the second Coulson was left in a new realm. They determine that Izel is after that energy. May radios Yo-Yo and Daisy to let them know where Izel is heading. 

Sarge wakes up and demands to be let go. Simmons refuses, so he breaks his thumb so he can get out of his handcuffs.  

Mack/Izel run into an agent and asks for his handcuffs. They make it back to the door that Izel wants to get into. She handcuffs Mack to a pipe and then rams his head into the wall to knock him out. When Mack falls to the floor unconscious, Izel slips through the door. 

One In The Same

Inside the room is the gravitonium device that holds the power of the three monoliths. Sarge enters the room behind her and starts shooting Izel. She is unaffected by the bullets and does not try to fight back. Instead, she explains what’s really going on.

Izel and Sarge are the same. They are from a realm where they don’t take form. Sarge thinks she’s lying and reminds her that she killed his family. Izel explains that the memories he has of a family are an echo from the human form. He doesn’t have a family. Those are not his memories. 

Sarge goes through the two memories again. In the first memory, May is the woman standing in front of him. And in the second memory, Daisy is the woman who hugs him. 

Fitz was right. Izel tells him that the body was sent through time and space to their realm. Sarge is the same as Izel. He took over the body and lost himself. He took his memories, his emotions, he took everything about the man, but he still remembered her name. And he knows his own name…Pachakutiq. 

Sarge is confused, reminding her that he is hunting her. She says he is longing for her. He inspired her to take form and leave their realm. Sarge followed. Sarge doesn’t believe her, saying he would never follow her. Izel says she found the stones and their wishes are about to come true. They wished to open a breach to their realm and release others like them. The Shrike created billions of hosts that their kind can inhabit.  

Izel says this was Sarge’s idea, but he doesn’t believe her. He says he’s going to stop her. Izel gives up on Sarge and says the only thing powerful enough to stop her is within him. And he won’t use it. She leaves the room and runs into Yo-Yo and Daisy. 


Yo-Yo tries to rush her, but Izel is faster and leaps into the speedster. She understands how powerful Yo-Yo is, saying she’s the perfect way for her to escape. Daisy won’t let her walk off the base, but Izel plans on flying. Mack agrees to give her a plane as long as he can go with her and she agrees. 

Simmons wakes up with a bruise on her cheek. Sarge is taken back to his cell. Mack and Izel enter a quinjet. Daisy follows them and joins May in the hanger. Mack nods at her before closing the door. Daisy thinks Mack is making a mistake that will get himself killed. May says he’s doing the right thing and trusting his team.  

Later, Deke and Fitz watch the security footage of Izel and Sarge. Deke says Izel is a non-corporeal being. Fitz tells him that they’ve encountered one of those before: Ghost Rider and he was very dangerous. If Sarge is anything like him, that cell won’t contain him. They have to keep an eye on him.

Sarge paces in his cell, talking to himself about who he really is and denying everything Izel told him. As he swings his arm, the skin of his hand separates from what’s underneath, then goes back into place. Sarge says he knows who he is and he’s not the person Izel said he was.




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My mind is blown. I was not expecting this. 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. does a great job of throwing things back to previous story arcs. It shows us that everything is connected and there are consequences to deal with in the future. This story arc has had twists and turns that make it one of the best seasons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  

I have to praise Clark Gregg’s performance. There have been hints of Coulson in Sarge all season and now we know why. Gregg has done a great job of making the viewers hate Sarge, but still hope for him.

I am sad that Izel killed Davis. He as funny and had a kid at home that he was eager to see. His story is tragic. I hope there’s a way to bring him back. Probably not.  

Chloe Bennet and Ming-Na Wen are amazing, as always. Their struggle with seeing the face of someone they love on someone they hate is a great battle for them both. And I really like how Yo-Yo’s character has been elevated throughout the season. Everyone is just doing a stellar job. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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