Just when you think things couldn’t get worse for the Agents of SHIELD, something crazy happens.  Of course, we believe in our heroes. They will overcome this! First they have to get on the same page. At least they agree on on thing…they have to save Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg). Daisy (Chloe Bennet) gave Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) her mother’s bones and asked her to fuse the DNA with the Deathlok program’s centipede serum. This may be the only way to save Coulson.  

Mack (Henry Simmons) and Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) aren’t exactly talking after Fitz tried to apologize and Mack told him to be a better man. Mack isn’t exactly talking to YoYo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) either.  He told her he wasn’t sure if he would be there for her when she started thinking straight. YoYo and Daisy are on the outs. They actually had an Inhuman battle last week. That fight has been brewing for weeks.

Coulson was taken by Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) to the Remorth ship.  Daisy and May (Ming-Na Wen) attempted a rescue and got captured themselves.  Talbot was infused with gravitonium, and now has powers beyond anyone’s abilities.  He took May hostage and sent Daisy to the Kree leader, Taryan (Craig Parker)…Kasius’ father.  Talbot is ready to show the world, “The Force of Gravity.”  So much happened in this episode!!

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Daisy wakes up in the Confederacy’s meeting chambers. Taryan introduces himself, but Daisy is not impressed.  He says he knows she is Inhuman and she deserves better treatment. She asks for Coulson and May. Taryan suggests that she forget about them since they are her past.  He is her future. Taryan says he can provide a better life for her, but not as his weapon. He wants her to be his disciple. Taryan says the humans don’t know how to treat Inhumans.  

Daisy rolls her eyes at Taryan.  She admits that humans are complicated and they have their fights, but they have a level of respect that Taryan will never understand.  He says she is coming with him willingly or not. Daisy chooses not. She tries to quake Taryan, but her powers don’t work. Taryan tells her it’s because she’s not really there.  Back on the Remorth ship, Daisy’s body is being dragged through the halls of the ship. There is a device on her forehead that is keeping her body unconscious.

Agents of SHIELD

Craig Parker as Taryan of House Kasius. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – The Force of Gravity. Photo courtesy of abc.com

Taryan says he already owns Daisy.  Her mind is, but her body is still on the Remorth ship.  He tells her that her body will get hungry and her mind will get tired, and that’s when he will break her.  He has seen her future and it’s with him. Daisy says she’s seen the future too. He has two despicable sons who die as cowards.  She says she will get out of this situation and come out stronger than before. Taryan doesn’t believe her. Daisy says he should.  She’s the Destroyer of Worlds. Daisy breaks the device on her head and wakes up. She throws off the Remorth guards to get away.

Coulson and May

Qovas (Peter Mensah) locks up May with Coulson. Ever so defiant, Coulson tells Qovas that they will take him down. Qovas taunts May and Coulson saying humans are weak.  They don’t know the glory of being a warrior because they have to use guns to assert their dominance. May says she doesn’t need a gun to stop him. He warns then that if they try to escape, he will send ionized missiles at the lighthouse.

Qovas leaves the cell and ask if they are going to kill the prisoners.  Talbot says only if they push him to it. He tells Qovas they are about to have everything they want. Qovas only wants gravitonium.  Talbot knows where he can get more.

On the Zephyr…in space… Davis (Maximilian Osinski) tells Deke (Jeff Ward) about the AIDA and the life model decoys.  Deke is amazed at the story. They are working on rerouting the oxygen from nonessential areas of the ship. The power goes out indicating the Remorths are on board. The Remorths kill one agent, so Davis and Deke hide.  They see Talbot board the Zephyr and head for the quinjet. Deke radios Mack on the surface to warn him.

Mack is watching footage of Thanos’ army attack on New York City. After hearing that Talbot is headed to Earth.  Mack tries to search for the quinjet signature, but YoYo says Talbot’s power may be able to cloak him. They have to try to link up to the quinjet remotely. Mack thinks if he can talk to Talbot, he can reason with him before someone gets hurt.

Agents of SHIELD

Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson and Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – The Force of Gravity. Photo courtesy of abc.com

May and Coulson talk about Talbot. Coulson feels responsible.  He thinks that since they weren’t able to save Talbot from Hale in time, Talbot felt he had to get into the chamber to save everyone else.  May thinks he’s just crazy and can’t be saved. Coulson wants to try anyway.

Coulson uses his bionic arm to xray through the wall. They find a circuit panel in the wall.  Coulson says he can it the circuit with an electrical surge, that will short out the power and the door will open.  As he prepares to hit the wall, the door opens. Deke knocks out a guard and rescues them. He asks about Daisy. May says they took her somewhere else. They leave the cell to find her.

Deke leads Coulson and May through the ship to find Daisy.  They run in to a couple of Remorth, but they are quickly quaked. Daisy tells them that she had a run in with Father Kasius. They have to leave ASAP.  Coulson says they can’t. Qovas’ missiles are aimed at the lighthouse. If they can’t disarm them, then it will blow up the lighthouse and the town around it.


Jemma and Fitz go over Daisy’s plan to save Coulson.  The centipede technology will release the serum into his cells.  Add the DNA from Daisy’s mother and it could repair Coulson’s dying cells.  They have to consider YoYo’s warning to let Coulson die. Fitz says if trying to save Coulson is what makes the world end, then maybe they succeed instead.  Jemma says that’s a bold idea, but it could work.

Jemma did some projections on how the centipede serum will work for Coulson.  Mack pops in and asks what they are doing. Fitz tells him they may be able to reverse Coulson’s condition, but Fitz won’t look at Mack when he talks to him. Fitz coldly asks what Mack needs.  Mack tells them that Talbot is back on Earth and has killed a few people. They need to find a way to reverse the gravitonium. He says they need to find a solution for Talbot or nothing they are doing will matter.  After Mack leaves, Fitz tells Jemma that he will work out his issues with Mack.

Agents of SHIELD

Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Jemma Simmons Fitz and Iain De Caestecker as Agents Leo Fitz. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – The Force of Gravity. Photo courtesy of abc.com

Fitz sits with Jemma and wonders if the gravitonium is reversible or if they can neutralize it. Jemma finishes up the centipede solution for Coulson. She says it will synthesize in a few days. She reminds Fitz that their first mission was the centipede serum.  They have come full circle. They never thought Talbot would go bad. Now they have to find a way to stop him, even its a terminal solution. Jemma suggests they try using the odium (the black berserker substance). Getting Talbot to drink it will be difficult and drinking may not be strong enough. They could use the centipede serum to inject the odium into Talbot’s cells.

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Talbot finds Carl Creel (Brian Patrick Wade). He tells him that he has come in contact with gravitonium.  He tells Carl that he can silence the voices in his head. Carl notices something very different about Talbot and he’s nervous.  Talbot asks Creel to join him and extend his hand to him. Creel reaches out for Talbot and the gravitonium flows through them. Creel says he feels at peace but then something goes wrong. Talbot says two are stronger than one. Creels suffering is over now. Talbot absorbs Creel.

Mack and YoYo watch footage of Talbot absorbing Creel. Mack tells YoYo that Creel killed his friend.  He didn’t think he could ever forgive Creel. After Creel was deprogrammed, he got to know him and Creel was a decent man. Mack says he’s glad he got that chance.  YoYo says he has great capacity to forgive people. Mack quickly changes the subject saying they have to find Talbot before more people die. YoYo says they have to stop him…maybe for good.  Mack says if it comes to it, he will kill Talbot.  Mack  can’t find the quinjet signature so they need to find another way to find Talbot. He asks YoYo if Talbot said anything before entering the chamber.  She says he wanted to fix something, but what? She suggests that he may be trying to prove that he’s still a good soldier…or a good man…or a good dad.

At the Talbot home, Carla (Raquel Gardner) watches the news when the phone rings.  As she is answering the phone, someone knocks at the door.  George Talbot (Jack Fisher) opens the door and see his father standing before him.  Talbot tells his family that he’s better and thinking clearly. He focuses on George, telling him about his superpowers. He says he’s an Avenger. George is excited, but Carla is scared. She tells him that SHIELD called and Talbot gets angry.  He pins Carla to the wall and tells George that he can take him to outer space.

Agents of SHIELD

Adrian Pasdar as General Glenn Talbot. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – The Force of Gravity. Photo courtesy of abc.com

George begs Talbot to release his mother.  Carla tells Talbot that she was only trying to help. Talbot remembers that she was trying to help when HYDRA tortured him. The only way he can trust her is if she joins him.  He extends his hand to absorb her and SHIELD shows up.  Talbot goes outside to face them. Mack and YoYo ask about Coulson.  Talbot says he is a prisoner of war…but what war. Well, the war that Coulson started when he tried to stop Talbot.  SHIELD starts shooting at Talbot. Talbot deflects the bullets and shoots them right back at SHIELD. Talbot says tells everyone that he’s a superhero.  

George comes out of the house and says Talbot is not a hero.  Talbot tells George that SHIELD is the bad guy because they are trying to stop him.  YoYo tries to run to move George out of the way, but Talbot’s presence pushes her back.  George says Talbot is the bad guy and he wants to hurt people. Talbot says he won’t hurt anyone. He wants to save them, but he needs more gravitonium.  He tells George to watch the news and he will see. Talbot flies away.

May and Deke

Qovas finds out that Coulson and May escaped. He tells his men to find them, take Daisy to Kasius and kill the rest.  Coulson, May, Daisy and Deke find their way towards the bridge. Deke says they have a clear path to the Zephyr, but Coulson says they are not leaving until they finish the job.  May tells Coulson and Daisy to go back to the Zephyr. May will disarm with the missiles with Deke. Coulson says it’s too risky.

The Remorth guards show up and Daisy deals with them. May orders Phil to go home. She says he will just slow her down.  Coulson tries arguing with her, but more Remorth show up and shoot at them. Coulson puts up his arm shield, grabs May and kisses her!!!!!!!!  Daisy and Deke are shocked. Daisy deals with the Remorth shooter. Coulson says he thought a kiss would shut May up. May smiles and walks away with a astonished Dek.  Coulson tells Daisy not to say a word. She says okay and calls him hot lips!

Agents of SHIELD

Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson and Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – The Force of Gravity. Photo courtesy of abc.com

May and Deke find the weapons room. They knock out the guards and look around for the controls.  Deke finds the navigation panel and takes something from it. Then he finds the weapons system, but May doesn’t want to disarm it. She wants Deke to set a new target.

Deke tells out descriptions of the symbols on a dial of the transporter.  Quovas shows up telling them they will never get off the ship. May is ready for a fight!  She and Qovas go at it while Deke sets the transporter. He nods at May when it’s ready.

May knocks Qovas into the weapons control panel. He tells her that she has sealed the fate of everyone at her base.  Qovas releases the missiles. May isn’t worried though because they changed the target. Qovas ask how and Deke replies that he knows zero.  Deke and May grab a hold of the transporter as the missiles turn around and blow up the alien ship.

Daisy and Coulson

Daisy and Coulson get to the Zephyr where Davis is under attack. They fight off the Remorth, but Coulson cuts his arm in the process.  After the fight, Coulson tells Davis to get them back to Earth. Daisy patches up Coulson and wants to talk about that kiss. Coulson deflects her questions and they get the Zephyr off the alien ship.

Jemma radios the zephyr to let them know that May and Dek emake it.  Jemma also reports that Mack and YoYo went after Talbot, but they are back at the base as well.  She says she will brief him when she finds out more details. They just need to get back safely.

Agents of SHIELD

Chloe Bennet as Agent Daisy Johnson/Quake. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – The Force of Gravity. Photo courtesy of abc.com

After they hang up with Jemma, Daisy notices Coulson’s hand is still bleeding.  That’s when Coulson faints and starts coughing up blood. Daisy yells for Davis to radio the lighthouse, telling them to have medical ready.   

At the lighthouse, Coulson is stabilized as May watches over him.  The team meets up afterward. Jemma informs them that Coulson isn’t dying yet. His condition is accelerating though.  Daisy ask about the centipede serum. Jemma says it is synthesizing but it won’t be ready for couple of days. They may not have a couple of days.

Mack asks what they can do about Talbot. Fitz says they came up with a possible solution.  If they combine the Odium with the centipede serum, it should be able to penetrate Talbot’s cells and stop him.  Daisy says it won’t work because the centipede serum that she gave to Jemma is the last of it. So they can either save Coulson or save the world.

Meanwhile, Talbot returns to his quinjet with his Remorth guards.  He has taken Polly (Lola Glaudini) and Robin Hinton (Lexy Kolker). He ask Robin if she saw him tear into the earth and pull something out of the ground. Robin says she saw that.  Talbot wants to know where she saw him do that.

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So Talbot destroys the world!  He tears it apart to get the gravitonium, killing the earth.  That’s my guess.

What a total conundrum for our heroes!  Save Coulson or save the world. There has to be another way to neutralize Talbot! Maybe Deke knows something…that would be pretty cool if Deke saved everyone.  

AND HOW ABOUT THAT KISS!  The most exciting kiss on television EVER!  It’s about time, lol.

The finale is next week! Let’s hope our heroes can save Coulson and save the World.

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