Agents of SHIELD has taken us into the future and with hardly any explanation as to what is going on.  They met some new friends are very scared of stepping out of line.  And these new friends have proven that they can’t be trusted.  Mack was right. They should have all stuck together. Now Daisy and Jemma are in the hands of Kree leader Kasius.  Coulson, Mack and Elena are trying to find a way out, but are under close eye of Grill.  And now May is missing!  Maybe they should all get captured so they can come up with a plan to escape. Good thing Fitz is there now!

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So lets “Rewind.”  After the Framework, Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) was having a hard time re-adjusting to the real world. He did some things…and said some things…that were very uncharacteristic of Fitz.  Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) knew that wasn’t really him, but Fitz is afraid that it was.

At the diner, everyone is eating and the waitress offers them pie.  The power goes out and ‘they’ have come for the team.  Fitz says this is his fault and he takes full responsibility.  The lights come back on and Fitz is the only one left at the counter.  The military arrive shortly after and take Fitz into custody.

Two military investigators, Lt. Lucas (Joe Layton) and Lt. Evans (Zibby Allen) interrogate Fitz about the rest of the team. He tells them several times that he doesn’t know where they are.  The security cameras show them all walk into the diner together. The power went out for two minutes and then Fitz was the only one there.  General Hale (Catherine Dent) comes in.  We go through a brief explanation that Dr. Holden Radcliffe built AIDA, who built the Daisy-bot that shot Talbot. AIDA is also responsible for Dr. Radcliffe’s death. They ask if she killed Director Mace too. Fitz says he’s responsible for Mace’s death.  

Fitz is locked up.  The MPs wake him up in the middle of the night and hook him up to a liar detector test. He tells them again, he does not know where they are.  He wishes he did so he would know they are safe. Fitz says he will do whatever they want to help find them.  They agree to give him books, paper, pencils and a tv to watch soccer.

After a lot of reading, working out and screaming at the tv, Fitz says it’s possible he had a traumatic episode after the Framework. He thinks he might have blocked out what really happened. Lt. Evans tells him that everyone in the diner had the same 2 minute memory lapse so it wasn’t him.  Fitz remembers a high pitch noise and asks for books on sonic frequencies.  He also asks them to send a letter about a soccer goalie that he doesn’t like to a magazine.  

Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) explains his theory about the disappearance of SHIELD on Agents of SHIELD, Rewind,

Fitz goes over the books, notes and equations for six months. He watches soccer and continues to have the investigators send in his soccer letters.  He draws monkeys on the wall to count the days he’s been locked up. Lt. Lucas and Lt. Evans are fed up with him. He says he has racked his brains and can come up with one theory. They were abducted by aliens.  General Hale says they are done with him.  She gets a phone call that Fitz’s lawyer has shown up.  It’s Lance Hunter (Nick Blood)!

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Fitz is frustrated because it took Hunter six months to figure out that Fitz needed his help. All of the letters about the London soccer team finally worked.  Fitz tells Hunter that he can build something to help him escape.  He needs Hunter to visit often enough to bring him the parts. Hunter has something else in mind and blows a hole in the wall instead. They get out of the building and are able to get to the getaway vehicle…an RV. Meanwhile, the investigators figure out how Fitz was able to escape.  They even have a picture of the getaway RV.  

Fitz looks through the news and there’s nothing about the others.  Hunter tries to ask Fitz about AIDA and the Framework, but Fitz doesn’t want to talk about it.  He asks Hunter about Bobby. They are together, but apart. Distance is their savior. Hunter asks Fitz if he and Simmons were able to work things out.  Fitz says distance is their curse.

Hunter says the owner of the RV, Rusty was paranoid and has some equipment they can use to find the beer truck that took the team.  They find the tapes that show the beer truck driving up and then the power goes out.  All cameras within a 2-mile radius went dark. When the cameras come back on, the beer truck leaves.  They see a postal truck in the same area and then another truck with a different logo. Fitz puts together that the logo was changed on the truck.

Fitz says he was able to track the truck to a house. The mystery man/alien who took the team in episode 1 is waiting for them. He tells them that their friends are in the earth year 2091.  He shows Fitz and Hunter the video of when the team was taken by the monolith.   

Enoch (Joel Stoffer) explains to Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) where his friends are on Agents of SHIELD, Rewind,


The alien is Enoch (Joel Stoffer) and he’s been on Earth for 30,000 years to record human history.  He sent the team to the future to fulfill a prophecy. There are several pictures on the wall that tell of a prophecy.  Fitz asks why he was left behind. Enoch says he wasn’t a part of the Seer’s prophecy.  Fitz tells him to send him to the future. Enoch says he doesn’t control the monolith, he only knew when it would open.  Fitz holds a gun to his head and demands to be taken to the Seer.

Enoch takes Fitz and Hunter to a park where a woman and a little girl are sitting. Fitz knows the woman as Polly Hinton (Lola Glaudini).  He asks to talk to the girl who is drawing.  She has a wooden bird sitting next to her. Fitz recognizes the girl.  Her name is Robin (Lexy Kolker).  Fitz introduces himself as a friend of Daisy’s.

The military raid Enoch’s home and look around. Lt. Lucas and Lt. Evans go to the kitchen and look at the drawings on the refrigerator. Lt. Lucas starts eating an apple. Lt. Evans says the crystal ball that they’ve been looking for is not SHIELD tech; it’s a child.  They find a picture of the two people standing in the kitchen. The man is holding an apple.

Fitz goes through Robin’s drawings. She is drawing symbols that are an ancient language unknown to anyone on earth. Hunter tries to talk to Robin, but Robin is silent. He starts to talk about Bobby, but Robin interrupts him saying “they” are there to take them.Lt. Lucas and Lt. Evans show up at the park.  Enoch hands out earplugs to Fitz and Hunter.   When Lt. Evans gets to the group, they disappear.   Lt. Lucas says they lost a half an hour of time.

Enoch says he’s taking them to where he took the others…but now when.  A lighthouse in Lake Ontario, just like the postcard.  There is a room under the lighthouse. Fitz asks who built it. Enoch says it is unknown. They are the only humans who know of its existence.  Enoch says they will stay until they decide what to do with Robin.  Hunter wants to ask Robin what to do, but Enoch says he won’t interfere unless it is an extinction level event.   

Lt. Lucas (Joe Layton) and Lt. Evans (Zibby Allen) show General Hale (Catherine Dent) their findings on Agents of SHIELD, Rewind,


Lt. Lucas and Lt. Evans take the kid’s drawings back to the base and tell the general about what happened. General Hale orders them to find out who the girl is and bring her back. She wants to control the girl. She says they need every weapon they can find in this battle.

Fitz tells Hunter about a man named Charles Hinton.  He was an Inhuman that had the ability to see the death of someone by touching them.  He befriended Daisy in season three. Before he died, he asked Daisy to look after his daughter Robin and gave her a wood carved robin.  Daisy did exactly as he asked.  And now Robin has an Inhuman ability.

Hunter asks about Simmons again.  Fitz says they are together, but something in the universe is trying to keep them apart. He says maybe the universe is trying to protect to her from who he was inside the Framework.  Hunter asks if that’s who he was when he pulled the gun on Enoch.  He kind of liked that side of Fitz. He reassures Fitz that he’s not a cold blooded killer.  Fitz says he’s a liability and that’s why he was left behind. Hunter says he doesn’t know that. He tells Fitz to ask Robin why he didn’t go with the others

Fitz tries to talk to Robin.  He tells Polly that he has some questions. Polly says that Robin doesn’t really talk anymore.  The past present and future is all mixed up since terragenesis.  Robin lives inside her head.  Polly tries to talk to Robin about Fitz.  Robin says Fitz isn’t with his friends because he has to save them.

Fitz gets frustrated.  He doesn’t know how he’s going to save them if he’s dead by the time they get back to earth in 2091.  Enoch tells him about he got to Earth. The pod he came in was found and taken to the military base that Fitz just broke out of.  Fitz tells Hunter that they have to break back in.

Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) and Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) execute a plan on Agents of SHIELD, Rewind,


Fitz and Hunter disguise themselves a repair men to fix the hole in the wall.  They change into military uniforms to move about freely.  And they release a couple of ferrets to set of the perimeter alarms to draw attention away from them. They get inside a warehouse and find Enoch’s pod.  Hunter finds Zephyr One in the same warehouse.

They load the pod onto Zephyr One.  The ship already has everything else the military took from SHIELD.  They reflect on how things used to be before the base guards catch them in the Zephyr.  Fitz goes into action hero mode and takes out three guards.  He tells Hunter to get the Zephyr in the air while he fights the guards off.  They are able to escape.

General Hale expresses her disappointment inLt. Lucas and Lt. Evans. She says she doesn’t trust them anymore. She shoots them both in the head and calls for a cleaning crew.

Fitz stores the equipment from SHIELD in the lighthouse.  He says Team SHIELD will be fully armed when he gets there.

Polly asks how the pod will get Fitz to the future. It’s actually a cryofreeze chamber.  Fitz is going to sleep for 74 years while on a chronicon vessel provided by Enoch.  The vessel will be hidden from earth until Fitz wakes up.  Fitz writes on the back of the postcard and put it next to Robin.  Hunter says they will look after Robin and Polly.  Fitz says goodbye to Lance Hunter.  He gets into the chamber and Lance tells him, “I love you”.  Fitz replies, “I know.” 

74 years later

Fitz wakes up aboard an alien vessel.  Enoch is waiting for him. He tells Fitz he put a plan in motion.  They are headed to the lighthouse.  He says Fitz must prepare to face off with some of the most ruthless people in the galaxy…if he has it in him.  Fitz replies that he does have it in him.

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So now we know. The team is in the future to fulfill a prophecy that involves aliens.  Ok, good.

Fitz is at the lighthouse. He has made himself known to Daisy, at least.  And there will be a fight.

I like this new Fitz.  He’s not as timid as he was before. He thinks quicker, acts quicker and has his fear in check.  I like where this story is going.

Like all of the other shows, Agents of SHIELD is on hiatus.  The show will return January 5 on ABC!



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