S.H.I.E.L.D. and the new HYDRA are headed for a showdown. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have locate Coulson (Clark Gregg)…sort of.  The only thing they have to go by is one of Robin Hinton’s drawings of Coulson in the mountains. It’s a race to find him and Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) before General Hale (Catherine Dent) and Ruby (Dove Cameron) can.

Meanwhile, the Immortal 3 have committed mutiny.  Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) proved that she and Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) are invincible just like YoYo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley).  Now they are searching for the particle infusion chamber in HYDRA’s possession. Is this “The Honeymoon” that Fitz promised?

The Immortal 3 are in Hereforshire, England…Jemma’s home. The place that she wanted to take Fitz to for their honeymoon.  They are chasing a lead that Gideon Malick hid parts of the chamber there. They put the quinjet on auto-pilot and parachute down to the surface.  Once there they find the facility that may hold the chamber. There are several warning signs about radiation. Fitz says there’s very little radiation to be alarmed about. They assume Talbot put up signs to ward off intruders. YoYo breaks the fence and they head inside.

Coulson and Talbot search for shelter. Talbot asks Coulson where they disappeared to for six months.  He tells him the truth…they went to the future. Talbot has a hard time believing him, but they are interrupted by Ruby’s blade.  Ruby followed them from the Blue Raven Base. She chases them through the forest. Talbot trips and Coulson tries to help him up. Ruby catches up, but her attack is stopped by Daisy (Chloe Bennet).  Agent May (Ming-Na Wen) and Deke (Jeff Ward) move in and help Coulson and Talbot to safety.

Ruby unmasks herself and says how excited she is to meet Daisy. Daisy is the hero that every little girl wants to be.  Except for Ruby. Ruby doesn’t want to be Daisy, she wants to BEAT her. They start fighting. Deke returns and watches from behind a tree with a gun.  Daisy is able to knock out Ruby. Deke comes out and wants to help Ruby. Someone shoot Deke from the trees. Daisy grabs him and they leave. General Hale is in the trees with a gun and calls for an extraction team.

Daisy gets Deke back to the Zypher and the team starts working to stop the bleeding. They call ahead to the lighthouse, but no one answers.  That’s because Mack (Henry Simmons) is still in Fitz’s cell. Piper (Briana Venskus) finds him and lets Mack out. They stop Deke’s bleeding and Daisy yells at him for coming back. They argue about what happened, but stop when Deke starts coughing up blood.

The Zephyr lands and Mack meets them. He quickly updates Daisy on how YoYo, Fitz and Jemma lock him in Fitz’s cell and left on their own mission.  Coulson is interested in hearing this story later. For now, Piper is the only one with medic experience. Mack says he will assist since he has a steady hand.

Hale is angry with Ruby for going against her orders. Ruby argues that she had Daisy where she wanted her. Hale is more upset that Ruby tried to kill Creel. They need him to understand the gravitonium. So to make sure everything goes as planned, Hale is locking Ruby and Creel up.

YoYo, Jemma and Fitz go further into the base, and find that they are on the right track.  Anton Ivanov (Zach McGowan) shows up with the Blue Raven soldier-bots.

Mack and Piper work to find the bullet fragments and stop the bleeding.  Coulson explains to Talbot who Deke is and where he’s from. May asks to talk to Coulson. She tells him that he’s not making smart decisions. She says he laid down too quickly for Hale and put Daisy in a leadership position that she wasn’t ready for.  Coulson says he did that because he’s at peace with his fate. He’s being reckless, but he’s willing to go down for the greater good. May tells him that he doesn’t get to make that decision. It’s a decision he makes with the people who love him and that’s her. May love Coulson.  She leaves him in shock.

Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Honeymoon, abc.com

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Werner von Strucker (Spencer Treat Clark) sneaks into Ruby’s room to let her know that he figured out how his father’s particle infusion chamber works. Ruby tells him that her mother has other plans.  Werner says the gravitonium was made for Ruby. He asks why she allows her mother to contain her. Ruby says she wonders why she just doesn’t teare Hale apart.

Hale is on the phone with Ivanov.  He reports that he found the chamber. Hale promised Ivanov that he would get the first turn in the chamber.  Hale just wants to see what it does to human flesh. Fitz sets off a explosive and Ivanov tells Hale he can handle the situation.

While Ivanov investigates the explosion, Jemma finds the secret latch to open a door. Inside that door is a secret lab and the chamber. There are several other HYDRA weapons in the room. Too bad Fitz didn’t bring enough explosives to destroy it all.

Hale notices that Ruby’s door is open. She goes in the room. Ruby starts crying about how she’s never good enough for her mother.  She says she has done everything her mother asked, she’s tried really hard to be just like Hale. Ruby says Hale is her one weakness.  Hale hugs her daughter tightly. Ruby then says that she is her mother weakness too. Ruby throws Hale over her shoulder and heads for the door. She grabs her suit and tells Hale that she will make her proud.  Ruby locks Hale in her room.

Talbot comes face to face with Daisy and has a flashback of the Daisy-bot shooting him.  He almost attacks Daisy, but she is able to calm him down. Daisy asks if there’s anything that he needs.  Talbot really wants to talk to his wife. He feels that he needs to let his son know that he loves him. Daisy tells him that Hale has a trace on all calls, but she will try to get a message to them.  Daisy wants something from Talbot though. She wants to know about Hale’s base and everything that Talbot told Hale about S.H.I.E.L.D.

Fitz and Jemma start sabotaging the HYDRA equipment but then realize that they may have done all of this before. Jemma asks YoYo if there was anything that her future self said about stopping the end of the world.  YoYo finally tells them that they have to let Coulson die. She didn’t tell anyone, not even Mack because she didn’t want to put that decision on the team. Fitz and Jemma are shocked, but interrupted by banging on the door.  The soldier-bots found them.

YoYo comes up with a plan to run out, grab all of their guns and run back in.  She does just that, but she didn’t pick up any guns. She starts screaming about her hands causing her a lot of pain.  Jemma explains that her new arms aren’t used to the speed. Fitz can recalibrate the arms, but not in their current situation. They are going to have to face the soldiers.  YoYo says one of them should leave and call for backup. Fitz says they have a new rule that they don’t leave each other’s side ever again.

YoYo takes off to get the quinjet.  She runs into Ivanov and the two start fighting.  Fitz and Jemma are in a shootout with the soldier-bots.  They are surrounded, but optimistic about their chances. Ivanov notices YoYo’s mechanic arms, but she says the part of her that matters is still human.  Ivanov says he can’t be hurt and he doesn’t fear death. So YoYo pushes him out of a window and falls with him. When they hit the ground, Ivanov is deactivated, and so are the soldiers.  Jemma and Fitz are safe…for now.

Henry Simmons as Mack on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Honeymoon, abc.com

Mack and Piper are working on getting the bullet fragments out of Deke, but his blood pressure starts rising.  They find that one of the pieces hit an artery. Deke wakes up during surgery causing more distress. Piper is able to sedate him and he stabilizes.  After the surgery, Deke wakes up feeling the effects of a lot of drugs. He starts talking about how pretty Daisy is and how he wants to kiss her, but she doesn’t like him.  Mack gets annoyed while Piper is laughing. Mack turns up the dosage on Deke’s meds and just in time for Daisy to walk in. She tells Mack that they traced some of the HYDRA soldier bots and got a ping on their location.

Jemma and Fitz encounter Ruby and von Strucker.  Von Strucker looks at the parts for the chamber and says they destroyed the one part he needs. Ruby holds her blade to Jemma’s neck, telling her to fix it.  Jemma tells Fitz not to do it, but Fitz says they never had a choice.

Daisy visits Talbot again, telling him that they found Hale’s location.  She also brings him a phone that is untraceable, but only for a short time.  Talbot calls his wife Carla (Raquel Gardner) and lets her know that he’s okay. He wants her to tell their son that he loves him and he’s getting batter.  Carl replies with instructions for Talbot to comply. Hale’s assistant is in the Talbot home and Carla is reading a letter to the general.  She asks if he’s ready to comply. Talbot says he’d be happy to.

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Of course Talbot is a sleeper cell!  Hale seems to always be one step ahead of them.  Hale seems to represent the future that the Agents are trying to stop.  Like no matter what they do, they will still end up ending the world. Maybe they should just stop trying…

Deke…oh Deke…On one hand, Daisy is right. Deke shouldn’t have been out there trying to safe her. She’s a big girl…she could have handled Ruby.  But! On on the other hand, it could have been Daisy that got shot and the Hale would have taken Daisy. And yeah, Daisy is being hard on Deke. She has been from the beginning.  

OMG!  Melinda May told Phil Coulson that she loves him!!!!  I’ll admit, I wasn’t a big Philinda fan, but May is really the only person who can put coulson in his place.  Coulson is a great leader, but I don’t think he always thinks about the long term consequences of his actions.  That’s where May comes in. But really…YoYo prophecy that Coulson has to die…He just died! And Creel brought him back to life.  Does that one count? Is it Creel that messes up by saving Coulson?

This is getting good!  

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