To say that things are getting pretty intense is an understatement. The Agents of SHIELD are determined to stop the end of the world, but they are in a time loop. How are they supposed to know if they are changing events or not?  They don’t and that’s the scary part.

Agents Coulson (Clark Gregg), May (Ming-Na Wen), Daisy (Chloe Bennet), and Mack (Henry Simmons) are at the lighthouse trying to find General Hale (Catherine Dent) and keeping an eye on Talbot (Adrian Pasdar).  Talbot seems to be some kind of sleeper cell.  Oh and Deke (Jeff Ward) got shot and professed his love for Daisy to Mack…awkward.

Yo-Yo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) and Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) tricked Mack to get Fitz(Iain De Caestecker) out of confinement and ran way to find the particle infusion chamber. The plan was to destroy it.  Yo-Yo destroyed the Superior Anton Ivanov (Zach McGowan). Fitz destroyed part of the chamber, but then Ruby Hale (Dove Cameron) showed up.  She and Werner von Strucker (Spencer Treat Clark) ran away from General Hale and now they are moving forward with the plan to make Ruby the Destroyer of World. Kids. SMH.

Again, it’s hard to tell if they are on the right path to saving Earth..for now..”All Roads Lead…” to death?    

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Glenn Talbot is a true soldier who follows orders to a fault.  Hale conditioned Talbot to infiltrate the S.H.I.E.L.D. base and when the time was right, awaken his true motives.  Talbot can get away with acting weird because he’s been weird since Coulson rescued him.  So when Mack catches him messing with the security cameras, he doesn’t think twice about it.  Talbot makes his way to Robin’s room and looks through her drawings. 

Agents of SHIELD

Elizabeth Henstridge as Agents Jemma Simmons-Fitz, Dove Cameron as Ruby Hale, and Iain De Caestecker as Agents Leo Fitz – Photo courtesy of

Ruby and Werner threaten to kill Fitz and Jemma if they don’t fix the component that Werner needs to make the chamber work.  Ruby tied up Jemma and throws her blade at her. Fitz gets agitated, but keeps his cool when he asks for Jemma’s help.  Jemma tries to tell Ruby that by fixing the chamber they set off events that will destroy the world.  Ruby doesn’t buy their story. She’s heard too many versions.  Werner brings in the gravitonium for Ruby to stare out.  The Fitzs talk about whether or not they should die to break the loop.  Neither of them want to give up on the other, so scratch that idea. R

Coulson meets May in the hall and wants to finish their conversation. You know…when May said she loved him.  May dismisses his request and moves on. Daisy is briefing the team about her plan to get the gravitonium and apprehend Hale.  May tells Coulson that he’s grounded. Reason being, that they just got him back. Deke is at the briefing, talking out of turn and wearing body spray. Daisy questions why he’s even out of bed.  She grounds him too and Mack, who will be building the artificial gravity system for Zephyr 1. Coulson tells Daisy that she’s doing a good job and wishes her luck on the mission.

Hale finally gets out of Ruby’s cell and her assistant informs her that Ivanov is dead.  Ruby is headed to the chamber facility. The assistant has video of FitzSimmons at the facility.  Hale knows that Ruby is trying to activate the chamber, but they have to stop her because of what the gravitonium did to Creel (Brian Patrick Wade).  

Creel is on the floor of his room, complaining about the voices in his head.  He hears Franklin and Quinn constantly arguing, but Quinn is louder. Hale recognizes that Creel is talking about Ian Quinn.  Creel wants to be infused with the gravitonium, but then fuses with the concrete wall. He says they want out so let them out. He bangs his head against the wall, breaking it.

Mack works on the artificial gravity system for Zephyr .  Mack and Coulson agree that going in to space is far fetched, but they must have a back up plan just in case.  Deke believes Daisy has it all under control.  That leads to talk about Deke’s feelings for Daisy. Deke denies that he has any feelings at all, but Coulson says he saw it a while ago. Not to mention that Deke confessed when he was drugged up.  His only excuse is that drugs make you say crazy things. 

It doesn’t matter because Daisy hates him, right.  But just for fun, Deke asks for love advice from Mack and Coulson.  Mack, who’s girlfriend lied to him, locked him up and then ran away.  And Coulson who has trouble expressing his feelings and letting people take care of him.  It’s time for lemons then.  In his time, when a person has feelings for someone, they put a lemon in their bunker.  Coulson and Mack agree that Deke should definitely do that to Daisy.

Agents of SHIELD

Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May and Chloe Bennet as Agent Daisy Johnson – Photo courtesy of

Daisy and May prepare to drop in on Hale. May declines a gun saying she has some pent up aggression and needs to hit something or someone. Yikes!  They use a containment pod to land on the base.  Daisy and May take out like a dozen guys without shooting any of them! Nice Ladies!  Then they encounter Hale, who surrenders to them.  She says she needs their help. Ruby took the gravitonium to the particle infusion chamber.  She’s trying to become the Destroyer of Worlds. Hale show them security footage of the Fitzs at the facility. Hale warns Daisy, if Ruby succeeds, she will kill FitzSimmons.  

Meanwhile the newlyweds place the component back onto the chamber and Werner checks their work.  It’s reversed, do it again…Fitz argue saying they aren’t working in the right conditions, so Ruby roughs him up.  Jemma screams for her to stop and promises to fix it right this time.  Ruby warns them that if they mess up again, next time she will beat up Jemma. And she won’t use her fists.

YoYo makes it to the quinjet, but her left arm is damaged.  She checks for a signal, but gets nothing. She removes her jacket and passes out from the pain.  YoYo wakes up and a Blue Raven bot has entered the quinjet.  She quickly grabs a gun and shoots the bot.  Sparks come out of her arm and she screams in pain. Something is seriously wrong with YoYo.

Polly (Lola Glaudiniand Robin (Lexy Kolker) return to their room and finds Talbot looking at Robin’s drawings.  He covers saying he misses his little boy, who used to draw pictures too.  Polly is uneasy, but she understands.  Talbot talks to Robin saying she has a remarkable gift.  Robin knows who Talbot is because she drew him.   Talbot picks up a picture of a person standing on the earth as it is breaking.  He wants to know who it is and when it happens. Robin says it will happen soon.  Polly tries to tell Talbot to come back another time, but he goes on about completing his mission. Talbot attacks Robin and puts her to sleep.  He tells Robin that she’s going with him. Of course, Robin already knew that.

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Agents of SHIELD

Henry Simmons as Agent Mack, Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson, and Jeff Ward as Deke Shaw – Photo courtesy of

Daisy and May report back to Coulson, Mack and Deke about Creel and the gravitonium. Creel is hearing voices.  So they assume that the gravitonium absorbs it’s target, trapping them inside.  They  are going to the chamber facility to stop Ruby and save FitzSimmons and YoYo.  All three guys tell them not to go. Deke is concerned about Daisy’s safety, but she thinks he’s concerned that she’s going to quake the world.  Coulson tells them not to take the risk, but May shuts him down saying they will make that decision.  Daisy tells them to go through Robin’s drawings to see if they can find a lead to help them. 

Daisy and her team land at the facility with General Hale.  Hale asks Daisy not to hurt Ruby.  Daisy says if it’s too late, Hale will need to talk Ruby down.  She tells Hale that Ruby is a good fighter. And with the right training, Ruby could be a a great SHIELD agent. Hale scoffs at the idea, but Daisy says they are going to need a lot of help soon.  

FitzSimmons reset the component as Werner tells Ruby that S.H.I.E.L.D. has landed.  He turns on the chamber and it’s working properly. FitzSimmons tries to warn Ruby that, in their experience, the gravitionium is unpredictable.  But then Werner opens a valve and the gravitonium makes its way into the chamber.  Here we go.

Coulson and Mack are studying Robin’s drawings when Coulson realizes that the video to Robin’s floor is paused. They run to check on Robin and Polly, but only find Polly.  Mack realizes that Talbot paused the camera so he could take Robin.  He tells Coulson that Talbot was happy to comply. At first Coulson doesn’t want to believe it, but then realizes that Hydra had him for six months.   Deke stays with Polly as Coulson and Mack leave to find Robin and Talbot.

Ruby gets inside the chamber.  Werner turns it on.  Everything seems okay until Ruby starts screaming.  Hale hears her screaming and starts running.  Werner blames FitzSimmons and Hale yells that it’s not them.  She tells him to shut it down.  Fitz tells them that Ruby only took in 8% of the gravitonium.  Ruby emerges from the chamber and floats in the air.  She falls to the floor complaining about Franklin and Quinn fighting in her head.  Werner tries to console her saying he’s not going anywhere. In return Ruby crushes his head and kills Werner.  She says she didn’t mean to and starts screaming about the voices.

Agents of SHIELD

Dove Cameron as Ruby Hale – Photo courtesy of

Ruby asks FitzSimmons to take the gravitonium out.  They say it can’t be reversed.  Ruby throws them up against the wall ready to kill FitzSimmons.  Hale reaches out to Ruby saying they are trying to figure out how to fix her. She tells Ruby to stay strong.  May leads FitzSimmons out of the room to safety.

Talbot starts messing with a door to get into a hanger.  Coulson talks him down saying Hale got into his head.  He says Talbot would never kidnap a little girl.  Talbot says he wouldn’t and says he has a job to do. Mack points out that Robin isn’t much younger than his son.  What if someone kidnapped George Talbot? Coulson says its not too late to turn back.  He can fight his programming and beat it.  Talbot stands down.  He says there is only one course of action and points the gun on himself.  Mack gets Robin out of the way, as Coulson tries to stop Talbot from killing himself.  He uses Talbot’s orders against him, telling him to comply.  Comply and turn the gun on Coulson. Talbot does it.  Mack comes back and shoots Talbot.

Hale continues to try and calm Ruby down. She is out of control and throws things around in rage.  Daisy tells her to focus and stay calm.  Ruby gets angry with jealous over Daisy.  She tells Daisy that she was her hero. Ruby wanted to be like Daisy.  She lets Daisy go and says she is more than Daisy will ever be. Daisy says she’s there to help. Ruby screams that she doesn’t want Daisy’s help, she wants to crush her.  Hale stops her saying Daisy is on Ruby’s side.  Ruby starts in on whirning about not being good enough.  Hale admits that she pushe Ruby too hard.  

May, Jemma and Fitz run into YoYo.  She asks what’s going on, but May tells her its being handled. YoYo asks by whom, but quickly realizes it’s Daisy. She leaves to join Daisy.  YoYo goes into chamber room and reazlies that Ruby is the one who cut her arms.  Ruby starts screaming more aout hte voices.  Hale tries to keep her calm. All of a sudden Ruby stops.  YoYo took Ruby’s blade, used her speed and slit Ruby’s throat.  Ruby dies in her mother’s arms. Ruby floats in the air and the gravitonium leaves her body.  The blasts knocks Diasy out.

When Daisy comes to, Hale is gone.  May, Jemma and Fitz return. Daisy is angry. She says she had everything under control. Ruby was coming around and YoYo killed her. YoYo disagrees saying she just saved the world. 

Hale goes to the Confederacy.  She tells Qovas (Peter Mensah) that SHIELD has the gravitonium. She is willing to tell him where they are, but they won’t give it up willingly.  Qovas asks if she would have themkilled.  Hale says she has no reason to stop him.


Well that was a dramatic ending for Ruby Hale.  She was kind of a brat anyway. I guess she got what she wanted in the end though…with some major consequences.  Good Job Dove Cameron! Thanks for playing with our heroes.  

So the aliens are coming for SHIELD.  I wonder which aliens it will be.  This is really bad timing for Team SHIELD.  They are not a cohesive unit.  Daisy is on some kind of power trip.  Her attitude change works against her enemies, but the team really resents her now.  May has gotten on board with Daisy, but I’m not sure if her attitude is becuase she agrees with Daisy, or she’s angry with Coulson.  FitzSimmons and YoYo are renegades that Daisy will try to reprimand, but that won’t go over well. Mack is angry with YoYo.  Daisy is angry with Fitz and now Simmons and YoYo.  Deke is just being weird.  What will it take to bring them back together as a team?  Coulson.  But he has to die, so then what?  I think it will get worse before it gets better.






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