We’ve got quite a mystery on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. In “Code Yellow”, that mystery gets even weirder.  

Last week, Daisy (Chloe Bennet) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) went on their own joyride to find Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) only to lose him again. This week, maybe we’ll find out why Sarge (Clark Gregg) and the gang are on Earth.

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The last time we saw Deke Shaw (Jeff Ward), he had decided to explore the world before it blew up. Well, it never blew up and Deke has taken advantage of everything he knows about the future. We catch up with Deke, he’s running through the Lighthouse, fighting off the Kree once more. This time, the man of the future is much braver and more skilled in hand to hand combat. I’m talking like…skills you’d see in a movie. He loses his comrade Trevor (Shainu Bala) but totally blows away the aliens. And collects his prize at the end…Daisy Johnson. Just as he’s about to kiss her, someone starts calling for him.  

Deke is actually in the Framework, running a simulation. His girlfriend Sequoia (Maurissa Tancharoen) interrupts because she wants her Boba tea. Deke left the agents to start a tech company. His employees see him as a visionary. So why is it taking him so long to get Boba? 

At S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, Mack (Henry Simmons) is updated on the whereabouts of Sarge and his team. No sighting, but Agent May (Ming-Na Wen) is on top of it. Agent Keller (Lucas Bryant) is waiting for Mack in his office to tell him about his relationship with Agent Rodriguez/Yo-Yo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley). Mack stops him though, using the excuse that he would have to break up a team that works well together. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s policy is to avoid allowing an Agent to compromise their judgment based on personal feelings. Keller backs off…for now. But is that the real reason Mack didn’t want to know?

Yo-Yo interrupts with an analysis of the air where ‘fake-Coulson’ lit up his crystal gun. There were statically charged particles in the sky that formed a grid over the sky. Yo-Yo thinks it was a map. They’re looking for something.


Or someone. Jaco (Winston James Francis) and Pax (Matt O’Leary) head to the Reno bus station to find their target. They spot a man about to board the bus and he looks scared. The man knows who they are, so he drops his bag and runs into the alley. Snowflake (Brooke Williams) and Sarge are waiting for him back there. Sarge pushed the guy back and stabs him with a knife. The man makes a screeching noise, and some kind of dark crystals protrude from his skin before he dies. They move on to the next target.


Maurissa Tancharoen as Sequoia and Jeff Ward as Deke Shaw in MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. “Code Yellow” The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

Deke gets a visitor who he thinks is an investor. This means Sequoia has to get her own Boba. When Deke enters the conference room, he is surprised to see Coulson waiting for him. Of course, it’s not Coulson, it’s Sarge. Sarge realizes this guy knows who Coulson is and plays along with Deke. Deke is a little afraid that Coulson is there to take away his toys. But Sarge is cool with whatever Deke is doing. So Deke is amazed that Coulson looks as well as he does. He asks how ‘they’ saved his life, but Sarge continues to play along and asks what Deke knows. Deke thinks they wiped Coulson’s memory. Sarge asks Deke to fill him in on whatever he knows.

Agent Doug

Deke tells him about their adventures, but Sarge plays off like he doesn’t remember anything. Deke starts asking about the rest of the team including the non-existent Agent Doug. Sarge gives him some good answers, but it’s obvious this is not Coulson. Deke tries to leave but Sarge grabs a hold him. He says Deke is not from there, so he’s going to take him and make him talk. Deke slams Sarge’s hand on a table and stabs it with a crystal shard. That’s when he knew this really isn’t Coulson.

Deke runs into Jaco. The security guard tries to save Deke, but Pax kills him. Everyone starts screaming and running away. Deke tries to run the opposite direction and runs into Snowflake, who slowly follows him with a knife in each hand. Sarge meets up with Pax and Jaco who tell him that Deke’s signature is different. Sarge says he’s a talker so they have to kill him slowly.

Deke runs into a dark computer lab. Sarge follows, saying Deke will not get away. Deke thinks this has something to do with the technology he stole from SHIELD. His assistant, Trevor grabs him and tells him to make for the exit on his signal. He has called in for an extract and will keep Deke safe. Turns out that Trevor is an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Trevor causes a distraction and they run.

Alien Parasite

Reno police calls S.H.I.E.L.D. about the dead man at the bus station. May brings in the body for Dr. Benson (Barry Shabaka Henley) to examine. She also has a picture from the security camera confirming it was fake Coulson and his team. Yo-Yo and Keller make their way to the lab and she asks if he was going to tell Mack about them. Keller thinks Mack isn’t over Yo-Yo and they need to know how he feels before they go public. Yo-Yo agrees, but she knows that Mack doesn’t want to know. Keller is ready to fight for her.

In the lab, Benson shows the team the crystals all over the victim’s body. They don’t have an ID, but they know he was going to Sioux City. Sioux City is on the landlines that Keller is studying. Mack tells Yo-Yo and Keller to help Benson find out what happened to the man. He and May are going to look for fake-Coulson.

Benson opens up the victim’s chest cavity while Keller finds the man’s ID. Harold Simcoe disappeared from Sacramento the week prior. When they open Harold’s chest up, they find a winged creature inside. After Benson completes his autopsy, he reports that Harold’s body was full of a neurotoxin that could be combustible. He thinks the creature inside of the man cause the toxin to flood his body. They think Coulson put the parasite in this man and then killed him with a knife. Benson removes the knife and the creature flies out of the chest cavity.  When Yo-Yo and Keller look around for it, it has flown into the ventilation system of the Lighthouse.

On the Loose

They go looking for the creature. Yo-Yo looks inside the ventilation tunnel but doesn’t see it. That’s because it’s in the main hallway and flies into Keller’s mouth. They rush Keller to Benson to try and extract the creature. Keller is scared, but he tells Yo-Yo to do whatever it takes to get that thing out of him.

Benson keeps an eye on Keller, but the creature is growing inside of Keller and attaching itself to his insides. Yo-Yo asks Benson to un-attach it, but they’ve never dealt with anything like this before. They don’t know if it if will kill Keller or not.  

Keller tries to joke saying he’s bringing in an alien bird into their relationship. Yo-Yo smiles and tells him that he’s going to be okay. When Benson gives him a sedative, and Keller’s heart stops beating. He wakes up and grabs Benson by the throat. Yo-Yo is able to get Keller off of Benson and tie him down with her super speed. She tells Benson to operate on Keller even though he’s still awake.

Code Yellow

Jeff Ward as Deke Shaw on MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. “Code Yellow” The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

Trevor gets Deke out of the building and heads for the dock. The whole time, Deke is asking questions about how Trevor was able to trick him about his identity. Mack, May and their team show up and Deke is scared! May asks if Deke was giving Trevor trouble, but he says it’s more than a Code Yellow. There a man who looks exactly like Phil Coulson in the building. This is no longer an extraction, its an assault.

Deke starts asking a bunch of questions, but they don’t have time to give him answers. He asks if Daisy is coming, but then asks about FitzSimmons so it’s not weird. They tell him to stay in the quinjet where it’s safe and May congratulates him on not getting killed.

Mack’s team enters the building and May is annoyed about what Deke’s been up to. They immediately encounter Pax and split up. May sees Snowflake and goes after her. Mack sends Trevor to get any civilians out of the building.


Meanwhile, Deke is trying to throw his weight around in the quinjet so the pilot will take off. Sequoia calls him from the building with his Boba. Deke informs her that they are under attack and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are there to help. He tells her to hide somewhere and someone will get her. She thinks he’s messing with her but then sees the office is in shambles and freaks out. Deke promises he will get her out of there. He puts on a bulletproof vest and runs back inside.

Pax loses Deke’s signal but finds one of the gamers still playing his game. Deke’s signal buzzes, he’s back in the building. Deke finds Sequoia hiding in the bathroom. He tells her that these people are here to kill him because he’s not from her time. She tells him to stop making everything about him. Ha! Deke is a survivor and knows he can get her out so they leave. Sequoia actually tries to take the Boba with her! I mean…she did go out of her way to get it, right?

May finds Snowflake and they immediately start fighting. Snowflake likes that May doesn’t use guns. She never really needed them. May gets the better of Snowflake, but she keeps fighting back, hoping to kill May. When May finally gets her down, Sarge shows up and holds May at gunpoint. Snowflake gets ready to kill her saying she’ll be the prettiest butterfly she’s ever made. But Sarge doesn’t want May dead. What does he want? He says May is about to find out.

Fantasy Room

Maurissa Tancharoen as Sequoia on MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. “Code Yellow” The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

As Deke leads Sequoia out of the building, she is streaming on Instagram. They run into Pax.  Mack shows up just in time to save them. Mack and Pax fight, but Mack is too strong for the little guy. After Mack knocks him out, Deke runs up and shoots him several times with a stun gun. Good job Deke.

Trevor catches up as Sequoia is having a meltdown. Everyone is okay, but Deke has blood on his shirt. He says it’s not as bad as getting shanked. Jaco shows up, ready to take out Deke. Deke sends Sequoia with Trevor and leads Mack away with Jaco. The run down a couple of hallways and into a room.

When Jaco enters, he is transported to the Lighthouse corridors. Daisy comes out and slaps him asking what took him so long. A Kree warrior appears and Daisy pretends to be scared. Jaco is inside the Framework. Mack and Deke knocked him out as soon as he entered the room. They watch the simulation on the monitor and Mack looks at Deke in disgust. Deke offers him 2% of the company if they keep this between them.

Agent Down

Benson tries to cut into Keller’s chest, but his temperature is so hot that it burns Benson. They have to move him to isolation. The creature is flooding Keller with the same accelerant as Harold. If they don’t get him to isolation, he will explode. They leave for isolation, but Keller breaks out of his bonds. He stands up and large crystalline shards start coming out of his body. Yo-Yo runs to the lab and back and stabs him with the knife they pulled out of Harold. Keller looks at her as he dies.  

Snowflake drives their truck away from Deke’s office. Sarge has May tied up in the back as the two stares at each other.


The final scene is from Sequoia’s social media page. We see the moment she arrived, to following Deke around as he talks about his vision. She leaves to get Boba and catches Sarge and his team entering the building. Sequoia really likes Snowflake’s outfit. After she gets her Boba, she live streams from the bathroom. She’s having a serious moment. Next, she is being led out of the building by Trevor and she falls in love.

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Even though the overall premise of the season is still not clear, I did like this episode. The return of Deke Shaw was funny and annoying, but it was entertaining. Plus how smart was it for him to cash in on what he knows of the future. The Framework. I knew that wouldn’t go away.  

Ok, so now I need to know what Sarge is up to? I know he’s hunting aliens, people, and beings who are out of time. But what was that thing he put inside Harold…that then later killed Keller? That was kind of gross. I’m assuming Sarge and his team are hunters. They fix timelines. But why can’t they just take them back to where they belong?

This is an interesting concept. And one that ties the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. experiences together. So, find Fitz, get him back to Earth, and then get rid of these hunters. Easy fix, right?




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