The past few weeks have been kind of crazy for the Agents of SHIELD. First, Leo Fitz (Iain De Caesteckerwent a little crazy last week and removed Daisy Johnson/Quake’s (Chloe Bennetinhibitor. Her power is what he needed to compress the gravitonium and close the rift to the fear dimension.  Now Daisy is very angry with Fitz. Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge)…well, I guess we should call her Mrs. Fitz…or Jemma. Jemma told Fitz that Deke Shaw (Jeff Ward) is their grandson. That means they make it to the lighthouse. Now Jemma believes they are invincible.

Agent Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) got new robotic arms and is trying really hard to get back in the field. Agent Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie (Henry Simmons) is concerned about her. Yo-Yo saw herself in the future, so she believes she is invincible as well. That means she might be more reckless than she needs to be.

Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) let himself get captured, much to Agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) protests. He met The Confederacy, a group of alien beings who want General Hale (Catherine Dent) and Coulson to provide them with Inhumans and gravitonium. In exchange, they will protect Earth from the incoming alien threat. Hale doesn’t want to be indebted to The Confederacy and Coulson agrees. Her plan is to build a particle infusion chamber and create a super human like Captain America. Ruby Hale (Dove Cameron) was born for that role, but Hale wants Daisy instead. Her code name would be ‘Destroyer of Worlds.’ Wait…what?

With all of these new revelations, Coulson and his team must listen to their “Inside Voices” to make the right decisions. The question is, will their decisions change the future they already know?

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Hale Hydra

General Hale is the type of mom who will take away your phone and video games until you clean your room and do your homework. She uses this tactic on Coulson, but come on…Coulson is tougher than that. Hale is determined to make her plan work. She will have SHIELD join Hydra to create the Destroyer of Worlds. Her first choice is Daisy Johnson, but she’s not telling Ruby that.  Ruby is a smart girl. She knows her mother is up to something.

Hale uses Carl Creel (Brian Patrick Wadeto test the gravitonium. She wants to understand it before she infuses it into someone, especially if it’s Ruby. So when Creel touches the gravitonium, he sees the face of Franklin Hall, former SHIELD specialist in gravitonium.  

Backstory: Ian Quinn, industrialist and friend of Hydra stole the gravitonium from SHIELD. Hall was taken hostage by Quinn’s team and tried to sabotage Quinn’s objectives from the inside.  During a fight between Coulson’s team and Quinn’s guards, Hall fell into the gravitonium.  Hale has mentioned that Quinn is the only person to understand gravitonium, but he’s been hiding for years. 

Creel hears Hall yelling at him about some experiments. He has a hard time getting the voice out of his head. Hale says this is more about what’s going on with Creel. She thinks he is lost because Hydra was dismantle. Under her guidance, Creel has the freedom to take the next step on Hydra’s plan. Creel thinks she’s trying to control him though.

Ruby checks in with Alex Braun (Spencer Treat Clark), aka von Strucker Jr. He has gone through a lot of his father’s notes, but most of them are in German. They are missing pieces that tell them how to construct the chamber. Ruby confides in Alex about her mother’s plans to replace her as the Destroyer of Worlds. Alex vows to get Ruby to her destiny.

 Picking Up the Pieces

Agents of SHIELD

Natalia Cordova-Buckley as Agent Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez, Agents of SHIELD, Inside Voices,

Yo-Yo is working on building her strength and connection with her new arms. Mack tells her to take it easy, but Yo-Yo is anxious to get back to work.

Deke finds a similarity with Fitz, saying he respects what Fitz did to Daisy. It’s a tough call, but it was also necessary. Like something he would have done. Deke mentions that Daisy is still mad at him for selling her to Kassius. Speaking of Daisy, she has hardened since she took command. Of course Fitz noticed.

Jemma asks Deke about if she and Fitz had anything strange happen to them that he knew about. Deke says he didn’t even know their real names, they were just Nana and Bobo to him. He says his mother told him stories about them. They make it to the lighthouse. Deke gets sentimental and says Jemma reminds him of his mom. Awwwww.

Jemma meets up with Daisy and May before they leave to pick up Robin and Polly Hinton. Jemma suggests they follow Fitz’s lead instead and look for Hydra’s hidden weapon. Daisy suggests that Jemma compile Fitz’s notes and she will review them when she returns. She sternly reminds Jemma that Fitz is to remain locked up. May tells Daisy to take it easy. Her leadership is new to everyone.

Rockin’ Robin

Daisy retrieves Polly (Lola Glaudini) and Robin Hinton (Lexy Kolker). Polly says that Robin hasn’t been talking or drawing. Whatever she is seeing is overwhelming her. Daisy tries to talk to the girl, but Robin pulls away from her. Daisy asks about Robin’s last drawing and Polly shows it to her. It’s of Robin’s death scene in the future with May holding her. 

Robin sees May and starts talking and drawing again. She calls May, “mommy” saying she’s glad that Flint was able to get her back. Polly is a little bothered by the interaction, but she knows she’s not in the drawings. May tells Robin that they need to find Coulson. Robin says he’s going to die, but May says they are going to try and save him. Robin draws a picture of Coulson and Talbot in the snowy forest with mountains in the background. They use the picture to pinpoint a location on Coulson. 

The Invincible Three

Elizabeth Henstridge as Jemma Simmons-Fitz, Agents of SHIELD, Inside Voices,

Jemma talks Yo-Yo. She says they have to think differently. They believe that Yo-Yo can’t die because she saw herself in the future. Jemma tells her that Deke is their grandson, leading her to believe that she and Fitz cannot be killed either. She asks Yo-Yo to help her get Fitz out of his cell so they can find the Hydra weapon. Mack is the only person who can open the door. Jemma says she has a way to make him open the door.

Yo-Yo takes the honest approach and asks Mack to let Fitz out. He knows about a weapon that General Hale wants and Yo-Yo wants to get to it first. Mack refuses, saying he will let Coulson decide Fitz’s fate. And Yo-Yo seeing herself in the future doesn’t make her invincible. Yo-Yo says he can’t protect her forever. Mack suggests that she’s alive in the future because he protected her. He orders her and Fitz to stay where they are. That angers Yo-Yo.

Later, Yo-Yo takes Mack to Fitz’s cell where Jemma is waiting with an experiment. Jemma says she can’t be killed. She has four glasses: three will hold water and the fourth will have a phosphoric acid compound that could kill her. She will drink three of the glasses, without knowing which is which. Her hypothesis is that she can’t be killed, so she will end up drinking the three with water.  Yo-Yo puts the liquids in the glasses with Jemma turned around. Mack and Fitz freak out when Jemma starts drinking the liquids. She is fine after drinking the first two glasses. Mack pulls a gun on her to keep her from drinking the third. She drinks it and falls over in pain.

Mack yells/asks Fitz to help. Fitz can, but he needs out to get what Jemma needs. Mack opens the door, Fitz runs out, Yo-Yo pushes Mack inside the cell and closes the door. Jemma is fine. Fitz is happy it was all fake…or was it. Jemma pours out the fourth glass to show that it was phosphoric acid. That means she did pick the three glasses of water. And it means they are invincible. 

Yo-Yo apologizes to Mack for tricking him. She says if she doesn’t come back, it means they broke the time loop. Yo-Yo picks up Mack’s gun and almost shoots FitzSimmons! But they are invincible, so they are okay. The Invincible Three leave for their mission. They have three locations to check out and hope they don’t encounter Hydra.

The Three Amigos

Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson and Adrian Pasdar as General Glenn Talbot, Agents of SHIELD, Inside Voices,

Creel visits Coulson, telling him the gravitonium wants Coulson dead. He says Coulson is just as guilty as the same thing as Hale…experimentation without consequence. Coulson says SHIELD isn’t perfect, but they would never do what Hale did to Glenn Talbot (Adrian Pasdar). Creel doesn’t know that Talbot is there and he’s not sure he believes Coulson. Coulson wants Creel to see for himself. They escape Coulson’s cell to find Talbot.

They find Talbot in a restricted level, talking to himself about how awful he looks and trimming his mustache. It doesn’t take much convincing Talbot to leave with them, but it does take a lot to keep Talbot quiet. (Talbot doesn’t have an inside voice). They make their way through the facility and Creel hears more voices. A Blue Raven guard hears Talbot talking and alerts Hale.

Hale sends Ruby and her team after Coulson, Talbot and Creel. She only asks that Ruby bring Creel back alive. Ruby finds them. One of the Blue Raven soldier-bots hits Coulson so hard that it stops his heart. Creel uses the electricity from the solider-bot to jump start Coulson’s heart. They pick him up and move one.  

They find the room where the alien device is hidden. Creel says he will hold them off. Coulson and Talbot use the devices to transport out of the base. Creel and Ruby have an awesome fight. Just as Creel gets the upper hand, Hale stops the fight. Ruby throws her blade at Creel’s chest. He merges with a wooden stick and stops the blade from killing him. Hale gets angry asking Ruby who she is. Ruby says she’s the Destroyer of Worlds. Hale sends Ruby after Coulson and Talbot.

Coulson and Talbot are transported into a snowy forest with mountains in the background. 

Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD, Inside Voices,


Four years ago, Ian Quinn (David Conrad) and Raina (Ruth Negga) obtain a box of gravitonium. This is the moment they decided to work together, away from Hydra. Quinn thanks Raina for giving him the gravitonium. Raina says he misunderstood. The gravitonium wants Quinn. She opens the box and the gravitonium consumes Quinn. That’s where he’s been for four years.

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Wow! I’m glad they didn’t drag out General Hale’s torture of Coulson. Seriously though… Hale has no idea who shes’ dealing with. And how many times has Coulson died. Speaking of…part of what future Yo-Yo said was they have to let Coulson die. He died. Is that it? Can he live now? It seems like if he was supposed to die for good, that would have been the opportune time to take him.  But he lives! I’m pretty sure he has more than nine lives!

I love Daisy…and I understand Fitz put her through some major trauma. She hasn’t even tried talking to him. That’s the one thing I’ve never liked about Daisy. She’s such a hot head. Act now, think later kind of gal. It’s been her one downfall. At some point she has to start listening to others and may she can find a reasonable solution. 

But Jemma’s trick was pretty slick y’all! She’s not the nerdy little scientist that she was three seasons ago. Jemma has grown up and knows how to manipulate people. Go Jemma! No more misses nice scientist.

Ok. It’s time to put that little girl in her place. Ruby is strong and quick, but Hale is right. She’s not mature enough to handle Daisy. I can’t wait!




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