Wow! The 100th episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was the most sad, scary, and happiest episode ever!  Sad because Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) revealed that he is dying and yes, it is because of his deal with the Ghost Rider.  Coulson pretty much gave up the Kree DNA that is keeping him alive so he could defeat AIDA. The team took it really hard. Coulson has come to terms with his situation and doesn’t want the team to save him.  

Scary because the Kree beacon that General Hale (Catherine Dent) planted for S.H.I.E.L.D. exploded and the monoliths exploded with it.  That caused a tear in our dimension, which could possibly be how the world ends. The tear opened up a fear dimension that sent some of the teams scariest opponents to this realm. Lash and Hive being two of those opponents.

Happy because Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) got married!  Coulson sent Deke (Jeff Ward) out to get the provisions they needed to have a quick wedding. Deke admitted that the ring he got for Simmons resembled a ring that his mother wore.  At the same time, General Hale’s people discovered Deke’s DNA matched both Fitz and Simmons!

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The team must focus on stopping the end of the world. In “Principia,” Mack (Henry Simmons) gets a little help from an old friend and Deke makes a big discovery.

A von Strucker Returns

General Hale is making moves. She is creating a team to go after SHIELD.  The first member is her daughter Ruby (Dove Cameron). Second, Carl Creel (Brian Patrick Wade), a man with an absorbing power.  And now Werner von Strucker (Spencer Treat Clark), or as he prefers, Alexander Braun. Alex is the son of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, a former head of Hydra. He tried to become part of Hydra, but ended up in a coma instead.  The agents tracked him down, shocked his brain and woke him up. Alex’s memory has been enhanced. He remembers everything and can feel everything like it was the first time. And he knows Ruby.

Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron as Ruby Hale in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Principia,

Ruby and Alex grew up together.  General Hale used to visit with Baron von Strucker, but she won’t reveal why. Her interest in Alex is because of his memory. She wants his memories of his father’s work.   Alex doesn’t want anything to do with Hale, Hydra, or SHIELD. General Hale accepts his stance and say she will let him leave. After he goes back to his room, she tells Ruby to persuade Alex to change his mind, but not to go off the rails.

Ruby finds Alex waking up from a nightmare. She tells him how her mother uses her and makes her do things she doesn’t want to do. She will do the same thing to Alex, because she doesn’t care about him.  Ruby says she wants to turn the tables on her mother. They are the future. They should be in control of their own destiny. But if he wants to leave, she understands.

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Finding Solutions

Now that the team is finished celebrating FitzSimmons’ wedding, it’s time to get back to work on closing the fear rift.  Fitz says they need more gravitonium to close the rift for good. Daisy (Chloe Bennet) suggests looking into Cybertek. They might also have the technology to build arms for YoYo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) and maybe save Coulson.  There’s just one problem. Most of the Cybertek scientists are dead. All killed by the same man…Murray Jacobson. The team set out to find him.

Meanwhile YoYo is still recovering. Mack hovers over her every need.  YoYo tells him to go away. Coincidentally, the team needs Mack to track down Jacobson.  He goes when he hears they might be able to get the necessary items to make arms for YoYo.  Coulson tries to tell YoYo how cool it is to have arms, but YoYo is annoyed with everyone.  She falls out of her bed and when Simmons tries to help her, she sends Simmons away.  Everything that she knows about the future is coming true.  YoYo doesn’t think she will be able to live a normal life with Mack.

Henry Simmons

Henry Simmons as Agent Mack on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Principia,

The team tracks down Jacobson to New Orleans.  At first, he is confrontational. Then he hears Mack call him ‘Candyman.’ Jacobson is actually Tony Caine (Jake Busey), Mack’s roommate from the Academy.  They reminisce about their school days and the team finds out Mack’s nickname, Mack Hammer, based on his love for M. C. Hammer. Caine says he was sent to recruit redeemable scientists from Cybertek.  He just happen to find the one that SHIELD needs to heal YoYo with data from the Deathlok program. Caine say the Deathlok program is dead. The team wants to talk to the scientist anyway.

Caine takes Mack to meet with Dr. Van Kempen (Paul Schackman), former Cybertek scientist.  At first Dr. Kempen is reluctant to tell Mack anything, but then he opens up that there is gravitonium on a ship called the Principia.  The Principia was lost in a thunderstorm though. The team searches the seas for the ship.

Sail the Clouds

This whole time Deke has been working with Fitz, because he knows more about gravitonium than they do.  Fitz gets easily frustrated with Deke. Deke is awe of everything he’s experiencing because he’s never seen it.  That includes the ocean. He asks FitzSimmons what the ocean is like. The ocean is a sore spot for FitzSimmons. Ward did throw them in the ocean, causing Fitz to lose consciousness and suffer some brain damage.  So Fitz yells at Deke, causing Deke to run away.

While Deke is hiding, he sees his mother. She is being encouraging, reminding him of something her mother used to say: the steps you take don’t always have to be big they just have to take you in the right direction.  Deke is taken by surprise when a Kree warrior kills his mom. Deke kills the warrior and Simmons finds him all distraught. She tells him to go back to Fitz but he yells about not knowing anything about the earth. He only knows space and it’s all the same thing.  That’s it!

Deke tells Fitz that if the ship was hit by lightning, it would have activated the gravitonium.  That would cause the ship to rise into the air, not sink to the bottom of the ocean. The team goes up into the sky and finds the Principia floating in the clouds.  Coulson, Mack and Daisy go to the ship and find a softball size gravitonium. Deke tells them how to collect it and they head back to the quinjet before the ship falls.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Principia,

As they walked through the ship to find the gravitonium, Hale’s robot soldiers activate and try to keep the team from leaving the ship.  Mack fights off the soldiers and tells the others to keep moving. He hates robots, but he has something in mind for one if he can get one.

General Hale is alerted of the robot soldier activation. She knows that SHIELD has found the gravitonium.  Her assistant suggests blowing the ship out of the sky, but they don’t know what the gravitonium will do.

Hi Grandma!

At the bunker, YoYo apologizes for feeling sorry for herself. She’s ready to stand and join the fight.  Simmons encourages her by saying, “the steps you take don’t always have to be big they just have to take you in the right direction.”  Deke is standing outside the room and hears her say those words. He sees a piece of the monolith on the table, just like the one his mother had.  He knows. Simmons is his grandmother.

Mack returns safely and says goodbye to Caine. Caine says he will keep digging into the Deathlok program. The team returns to the bunker and YoYo is waiting for them.  Everyone is happy to see her up and around, especially Mack. He says he brought her arms and drags one of Hale’s robot soldiers behind him. Deke joins Fitz in figuring out what to do with the gravitonium.  Deke looks at him weird and Fitz is more annoyed as ever.

Ruby looks for Alex in his room, but he’s gone. She finds him in the cafeteria eating he says she was right. The future belongs to them and their team. She takes him to the gym to meet up with Carl Creel.  Carl is one of his father’s experiments. General Hale commends Ruby on changing Alex’s mind, asking what she said to him. Ruby says, she told him the truth.

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I really like this Deke is FitzSimmons’ grandson and now he knows it.  It will be interesting…and maybe a little funny when FitzSimmons figure it out.  I’m ready for that. My only concern is…if they change the timeline and save the world, will Deke still be born?

General Hale and Ruby’s team/plan needs to speed up.  The fact that they are bringing back Hydra characters makes it interesting.  

Now, about saving Coulson.  We know if they do, the world will end.  And if they don’t…well…that’s probably the end of this series.  That’s the rumor anyway…but we’ll deal with that when we get to it.  It would be weird without Coulson. I have to believe that they will find a way to save Coulson and the world.  






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