Welcome Back for the fifth season of Marvel’s Agents OF SHIELD.  Last season was action packed. First, the Ghost Rider teamed up with the Agents to find the Darkhold and stop his uncle from consuming the power of the Darkhold. The agents also had help from Dr. Holden Radcliffe who knew exactly what the Darkhold could do.  Holden created a Life Model Decoy named AIDA. She helped contain the Darkhold, then helped Radcliffe attempt to get the power for himself. Holden wanted to create an alternate reality where there were no regrets and he was happy.  In doing this, Agent May was compromised and a LMD May was put in her place.  Other LMDs were made of the rest of the team. Agent Phil Coulson, Leo Fitz, Director Jeffrey Mace, and Agent Mack, were taken by AIDA.  Daisy and Gemma Simmons had to enter the Framework to save everyone.  

AIDA’s objective was to become human.  Once they got out of the Framework, the team had to find AIDA and destroy her. Which is a good thing because she lost it her mind when Fitz told her he only loved Jemma.  The agents didn’t come out unscathed. They were tagged as dangerous, with General Talbot thinking they were all robots.  And that’s where we begin this season.

Catch up on Season Four of Marvel’s Agents OF SHIELD

Part 1

An older man beginning his day with a swim and a shower.  He removes his skin, revealing that he is an alien.  After his shower, he puts the human skin back on.  He goes to a truck parked at an airport hanger.

The driver is swiping through logos for the truck. When they find the right one, they leave for the diner where the Agents are celebrating.  A flash of light goes off and the guards take out the agents one by one.  One of the guards tells the alien that one person was left at the counter. The alien says, ‘wasn’t on the list’ and they leave.

The agents are taken to a room where they are unfrozen.  Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) asks is everyone is okay and they are.  They see a large stone in the middle of the room.  It explodes releasing liquid that washes over the agents.  

Coulson wakes up and sees three people around him, frozen in time. Two guys are holding on to things. The third is being sucked out of a hole in the wall.  Coulson grabs onto something as time starts back up.  One of the guys pushes a button that lowers a shield over the hole, saving all but the guy who is being sucked out. The two guys start arguing about what just happened.  Coulson finally stops them and asks what is going on.   One of the guys is very happy to see Coulson.  He doesn’t exactly explain who he is or where they are before they hear a growl.  A “Roach” grabs one of the men and he disappears.  

Coulson demands answers, starting with the man’s name, Virgil (Deniz Akdeniz). Virgil says he’s a believer in Coulson. Why?  Agent Mack (Henry Simmons) jumps in and punches Virgil out before he can tell Coulson anything.  

Elena Rodriguez/YoYo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) appears in another part of the ship. Someone in a gas mask comes up behind her and she starts defending herself.  The person removes the mask and its Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge).  She says she put the mask on because she found dead bodies.  Jemma looks at the bodies.  They are mummified, like they were drained. Mack and Coulson come in. They tell them they are in space.  Jemma wants to know what part of space.   

A man floats through the open hole in the ship. He has on a mask and looks around  Agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) appears and her leg is impaled by a pipe that is connected to the wall.  She hears a growl.  She sees a body lying next to her and takes his belt.  May tries to pull the pipe out of the wall. May succeeds at breaking the pipe.  She pulls it out of her leg and hides.  Something is coming through the door.

Mack is upset. Mainly because Coulson doesn’t have the prosthetic hand with all the fun stuff on it.  He says yesterday he was in a alternate reality and now he’s in space. He tells Coulson that he’s quitting when they get home. YoYo asks if SHIELD has a division called SPEAR or something for space.  Coulson says no.  He and Simmons go through Virgil’s pockets.  Coulson takes an item and gives it to Jemma.  They also find a postcard.

Virgil wakes up. He tells them they can’t linger.  Virgil is in awe of all of the team and knows all of their names.  He apologizes to Simmons that Fitz couldn’t make the trip.  He says he believed in the stories that said they would come. They are there to save humanity. He starts to show them something and a roach grabs him before he can finish.   

The roach is an alien that looks like some kind of big cat.  It chases the team through the ship.  Daisy Johnson/Quake (Chloe Bennett) shows up and quakes the roach.

May sees the guy with the mask come in the room.  He is rummaging through the dead guys stuff. He cuts out something from the guy’s wrist and appears to leave.  May comes out of her hiding place and looks around.  The mystery man is still in there.  He pushes her up against the wall and says he’s been looking for her.

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May fights the mystery man.  He has a magnetizing device that pushes May up against the wall.  He says he wasn’t trying to hurt her. She hits him with the pipe from her leg. When she starts to talk, he gags her.

(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

Daisy asks Coulson if this has anything to do with Coulson’s deal with Ghost Rider. Elena suggests that they might be in another Framework. Whoa! That’s too much to think about. Mack says it might be magic.  Jemma answers that Magic is just science that they don’t understand yet.  They make note that Fitz did not make the trip.  Daisy says that May is though. Coulson suggests that they split up to find her. Mack says no way! (He’s seen too many movies) The team walks in sync together down the hall…so cool!

So everyone apparently has this device implanted in their wrists called metrics.  The mystery man says no one can go ten feet without one.  He puts one in May so she doesn’t raise suspicion.

As the team looks for May, Coulson and Jemma examine the ship they are on.  Coulson says the ship is really ol.  He wonders if Howard Stark built it. But that can’t be…earth didn’t have that kind of technology back in the 80s.

Elena finds a clue nd the team enter the room where May appeared.  They find fresh blood on the floor and May’s jacket. Daisy and Jemma look at the control board. They say it’s some kind of water reclamation system.  The ship collects ice from space to turn into water.  If they can collect ice, they should be close to earth.  Jemma thinks they should be able to send a message to Fitz on Earth.  Daisy starts to hack into the system, but gets a message…no human access allowed.  Two Kree soldiers enter the room.

Daisy wakes up in holding cell with Coulson and Jemma. The Kree are discussing that these humans don’t have metrics. Daisy asks what they did with her other friends. The Kree answer that they can do whatever they want with them.  Daisy says they will fight back.  The Kree laughs at her.

Mack and Elena are hung up by their hands.  Mack says he wanted some alone time with her, but this isn’t what he had in mind. The Kree guards come in and start beating on Mack.

The mystery man’s and May walk into the holding cell.  The guy tells the Kree guards that the prisoners are with him.  He asks about Virgil.  Coulson says Virgil is dead. The guy says that Virgil stole their metrics.  He needs to get them back to processing.  The man makes a deal with the Kree for their release.

The Kree continue to beat up Mack.  One of the guards says Mack would be good for the fighting pits. They turn their attention on Elena.  They use some kind of gun to freeze her hands.

(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

The mystery man…Deke (Jeff Ward)…asks what happened to Virgil. He’s dead. We established that.  Deke says that Virgil hired him to hide some people…the agents.  He’s owes Deke money, but he’s dead.  And the agents don’t have metrics so they don’t have any money.  Deke is out.

Coulson asks him to help them find Mack and Elena. He refuses, but May pulls Deke’s move and uses the magnetizing device on him.  Coulson tells May and Jemma to find a ships. He will go with Daisy to find the others.  Daisy tells him to stay behind. They can’t lose their leader again. He says he will get answers from Deke.

As May and Jemma descend to the dock, they see a lot of Kree live on the ship. Jemma says it’s not a mining station, it’s a staging area.  The Kree are planning an invasion on Earth.

Daisy hears Elena screaming.  She bursts into the room.  The Kree want to Elena’s her body weight weigh her down enough to make hands break off. Daisy quakes on guard.  Releases Mack and they fight off the guards.  Elena kicks a guard in the face and the torture is over.

May and Jemma find Virgil’s ship.  The device that Coulson found earlier is the key to the ship.

Daisy is able to log into the network.  She says the machine has been repurposed and reads in longitude and latitude.  Mack pulls out the post card.  The back says “working on it, Fitz.”

Jemma says the constellations indicate that they are still in Earth’s galaxy. They are flying through an asteroid field and find…it’s not an asteroid field. The fly a little further and see part of a planet floating…it’s Earth.

(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

Deke is confused by Coulson’s questions. He tells Coulson that he was born on the ship. It’s over 90 years old and the Kree didn’t build it. Why doesn’t Coulson know this?  Because he’s not from Processing.  

Coulson says one minute he was eating pie in Wisconsin and the next he’s on this ship.  Deke wants to know when Coulson is from. Coulson realizes they didn’t travel to space.  They travelled through time.

Part 2

May and Jemma report back to Coulson. Deke says they need metrics to blend in.  A woman named Tess (Eve Harlow) finds them.  She’s looking for Virgil…who is dead. Deke explains to Tess that the agents are the people that Virgil has been talking about.  Coulson shows her a brand new quarter to prove he’s from the past.  Deke says they aren’t his problem.  Tess offers him more money to help them. He agrees.

Tess takes Coulson, May, and Jemma while Deke looks for Daisy, Elena and Mack.  He finds them with two dead Kree and freaks out.  He says the Kree will retaliate and kill innocent people for what they did. They have to hide the bodies.  Mack suggests they take the bodies to the level where they first appeared.

Coulson asks what happened to Earth.  Tess says the planet was torn apart.  The Kree showed up to help restore order. Instead, they erased all the records and took over everyone and everything that was left. The people do what they can to survive.

Tess takes them to the Lighthouse, the place where the remaining humans live.  She says their elders believed SHIELD would show up one day and save everyone. The Kree killed all of the elders though. Virgil knew the stories and kept hoping for SHIELD to appear. Coulson asks to see where Virgil lived.

May asks why they don’t fight back.  Because the Kree have the guns. If they fight back, they die. Jemma sees a human woman dressed differently and asks about her.  Tess says that woman is a special servant to the Kree.  They get to live with the Kree on the upper levels.

A man named Grill (Pruitt Taylor Vince) stops Tess and asks about his ship.  She tells him they were training a new pilot.  She asks for Virgil…again…dead. Grill looks at Coulson, thinking he’s the new pilot.  Grills tells Tess she owes him double the next time she needs something.

Mack, Elena, Daisy and Deke move the Kree bodies.  Deke tries to flirt with Daisy, but it doesn’t work.

Coulson looks around Virgil’s quarters.  Tess tells Coulson that what’s left of Earth is unlivable for humans. The Vrellnexians live there now. The Coulson finds a hidden book.  He asks Tess about it.  She doesn’t know what any of it means. It looks like a flight log.

May and Jemma see a Kree Walk by with a piece of tech.  The people get a little restless when a Kree woman walks in. A human servant announces that Kasius has decided to feed the people.  Food falls out of a pipe and a fight breaks out.  The human servant is stabbed.  Jemma rushes to help him.  She saves his life, despite everyone else refusing to help her. The Kree take the servant and Jemma away.

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Daisy’s group is reunited with Coulson’s group at the Lighthouse.  They fill each other in about what’s happening.  Elena volunteers to get Jemma, but Mack says they should keep her abilities a secret for the time being.

Deke tells Tess about his worries that Virgil was right. He orders Tess to make the agents blend in.  Deke leaves and Daisy tails him.

(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)  

Jemma is taken to the upper levels.  A human woman hands Jemma a towel and tells her to clean up.  After her bath, she is taken to Kasius (Dominic Rains), the Kree leader.  Kasius asks where she came from.  She says she’s from processing. He says she’s too delicate to be from processing. He wants to know where she got her medical skills.  She says her mother taught her. Kasius asks about her metric. She says she cut it out.  But there’s no scar so she must do great work.  He asks the Kree woman, Sinara (Florence Faivre) if the stabbing was caused by panic in the Lighthouse. He tells her to give them some breathing room.

Daisy follows Deke to a dead end and he disappears. She quakes the wall and reveals a door. She walks through the door into what looks like an opium house.  Daisy finds Deke in a room asleep. She steps into the room and immediately collapses.  Daisy wakes up back on Earth.  She thinks she back in the Framework. She sees Deke grab a newspaper and go into a building.

Mack and Elena wait for Coulson and May to cause a distraction. Elena gets a piece of Kree tech during the commotion.  The Kree come back and tell the guards to remove the children.  Tess explains this is a renewal.  The Kree scan everyone’s metric. They turn the metrics on and if your metric is red, you have to kill the others with red metrics to live. The Kree leave a single gun and as soon as the metrics turn red, chaos ensues.

Coulson finds Grill and asks him to help. He offers the Kree tech as payment for implanting metrics into him, Mack, and Elena. Grill says he will do it if they work for him instead.

Daisy approaches Deke in a bar.  He tells her he rebuilt the Framework and created a business selling simulations. Daisy got too close to his transmitter when she tracked him down.  She says the Framework is a prison. He tells her prison would be better.

Coulson and the others hear the gunshots. Grill magnetized the metrics and pins the team to the wall.  He says if the renewal spill into his workshop, they will die first.  The gunman comes in looking for Grill.  Grill says he can have one of the three newcomers.  May jumps in and fights the guy off. The gunman apologizes and says he owes a life. Tess comes in and shoots the gunman.  May tells her that he didn’t have to die.  

The Kree show up and scan everyone’s metrics.  Grill tells the Kree that the agents are working off a big debt for him. The Kree leave.

Kasius examines the man that Jemma saved. His stab wound will leave a permanent scar.  Kasius says they can cover it up, but they can’t hide the cut on the man’s head.  Anyone who works for Kasius must be perfection.  Sinara kills the man and Jemma screams.  Kasius says she needs to learn silence.  He puts something in her ear that takes away her hearing.

Deke and Daisy argue about saving Jemma and Deke’s Framework. He finds a new report about Daisy.  He has put the pieces together. Daisy is Quake. And she’s the one who destroyed the earth.

MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. – “Orientation (Part Two)” – Coulson and the team find themselves stranded on a mysterious ship in outer space, and that’s just the beginning of the nightmare to come, when “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” returns for its highly anticipated fifth season with a special two-hour premiere, FRIDAY, DEC. 1 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)

Jemma is dressed as one of Kasius’ servants. She is led with others before Kasius, but can’t hear a thing. Finally, she hears Kasius’ voice. He tells her that she looks nice.  Just in time too. His visitors arrive in another ship.


Overall a great start to the season. There are so many questions though.  First of all, why was Fitz not on the list?  Is Virgil responsible for their time travel? Did he leave Fitz behind so there would be a contact?

That’s all I have…questions. Did Daisy really destroy the world?  How did the Framework survive? How far into the future did they travel? 

Ahhhh…good play AoS…good play. Now I can’t wait until next week.  

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