Here’s what we know about the new season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Everyone, except for Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) were taken by an alien and sent into the future…we think. Earth is gone, possibly destroyed by Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet)…aka Quake. Now the Kree control humans. Humans are kept in line by controlling their food, their shelter and their lives. Daisy made a new friend, Deke (Jeff Ward), who re-wrote the Framework and sells sessions so people can escape their lives. The rest of the team now works for a local entrepreneur. And Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) was taken by the Kree for her medical skills. As for Fitz, well, we don’t know yet…

In “A Life Spent” Coulson (Clark Gregg), Mack (Henry Simmons) and Elena (Natalia Cordova-Berkley) work for Grill (Pruitt Taylor Vince). May (Ming-Na Wen) is free and is helping them find answers. Daisy searches for Jemma who is serving Kasius (Dominic Rains) now. 

Kasius’ station is on the edge of what used to be Earth. Jemma waits near Kasius. He has a guest coming and the place is buzzing with activity. She can’t hear what’s going on, but basically Kasius’ guest, Lady Basha (Rya Kihistedt), sent her servant to tell Kasius that she would not join him dinner. After the servant leaves, a human man tells Kasius something. Kasius throws a fit because there is a problem with the plans. Sinara (Florence Faivre) calms him down and they both look at Jemma. Kasius tells Jemma that he needs her to fix a problem.

At the salvage, Grill yells at his workers, saying he lost time at people because of the renewal. Coulson keeps stopping to look at the journal that Virgil left behind. Mack reminds him that they are being watched. Elena responds and is zapped through her metric. Grill’s assistant, Zev (Kaleti Williams) tells her to work faster. Mack gets angry and goes after the guy. Grill stops him, he tells Mack that he doesn’t tolerate agitators. As long as Mack and the others owe him, he owns them.  

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Deke and Daisy leave the Framework and look for the others. Deke tries to talk to her about her role in destroying earth. Daisy says she’s not strong enough to destroy a planet. Deke suggests that she came from a parallel universe. He says she destroyed the earth in his universe. Daisy slaps him because he’s ridiculous.  

Deke sees someone cleaning blood off his shoe and asks him what happened. He returns to Daisy to let her know there was a renewal. He says there was an opening in the salvage and that may be where her friends are hiding. Daisy leaves to look for them. Deke asks her not to do anything stupid.

Mack (Henry Simmons) and Elena (Natalia Cordova-Berkley) make plans to find Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) on Agents of SHIELD, A Life Spent,

Elena tells Mack to stop doing stupid stuff to defend her. He says he was trying to get a look into their office. Grill is keeping a scroll in his office…and a gun. He says they need to figure out a way to get it back. Coulson thinks they might be able to use it save Jemma. Mack says he wasn’t taking risks, it was recon. That triggers something for Coulson, but he’s thoughts are interrupted when May and Tess (Eve Harlow) show up. He knows they came from a run and asks them to take him next time.

Grill thanks Tess and May for taking a life. He says she still owes him a double haul. Tess says she needs help if he wants a good haul. He tells her to take Mack and Coulson. They are expendable. They all leave.

Sinara gives Jemma her hearing back and takes her to a girl named Abby (Ciara Bravo). Jemma thinks she is having seizures. Jemma tries to touch her, but her hand goes through Abby’s. Abby says she’s been that way since terragenesis. She’s Inhuman. Abby says she is and if she’s not ready for the ceremony, she doesn’t know what’s going to happen to her.

Daisy sneaks into Grill’s salvage and finds Elena. Elena fills her in on what she missed. She tells Daisy that the Kree tech that they stole is locked up but she can get it. Daisy will then take it to Jemma so they can find her and get her back.  Zev yells at Elena. Grill tells him that he thinks Tess and the new people were working with Virgil to steal from him. He tells Zev to go on the run with Tess to find proof.  

Coulson tells Tess that Virgil was doing recon. He says the numbers are locations on Earth. There’s one that appears multiple times and he wants to check it out. Tess says she wants to help, but there’s no way she can do a side mission. Coulson says this is what Virgil died for. Tess says they have to be careful. Zev shows up to let them know that he’s going with them.

Abby (Ciara Bravo) tells Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) about her Inhuman powers on Agents of SHIELD, A Life Spent,

Abby tells Jemma about going through terragenesis and how the Kree teaching her to control her powers.  If she is successful, she can go off world and be an ambassador. Abby can manipulate her molecular density enabling herself to be really hard or transparent enough to phase through things. She says everything hurts because she can’t control it. She also has an inhibitor in her head that turns her powers off. Abby is scared that her family will be punished if she can’t perform at the ceremony. Jemma says she will help her.

The trawler takes off for the haul. Coulson and May have a talk. May hopes they find a way back. Coulson says there may not be a way back. He says this might be their destiny. May just wants to go home to her own bed.

While Grill is eating, Elena’s metric keeps going off. She is actually moving about really fast so the metric appears to be malfunctioning. Grill comes out of his office and takes her metric out to fix it. Elena quickly runs to his office and gets the scroll. She runs the scroll to Daisy and returns before Grill knows anything happened.  

Tess comes into the cockpit to tell them Zev doesn’t know they are off course because Mack is keeping him busy. She has a globe that Virgil kept. Coulson opens it up and there is a knob inside. The knob opens a cabinet where a radio is hidden. Coulson starts to turn on the radio, but Zev shows up and magnetizes him to the wall.  

Tess (Eve Harlow) warns the agents about what’s to come on Agents of SHIELD, A Life Spent,

May starts flying crazy, running into rocks and the ship is off balance. Tess and Coulson reach for the magnetizer and Zev fights them off. Mack shows up and knocks Zev out. Mack says they were flailing around like Hungry Hungry Hippos. Coulson says he thought they looked cooler than that. Tess says they attacked a superior – they are as good as dead.

Jemma encourages Abby to focus on space. She says her body is like a field of stars and she can control the space between the stars. She tries to move her hand through a pitcher and it works. Abby holds her hand there for a minute, but then the glass breaks. Jemma says it takes months to master an ability. Kasius comes in and says it’s time for the ceremony.  Jemma tries to talk to Kasius and he takes her hearing away again. He asks Sinara if she really thought Jemma would succeed in helping the girl. Sinara just gives him a look. Kasius asks what Jemma has that makes her capable to succeed. Sinara says she has compassion.

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Daisy follows the scroll to find Jemma. She runs into Deke. He asks what she is up to. She says he wouldn’t understand. He tells her she is rushing into danger. Daisy says her friend’s life is on the line and she has to save her. Deke tells her there is a better way but it takes time. And what she is doing could get a lot of people killed. He says death comes easy in that place. Daisy says that’s why she needs to get to Simmons ASAP. Deke tries to stop her saying she’s destroyed the world once. She uses her quake powers to push him back. He calls her Quake, Destroyer of Worlds. She gets in an elevator and tells him never to call her that again.

Agent May flies everyone to the coordinates from Virgil’s book. Tess is worried about what Zev will say when they get back. She wants to shoot him out into space. Mack argues with her, but they stop when Coulson gets a transmission. Mack says it could be residual. May says the transmission is coming from the surface of the earth.

Kasius (Dominic Rains), Sinara (Florence Faivra), and Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) welcome guests from another world on Agents of SHIELD, A Life Spent,

Lady Basha has finally arrived and it’s time for the ceremony. Lady Basha makes snide comments about Kasius’ empire on what’s left of Earth. They go to an auditorium. Abby is put in a gladiator ring. She faces a large, muscular man. Lady Basha’s champion. The man throws Abby around the ring, hurting her. It looks like Abby will be killed quickly.

Abby continues to get beaten up, but Jemma can see that she is trying to use her powers. Abby sees Jemma and remembers what she was taught. The champion hits her in the chest, but breaks his arm. Abby reaches out her arm to stop him and says “please.” He walks up to her and puts his hand on her throat. He looks down and sees her arm in his chest. She pulls her hand out of his chest and he dies. Lady Basha is thrilled.

Zev yells at the crew saying he will kill them. Tess is still worried about what he will tell Grill. She says someone has to die. It’s him or them. She won’t sacrifice her life for him. Mack tells her they live by a code at SHIELD and they won’t change to live by her world view. Zev cut the fuel lines on the trawler. They have to return to the lighthouse. Coulson recorded the transmission and hopes it’s enough.

Lady Basha says terrens were unremarkable, but Kasius did well with their world. She says she will hold to their agreement. Jemma sees Basha’s men give Kasius’ men a box of silver. Kasius’ men give Basha a remote to Abby’s inhibitor. Basha takes Abby away. Jemma starts to protest, but Sinara stops her. Jemma figured out that Kasius sold Abby. He says because of Jemma, Abby sold at a high price.

Daisy (Chloe Bennett) hides from the Kree on Agents of SHIELD, A Life Spent,

Daisy makes her way to a new level. She finds another elevator, but two Krees get on with a food delivery. She hides in the ceiling, but starts to slip. Daisy has to  drop down and fight the Kree. One of the punches her out of the elevator. She quakes the Kree and gets back in the elevator. The scroll was destroyed in the fight.

Grill yells at Tess and her crew, accusing them of theft and mutiny. Grill says he’s going to kill them. Tess says it wasn’t them, it was her. She says they didn’t even know Virgil. Elena interrupts them and tells Grill that Zev has a gun. Grill searches Zev and find the gun that Elena quickly planted on Zev. Grill punishes him and says he will report Zev to the blues. He says no one is above the rules.

Daisy makes it the upper levels. As she walks down the hall a glass wall drops in front of her and behind her. Gas is released in the barricade, make her drop to the floor. Daisy remains conscious enough to see Kasius and his team approach. Kasius tells someone that they were right. It’s Deke. He told Kasius about Quake being at the lighthouse. Deke calls her a weapon of mass destruction. He tells Kasius that they can talk about payment later, but he’s sure Kasius will be fair. Kasius asks how it’s possible that Quake, Destroyer of Worlds is there. Deke says the important thing is that Quake is his. Daisy tells Deke that she will kill him. Deke apologizes to her, saying he’s playing the long game.

Replay of the last scene in season four… Coulson wakes up, opens his window revealing he’s in space and tells himself to get back to work. He meets the others in the docking bay of the trawler. They are trying to clear up the transmission that he recorded. Tess thinks it’s just a loop of old transmissions. May tells her it’s from the surface. Tess says nothing can survive on the surface.  

They clear up the message and the man on the transmission is calling for Virgil. He says it’s been three days since they heard from him. They ask if he got the delegation. The delegation is SHIELD. They have to go back and find the people who sent the message because they know why they are all there. Tess reminds them that nothing survives on the surface. She says that’s where they send people to die.

Zev was sent to the surface. He looks around. It’s dark and windy. There are creatures, the roaches, descending upon him…a lot of them. Zev is dead.  

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Ok…This episode moved quicker. I’m a little annoyed by all of the “you can’t do this/you can’t do that” talk from Tess and Deke.  

Oh Deke…never trust a pretty face!    

So, we know that the lighthouse is where Kasius and his humans all live. The humans live on the lower levels and Kasius and his pretty people live on the upper levels. This lighthouse is built on what’s left of Earth, in what would have been the ocean as we know it.  Kasius likes to keep pretty things around him.  He puts the humans through terragenesis and sells the Inhumans. Grill is in charge of the salvage yard.  I’m not real sure what it is he is salvaging, but he has Tess collect rocks from space.  Virgil used to do that for him.  On his runs, Virgil made contact with someone on the Earth’s surface. He didn’t get a chance to tell anyone about it because the roaches got him.  Coulson figured it out though and found the radio Virgil used to communicate with the surface party.  

Now…What is Kasius really up to?  What will he do with Daisy and Jemma?  When will Elena reveal her gift and knock out Grill? Who was Virgil talking to? Will Deke and Tess ever believe in the agents and their ability to save humanity?

Now I’m ready for the season to get going.

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