Agents of SHIELD is moving really fast. So much is happening. First, after a huge fight with YoYo (Natalia Cordova Buckley), Daisy (Chloe Bennet) left for a secret mission to get the last Centipede substance from the Deathlok program to save Coulson (Clark Gregg). She also dug up her mother’s corpse to get the special healing agent need to activate the substance.   

After Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) infused himself with all of the gravitonium, he defended the lighthouse from the Confederacy, saving our heroes. Talbot used his newfound powers to open the roof of the lighthouse and float up into the air with Agent Coulson with him through the roof of the lighthouse. Is Talbot “The One Who Will Save Us All?” So much happened in this episode!

Picking up from where we left off last week. Talbot and Coulson are floating in the air towards the alien ship. Coulson is worried about Talbot. He seems fine after infusing all of the gravitonium within himself. They board the ship and are immediately taken to Qovas (Peter Mensah).  Qovas tries to threaten them, but Talbot stays cool and calm. He tells Qovas they are there to renegotiate Earth’s deal with the Confederacy. He also says he’s taking over the ship; to which one of Qovas men stands up to Talbot. Talbot just folds the guy out of existence.  He tells everyone else to kneel before him. They all comply.


Coulson is impressed, but says the kneeling was a bit much.  Talbot reminds Coulson that they are at war. They have to assert their power before they can dictate terms. Qovas tells them that they can’t do anything without the Confederacy’s say so. HYDRA made the only deal that the Confederacy will recognize. Talbot says HYDRA isn’t there, but they are.

Coulson visits General Hale (Catherine Dent) in her cell. She has had a lot of time to think. She admits that Ruby’s death was her fault. Hale apologizes for selling out SHIELD to the Confederacy. Coulson says they need her help. The Destroyer of Worlds project is still going.

Agents of SHIELD

Adrian Pasdar as Glenn Talbot, Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson, and Catherine Dent as General Hale – Agents of SHIELD – The One Who Will Save Us All –

Meanwhile Talbot wants details about the Confederacy, but Qovas isn’t willing to tell him anything. Coulson returns with Hale and she knows a lot about the Confederacy. At first Talbot lashes out at Hale. She kept him from his family and messed with his head. She apologizes to Talbot for torturing him. Coulson says she knows how the Confederacy works. Hale admits that Talbot is the only person that save the world.

Coulson asks about HYDRA’s deal with the Confederacy. The Confederacy would protect the earth from an alien attack in exchange for Inhumans and gravitonium. Talbot wants to meet the Confederacy, but Qovas tells him that is impossible. The Confederacy meetings are sacred. Plus Talbot has nothing to offer them. Coulson disagrees and reminds Qovas that Talbot is full of gravitonium.  Hale and Coulson prepare Talbot for his meeting.  He gets a haircut and a new suit. Coulson tries to talk Talbot into letting him tag along, but Talbot believes he can handle it. Talbot says Coulson is in charge and he leaves with Qovas.

The Confederacy members are surprised to see Talbot. Qovas explains that Talbot is there to renegotiate Earth’s deal. Talbot calls himself Earth’s Mightiest Hero and says it’s time they met him. He wants to join the Confederacy. The members say they have protocols to follow, and if they added another member it would desecrate the order. Beside, they have no use for a human. Qovas says Talbot is not like other humans. He harnesses the power of the gravitonium within him. Talbot says their first mistake was assuming that he’s human. He uses his power to consume one of the members. The remaining members grant Talbot a seat at the table.

The Kree leader, Taryan (Craig Parker), Master of the House Kasius, is excited about Talbot joining the Confederacy. He tells Talbot the Confederacy never intended to honor the agreement with HYDRA. They were just trying to extort resources from Earth. They are facing a danger far greater than the Confederacy. Time has run out. Thanos and his forces have attacked Earth. Talbot says he needs to get back to Earth and fight with the Avengers. Taryan says Thanos’ power is unrivaled, they will lose even with the Avengers. Taryan says there might be another way.

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The rest of the team, minus Daisy, convene in the control room. Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) mention that Talbot’s state of mind wasn’t in the best shape before he infused himself. So there’s no telling how bad Talbot can get. YoYo notices that Mack (Henry Simmons) isn’t in the room either. He is in the tunnels, making sure the Marauders are all taken care of. There is one still alive. He drinks a black substance and goes after Mack. Mack shoots the marauder several times before they start fighting. Mack gets the upper hand, but May (Ming-Na Wen) stops him from killing the guy. He’s their only chance of finding out what Coulson and Talbot are up against.

Agents of SHIELD

Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May, Henry Simmons as Agent Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie, and Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Jemma Simmons-Fitz – Agents of SHIELD – The One Who Will Save Us All –

YoYo tries to check in on Mack. He says he’s okay and leaves. He goes to the interrogation of the Marauder. The Marauder is so hyped up on the black stuff that he dies. The team doesn’t get much out of him. May asks if they figure out how the stuff works, Jemma says the only way is to open up the marauder.

The power comes back on line thanks to Deke (Jeff Ward). Fitz is excited and tries to high five Deke, but Deke says its not cool. Deke looks through the hole in the lighthouse and says something about breathing fresh air. He wonders why he’s still there with all of them if he’s not a SHIELD agent. Fitz reminds him that he has family there. Deke says they are great, but that’s not the reason he’s still there.

Daisy calls in; she’s been trying to land, but no one will answer the comms. Deke tells her they were under attack. YoYo meets Daisy at the hanger. Daisy rushes past YoYo trying to avoid any talk, saying she doesn’t have time because Coulson is missing. YoYo says he missing because Daisy ran off.  YoYo asks what’s in Daisy’s bag and quickly grabs it. When she looks inside, there is a skeleton in the bag. Daisy hits YoYo and they start to fight in the tunnels. May stops the fight. She reports that there is ship in the atmosphere, that’s where Talbot took Coulson. The Zephyr will be ready for space travel soon. YoYo protest saying Daisy is going to get everyone killed. May tells her to find a way to pitch in or don’t be there when they get back.

Deke checks to make sure Daisy is okay. She’s fine, but someone put a bunch of lemons on her bed…Deke blames Fitz. Deke wants to tell her how he feels about her and says something about getting closer. Daisy tells him that anyone who has ever gotten close to her has died. Like Lincoln. She admits to still being in love with Lincoln.  She says she can’t lose anyone else, especially Coulson. Deke promises they will save him.

Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD – The One Who Will Save Us All –

Daisy asks what Deke wanted to tell her. Instead of professing his feelings for her, he tells her that Fitz and Jemma are his grandparents. At first Daisy is shocked, but then she says it makes a lot of sense. Deke is just like Fitz in many ways. Wonder what she means by that?

Fitz and Mack are working on getting the Zephyr ready. Fitz apologizes to Mack for locking him up. Mack is not having it. He tells Fitz that he and Jemma are the reason YoYo went crazy. They put in her head that she’s invincible. And now a girl is dead. Fitz defends YoYo saying that Ruby was crazy and there was no other way to deal with her. Mack tells him to look inside and try to find the man he wants to be. Because the man he is now needs fixing.

Daisy meets Jemma in the lab as she is examining the heart of the Marauder. Jemma tells her that he drank a substance that stimulates every single cell in the body and causes the heart to explode. Daisy gave her the skeleton and the Centipede substance. She tells Jemma to combine her Mom’s DNA with the substance so they can save Coulson. Jemma thinks they are crossing a moral line by doing so. Daisy says its a simple matter of if Jemma is willing to let Coulson die. Jemma says she’s not. Daisy tells her to make that her top priority and leaves. She joins Deke, May and Davis (Maximilian Osinski) for the trip to space. The Zephyr takes off okay and they cloak themselves as soon as the ship is stable.

Fitz and Simmons watch from the lab. Fitz asks if the Centipede substance a catalyst that will regenerate properties. Jemma says they hope so. He asks if its a good idea. She says the less they talk about it the better. She asks Fitz get the DNA sample.

Talbot and Qovas return with news about the attack by Thanos. He says the only way to defeat Thanos is by making him invincible.  How do they do that? They infuse Talbot with more gravitonium. And there is more gravitonium. Talbot says this cool dude told him there are deposits within the Earth. With this kind of power, Talbot can be the SHIELD of the Earth.

Coulson questions the validity of this claim and Talbot gets frustrated. He accuses Coulson of second guessing him and wanting the gravitonium for himself. Hale asks about the Confederacy member making this claim. Talbot tells them it was Kassius.

Wait! Hold up! Coulson tells him that Kassius is the name of the mad man from the future. He tells Talbot that he’s being played. Qovas says Kassius is a well respected family and Coulson is a liar. Talbot asks Coulson if he’s with him or against him. Coulson says he’s with him. Talbot order Coulson to kneel, or suffer the consequences. Coulson kneels.

The Zephyr lands on top of the alien ship as Talbot says that Ian Quinn found gravitonium at the bottom of one of his mines. They get an alert about the Zephyr and Talbot immediately thinks that Coulson betrayed him. He accuses Coulson of contacting SHIELD behind his back. Hale doesn’t help matters, saying she told Coulson not to do it. Coulson says SHIELD is not his enemy.

Agents of SHIELD

Ming-Na Wen as Agents Melinda May and Chloe Bennet as Agent Daisy Johnson – Agents of SHIELD – The One Who Will Save Us All –

May and Daisy board the ship and quickly quake their way to the bridge. Talbot raises Coulson in the air and threatens to kill him if Daisy doesn’t stand down.  Daisy says they aren’t there to fight, they are are there to rescue them. She asks Talbot to put Coulson down so they can talk. Hale tells Talbot to trust Daisy because she does. She says Daisy tried to help when Ruby was infused with the gravitonium. Talbot says the gravitonium wasn’t meant for a little girl. Hale calmly tells Talbot to calm down and comply.

Talbot puts Coulson down. He says compliance gets rewards. And so does Hale’s betrayal. He raises her in the air and folds her out of existence. Daisy quakes Talbot, but he’s too strong. He throws her in the air, knocking her out. May pulls a gun on him. Talbot threatens to kill Coulson and May puts down her gun. Qovas asks what to do with SHIELD. Talbot says they are prisoners of war. They take May and Coulson away. Talbot gives Daisy to Taryan as a gift.


Wow!  What else can go wrong? This seem to happen in every superhero show. Something disrupts the team dynamic, they fight, and then they lose a battle. Sometimes someone gets hurt, sometimes someone dies; sometimes it’s just a really bad situation. Can the team pull it together in time to save the world?  

And how will the events of Avengers: Infinity War affect Agents of SHIELD? And vice versa!

One last thought…I’m so glad to see Craig Parker on the show. He compliments Kassius very well!  

Two more episodes left in Season 5!  I’m getting nervous!



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